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Let your soul and spirit fly…

18 Mar

 Outside my window:

It is cold, rainy, and slightly foggy.  I am so ready for this gross cold weather to go away and for the warmer temps to stick around!

I am wearing:

Grey Navy hoodie, workout shorts and my fuzzy blue owl socks.  Pretty damn comfy.

I am reading:

Under the Banner of Heaven.  Man…those Mormons…

From the kitchen:

I made sweet potato and white bean cakes and pan-fried them.  Pretty tasty, but they kinda fell apart towards the end.  I topped the cakes with salsa verde and avocado.  Delish!

Listening to:

Van Morrision.  What can I say, it was St. Patty’s Day.

Did you know he hates performing live?  True story

Working out::

I did four miles on Saturday and made a return to yoga today.  I have been really needing to pick up yoga again.  My calf muscles were sooo very tight today. 

Around the house:

It’s a mess of dirty clothes.  I really hate doing laundry.  I know this means that I don’t have as many clothes to wear throughout the week, but I’m pretty meh about it. 


This is what happens when you combine St. Patrick’s Day and 25 cent stick mustaches.  Especially when 25 cent mustaches starts to fall of your face. 



Shamrock 8K

17 Mar


This morning, bright and early, Leanne, Phil and I did the Shamrock 8K. 

A few people showed up

This race was really populated this year.  As we were running, yes we did run getting to that, more and more people kept coming up behind us.  It’s not like we were in a middle corral; we were in corral 5 only one corral behind us.  It was very strange. 

Back to the running.  Leanne and I ran from mile 1 to the end!  Go us!  I am super proud of us!  We walked through the water stops and for a brief moment when I had some jelly beans.  But, we ran and…passed people!  Not just walkers, but other runners!  Ha ha!

Since Leanne and I finished earlier than we normally do we noticed that the finish area was super crowded.  Has it always been this way??  There was a big bottleneck and no one was moving.  We decided we either have to run a lot faster or a lot slower. 

I don’t know my official race time, but I think it’s somewhere around an hour. 

The 8K was a great way to start off St. Patty’s Day! 

Now off to enjoy the rest of the day.  So far it’s included coffee, Blazing Saddles and lots of sun!

Oh yes, there’s food…

18 Mar

Just in case you thought St. Patty’s Day was all about green and Elvis…

It’s not….

That would be corned beef with sauerkraut and Leanne’s Guinness.  Yumminess!  Leanne cooked the corned beef in a crock pot basically all day in Guinness, carrots, and green onions.  The sauerkraut is the same recipe as used here.

What did you have for St. Patty’s Day?

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river…

17 Mar

Happy St. Pat’s Day!  Did you wear green today?  I know I did.

I like St. Patrick’s Day in all, but it’s not like it’s my favorite holiday.  I do like St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago.  I’ve been a couple of times and did you know they dye the river?  I didn’t either until 2005ish…  Anywhozits, pictures!


First step!  Police in action!
First pass through

What I think is amazing is the fact that they dye the river with tiny little Dixie cups and a baking sifter.


See the guys!? I like their white suits.

The dye is actually an orange color until it gets mixed in with the river.  What does that say about the river??


Old picture of Leanne and I.

Whoo! The river is green!

After they dying of the river, everybody walks over to the parade route to get good seats or really just standing.  The parade is your normal parade.  You know, marching bands and the like.  If your really lucky you may just see St. Patty’s Day Elvis’s, Elvi?


One of my favorite pictures!

The old dude’s hand in the picture is great.  He was super friendly and would move so I could take pictures (They actually had chairs in front of us).

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