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From the cornfield to the ocean

23 Mar

Daily Post

Describe the biggest risk you’ve ever taken (and what happened)

The biggest risk I’ve ever taken was moving to Virginia Beach.  Leanne was already here, being in the military and all.  I was done with living in Middletown and needed a change.  So change I did.  I like to call it my quarter life crisis…I know, whatever.  I packed up all my stuff, crammed it into a moving truck and took the 10-12 hour journey to Virginia Beach.
When I moved here I didn’t have a job.  Um, scary much.  I was interviewing everywhere, but as some of you fellow teachers know, it can take more than a few interviews to get a job.  Especially when people aren’t exactly in the hiring mood.  Thanks economy!
Anywhozits, the risk paid off.  I’m teaching, working on my Masters degree and living at the beach.  Life ain’t too bad.

Dorky I know, but she made me do it! My first paycheck in Virginia Beach.

School News
In first grade a little one told the assistant, “Mrs. T. you are the funniest person I know.  You are funny like Captain Hook!” Hmmm….



10 Feb

Apparently doing the snow dance yesterday worked because when I woke up this morning; I saw this…

I see baking, laundry, homework and general lounging around in my future.  Bless you Virginia Beach for not having any real way to remove the snow!

No one mourns the wicked…10k

1 Nov

Cuz it was great!
Leanne and I actually finished in 1hr 30mins 44sec!  Score!

The Wicked10K is such a fun race to participate in.  Again, we of course were in the back of the pack.

In the back, but it's cool cuz we're "casual"

The announcer guy, who was dressed as dead Elvis, said, “I love corrals five and six you guys are so casual.”  It’s true, we are!  We aren’t the crazy pace people in the first corrals who want to get done in 30 minutes; we’re cool…

There were a lot of good costumes there.  People really dressed up this year.  Here’s a few of our faves.

They were a full moon, get it? They were also a six pack. They had six pack abs in front. Funny!

Bacon and eggs, yummy!

Man in a shower! Avert your eyes!

We followed this shower for a while, like the whole race.  It was kind of really annoying.  All I wanted to do was pass him!  I mean, come on, he’s a shower!  For the longest time we couldn’t pass him; it wasn’t until the last mile that we finally squeaked, get it ha ha, past him.

He's a squirrel chasing a nut! Awesome costume.

Here's a close up of the squirrel. He probably thought I was...nuts!

There wasn’t a lot of entertainment on the course.  The costumes were pretty entertaining themselves, but at the almost end of the race were Thriller dancers!

They were really into it!

There were a lot of really good costumes, especially group costumes.  We saw Ghoul Runnings and the cast of Peter Pan, cool stuff.  At the end of the race, and possibly more exciting than the costumes, gifts and food!  They gave out very nice stainless steel water bottles, Blue Moon beer and Baker’s Crust food!

Beer! Leanne drank mine...and chili in a bread bowl. De.lish.ous

A nice view is always appreciated

So, what happens when you give runners/walkers alcohol after completing a 10K…?

See in the distance?  That is 1/3 of the three blind mice.  She is dancing in the ocean, in her costume, with her shoes on.  I guess she was really feeling the music…

I really enjoyed this race.  It was pretty chill and how bad is it when you can eat food on the beach in October?!

And that my friends is true friendship.  We walked the entire race in our rival gear.  On our way to the start line we overheard a lady saying, “Oh look, they’re Ohio State and Michigan.  That is cute, very cute…”  She kept going on and on about how cute it was.  We both heard a lot of yelling for both teams and some for teams that rival ours.

Like I said, we both really enjoyed this race; they really did a great job.  It was an awesome way to spend the first part of the Halloween weekend!  We used this as part of our training for the OBX half marathon, which is coming up soon!  More training to come this week!

Hope everybody had a great start to the week! Don’t forget to vote for our Florida race!

Leave a comment about your Halloween!


30 Oct

Morning All!

Leanne and I walked in the Wicked 10K bright and early this morning (8:00).

Early in the morning!

It was oodles, yup oodles, of fun!  Lots of costumes, beer, and Baker’s Crust Chili Bowls (delicious)!  I will post more later, but for now a few pictures.

So regal...

Early morning sleepy eyes.

And away we go!

I’ll post more later, just giving everybody a little taste.  Plus all the photos aren’t downloaded yet, so there’s that.  Happy Saturday!

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