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Wicked 10K

26 Oct

Whoo!  The Wicked 10K is tomorrow!

Come on out tomorrow at 8:00 AM! 

Don’t be one of these…


Get it?  A horse’s….?

The expo is today from 11-8 and again right before the race tomorrow from 6:30-8:30.  Don’t miss out!


You used Ghostbusters for evil?!

30 Oct

Yesterday Leanne, Phil, and I participated in the Wicked 10K.  If you saw my Rainy? Wicked 10K post you saw the weather forecast…

Again, thanks Don!

Because of that fear, this was my pile of clothes:

Long sleeved thermal shirt, thermal pants, belt, bib belt, poncho, race bib, pants, sports bras, Ghostbusters shirt

Of course, there were also socks, shoes, and a camera included in that pile.  I did not wear, thank goodness, the thermal tights or poncho.  However, it might have been a good idea for the last half mile…

We got to the start with about a half hour to spare.  There were good times to be had looking at all the different costumes (lots of Mario Bros this year) and the different things people do before races (running in place, stretching, jumping up and down).

We started in corral 7, not the last corral!  What’s up with that?

Ah well, we were in the second to last corral.  There were around 9,000 people in yesterday’s race so we still had our fair share of waiting to do.

Finally our corral got up to the start line and we were off!  I mean off as fast as you can go with 9,000 of your closest friends in front of you.

Leanne and I really love this race.  There are so many interesting people to look at and costumes to try to figure out.  Like this for example:

Slinky Dog

?? Centaur

Remember how Don Slater said it was going to be, “Windy, nasty, rain, Saturday?”  It most definitely was windy.  For a good majority of the race we were walking directly into the wind (talk about resistance training).  People’s hats and parts of costumes littered the roads.  A man in front of us was picking up hats.  In about a minute he had three hats.  Crazy!

The course we followed, is pretty much the same for all races held in Virginia Beach.  It starts at the Convention Center, goes down Atlantic, turn when you get to Rudee’s Inlet, walk on the Boardwalk, back onto Atlantic, and finally finish out on the Boardwalk again.

Once we turned onto the Boardwalk, we got a good view of the churning ocean.

The tide was most definitely in and very foamy. 

Leanne and I decided that we would run the last mile.  I’m pretty glad we did.  Around mile 5.5? it started to spit, then the “spit” turned into bigger rain drops, and bigger, and bigger.  While we were crossing the finish line, the sky pretty much opened up and downpoured for about 2 minutes.  This would be why there are no pictures of the end of the race and also why we didn’t stick around for the delicious Bakers Crust food.   We were soaked and very soon would be freezing!

Even though the end of the race wasn’t the greatest, I still love the Wicked 10K!


Our ride! Who knew?!

Next year, Wicked 10K, no rain!  Okay!?

Rainy? Wicked10K

28 Oct

Tomorrow Leanne and I are going to be walking in the Wicked 10K.  If you remember the original plan (I don’t;), we were supposed to be running it. 

Weellll, this kinda happened…

Not Bond, but moving.  Moving really threw off our training plan.  Like big time.  So we came to the conclusion just to walk it and have fun.  This is pretty much our favorite race.  We are excited except for one tiny little thing…

Thanks a lot Don Slater, thanks a lot!

We will persevere! 

Off to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow!  There will definitely be poncho’s and long sleeves involved.

Drunk Running

2 Aug

I am here today to discuss the benefits of drunk running.  Okay, okay, don’t get too up in arms.  Despite yesterdays post this will not be turning into My Drunk Kitchen

Not really drunk running, more like running without glasses so I can’t really see running.  Yeah, that’s it! 

Okay, that’s a great picture.  I mean am I right? 

So the benefits of running without your glasses or contact lenses in:

  1. You can’t really see where you are going, hence making the run go faster!
  2. People leave you alone.  Since you are kind of stumbling or tripping over your feet a bit (what, only me?) people tend to stay out of your way.
  3. The run is much more exciting.  Since you can’t see where you are going.  The road/trail/path tends to rise up to meet you giving you unexpected inclines, potholes, and bumps along the way
  4. Nature leaves you alone.  Much like people Nature (mainly squirrels trying to dive bomb you or throw nuts at you) go the other way.  They don’t want to mess with whatever craziness you may have.

So there ya go!  Exciting right?  In all seriousness, I don’t think I’ll be doing blind running again if I can help it.  I did scuff my feet a lot more than I usually do and it got really annoying.  I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow and hopefully I will get more contacts and take care of this pesky problem.  I ran 1.7 miles of my 4 mile trek today.  Now, that was with a walk break after my first mile run, but I’ll take it! 

I’m trying to up my running since I said that I would portions of both the Wicked 10K and the Outer Banks 8K/5K (which one did I sign up for?).  I’m getting better at it, but I def need to up the mileage. 

Anybody out there have suggestions for that, other  than the obvious?


30 Oct

Morning All!

Leanne and I walked in the Wicked 10K bright and early this morning (8:00).

Early in the morning!

It was oodles, yup oodles, of fun!  Lots of costumes, beer, and Baker’s Crust Chili Bowls (delicious)!  I will post more later, but for now a few pictures.

So regal...

Early morning sleepy eyes.

And away we go!

I’ll post more later, just giving everybody a little taste.  Plus all the photos aren’t downloaded yet, so there’s that.  Happy Saturday!

Race update!

27 Oct

Hola!  Sooo, only four people have voted on our poll and one of those people was Leanne!  We want your input to where we should do our Florida marathon!  Really, we do!  Check out the earlier post to vote.

Getting down to the update…

Leanne and I are going to do the Wicked 10K on Saturday here in Virginia Beach. 

WICKED! Pretend like you're saying it like in the musical Wicked. Got it?

 We are dressing up in our college gear and we will have a blast!  Even if no one else understands it.  Take a look at the map to see where we’ll be headed.  Last year they started around 19th street, so I’m interested to see how the course is different starting from the Convention Center.  After the race there is a party.  At said party they give you Blue Moon and Baker’s Crust food.  This is also very exciting!  Look for pictures on all that!

Next race up is the Outer Banks Half Marathon.  Both of us are excited about this.  The race is the weekend of November 12th.  We, meaning me, don’t have school on Thursday or Friday.  Thursday is Veteran’s Day and Friday is a Staff Day.  I really wish that Friday was a day off so we could spend a long weekend in OBX.  We went on a family vacation this past summer to OBX and I loved it.  I wish to spend more time there. 

In December, we finally signed up for the Surf n Santa 10 miler

Which one is me?

We hemmed and hawed about this one.  It’s so close to being a half marathon, but not really…should we do it or not?  Well, we’re going to do it.  The swag bag is pretty awesome.  You get a santa hat, a jacket and a stainless steel water bottle.  How awesome, right!?

A quick update as to what is going on.

Vote on the polling page for our Florida marathon!  Your vote matters! 😉

Start all over again

11 Oct
So, the taper week is over and it’s time get started again for the next half marathon.  Next on the trip tik is the half marathon in the Outer Banks

It's Momma G at the OBX! Hi mom!

Well, I guess technically before that is the Wicked 10K in Virginia Beach. 

The Wicked 10K is a pretty awesome race.  I did it last year and had a blast.  In the Wicked 10K you can dress up in costume since it’s on Halloween.  This year Leanne and I are going to walk it.  We are going to go as good and evil in the form of rival college football teams.  Leanne is an Ohio State supporter whereas I support the University of Michigan.  I think we know who has the correct affiliation… 😉

Anyway, we are planning on dressing up in all our collegiate gear and having some form of good and evil on our backs. 

This Sunday we started “training” again for the half marathon.  It’s not like you really do have to start all over again, but that’s how your legs may feel at the beginning.  We did a pretty easy walk on Sunday it was about 3.5 miles through First Landing State Park. 

 I love walking through here!  It’s also where we did our trail training for the White Tail Trail Half Marathon.  The trail in the park was pretty busy on Sunday as there were tons of little girls with their dads walking on them.  I’m thinking that it was some kind of Daddy and Me girl scout thing. 

After our walk, as per tradition, we went to Starbucks to get some coffee and read the New York Times.  This is my Sunday schedule, walk at First Landing, go drink coffee at Starbucks.  I get a grande iced soy latte and read the paper.  It really is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. 

Mmmm unecessary calories...

After that we ran some errands and got…pumpkins!  It’s Fall!  Well, kind of, since Virginia Beach doesn’t really recognize Fall until the end of October…sheesh.  So to end this lovely post, some pumpkin pictures!

These were cool. They're all bumpy and green. They reminded me of green candied apples

Regular ol' pumpkins. They had sooo many at this little farmers market


So, Leanne was super psyched about all the pumpkins and Fall decorations

How did you spend your weekend?  Are you ready for Fall?

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