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Five Thing Friday

13 Sep

1) A moment of zen

2) And another… I would also like to argue to make this the 5 oz pour line.

3) My baby is all growed up



4.  Kid President’s pep talk for the beginning of the school year

I love Kid President

5) It’s Friday.  Holy geez am I happy about that!  I also learned what I corndog is…yep.  And soon you will know.  Aren’t you so excited!?  Thanks elementary students/urban dictionary!

“When you shove your knee up between a person’s butt cheeks, resulting in shrieks of pain, revenge, or surprise.

Also, a hot dog-type sandwich coated in cornbread batter and deep fried in hot oil, although some are baked. They are also served on a wooden stick. “


Have I mentioned I love wine?

21 Oct

If not, I’m telling you now!

I love wine!


Yesterday I headed out to the Town Point Virginia Wine Festival.  It was a bootyful day.  I also had two friends to enjoy the day with!

Courtney, Stephanie and I got to the festival a little bit before it opened.  It was really nice to be there “first” before all the long lines and people showed up. 

Look at all those crazy people!  I guess I would have to be crazy too, since I was part of the masses.  It’s definitely interesting to people watch at events like this.  There are so many different types of people.  You have the people who bought tables and brought their own platters of food.  The people who get all dressed up, those who don’t, and of course…the overserved.  It’s really easy to become inebriated because you think that you’re only getting a little taste.  Well, those tastes add up my friend! 

There was a girl behind us at one point who wanted to join our group because she was by herself…except for her boyfriend who was right next to her.  She also wanted to take a picture of the Indian sommelier at the booth.  She assured us that this was a running gag between she and her friend.  I’m not so sure. 

We left because all the wines were starting to taste the same and we were hot.

I still think it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

Oh!  We took The Tide to get to the Wine Festival.  I love riding The Tide.  It’s so convenient and cheap.  I really wish Virginia Beach would get its act together and extend the light rail track. 

What did you do this weekend?

Happy in!

1 Mar

Well hello! Fancy meetin’ you here.  We’ve got some catching up to do! 

On Tuesday, I helped throw a Flsurprise wedding shower for Leanne! 



 We had it Lubo Wine Bar and Cafe in Virginia Beach.  They put us on the second floor and we pretty much had it to ourselves for the most part.  On Tuesday’s the offer a $5 wine flight and of course I got one…

I helped with the flowers and got them as close to as what Leanne will have on her wedding day.  I think I did a pretty good job!

And Leanne enjoyed her party…

Yesterday we went to a Norfolk Admirals game.  What’s this?  Going out on a school night?  Blasphemy!!  Oh yeah, I was crazy.  I stayed out until 10 on a Wednesday! They actually won, even though they were trying really hard to loose up until the 2nd period.

I got my shoes that I’m wearing in Leanne’s wedding:

They are pretty fabulous.  I just need to practice walking in them.  I haven’t worn a heel that high in awhile. 

Flying Pig Training:

I ran 2 miles today and walked 1.  I felt okay, although my muscles were really tight.  Could be because I hadn’t run in a bit…but…who’s keeping track.  Oh, right, I am…

School News

At school today we had a fire safety assembly.  There were clowns and they sang fire safety songs to Ke$ha songs…not cool fire department, not cool.


Guess who’s excited!?

10 Jan

This girl!

Yesterday I finally got to UPS to pick up my, “signature of person over 21 only” package.  I knew what is was going to be…wine!  Leanne signed me up for a wine of the month club and I got my first present. 

I do enjoy my wine….

I didn’t know what kind of wine I was going to be getting, only that it would be Virginia wine.  Well guess what?


Champagne!  Barboursville Brut to be exact.  I’m excited to try it and see how it compares with some of my other favorite champagnes. 

What else?  I mean nothing will be as exciting as that…;) 

What is your favorite type of wine?

Vacation all I ever wanted…

29 Jul

Okay, so technically I’m on vacation already, but I”m leaving the state of Virginia!  I couldn’t find a good 80’s music video about that.  Coming up very quickly (August) I am going to be taking two trips.

First off, Michigan.

Last time I was there it looked like this

It shouldn’t be this cold in August, I’m hoping.  While I’m there I hope to use a Groupon I got to have a private wine tasting.  Because, you know, my family doesn’t partake in that at all.

Abundance...of wine

Next up…LAS VEGAS!!

I’m really excited to go because we’ll be seeing Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil Love.  However, the whole gambling thing kinda freaks me out.  What I know about Las Vegas mainly comes from The Hangover…

A) I don’t want to get punched in the face by Mike Tyson

B) I don’t want to wake up with a tiger in the hotel room

C) I don’t want to accidentally marry a hooker (not gonna happen, don’t worry) and pull out a tooth

D) I wouldn’t mind, however, being in Bradley Cooper’s posse…that’d be okay

Anywho, going to Vegas gonna see some shows and eat some good food!  Gambling, not quite sure about that.  Any pointers?  Please leave me a comment here!  And by here I mean on my blog 😉


13 Jan

Yesterday, I was all ready to do a Wordless Wednesday post, but….that didn’t happen.  Obviously.  So, why not today?  It’s only a day off!

During Christmas I took all these great pictures of home and merriment and the such.  Guess what happened.  My battery died and I left the charger in my other suitcase I thought I was going to bring, but didn’t.  Epic fail.  About 4 weeks later I finally uploaded the pictures to the computer…


Living Room Christmas tree

Christmas morning!

One of my most favorite places!


Just a squirrel…

Tryin’ to get a nut…

Too many bottles of wine? Can you have too many bottles of wine?

Mom's secret is out...


Christmas about a month late!  Yay!  Oh well, hoped y’all enjoy.  I’m off to eat my de.lish.us. Chinese food!


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