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Happy Easter!

9 Apr

Just in case you didn’t know, yesterday was Easter. 

This also means that Lent is over.  And for me that meant…


Meat!  Steak, more specifically.  The potatoes were delicious as well, but I still don’t have the recipe down (ahem, Auntie Anne).

On Saturday Leanne, Phil, and I went to mass and somehow were late…oops.  It was one of the quickest Easter masses I’ve ever been to!

Sunday I went on a six-mile training run/walk.  I really like the 6 mile loop that I found.  If you are my Facebook friend, and let’s face it why are you not…, you probably saw my post about the fox and the cat.  To shorten it up a bit I almost saw a fox maul and then subsequently eat a black cat…  It was a little scary.

Sunday night we grilled out since it was such a gorgeous night in Virginia Beach.  We had the aforementioned steak and potatoes, salad and for dessert…SMORES!!!  Next time we will definitely have to use Peeps as the marshmallow. 

Oh and we watched the super traditional Easter movie The Matrix 3!  I know, right!



Sorry Phil.

Today was my first day of Spring Break.  I’m happy to say that I did almost nothing.  This morning I did clean up the kitchen and put away the laundry.  But that was soooo tiring that I took an hour and a half nap!


So….I’d say Spring Break is off to a good start.



15 Apr

Do you hear that choir singing or is it just me?

This is how my day started…

Double fistin’ it…

I stayed at school yesterday until 5 and got there this morning around 7…I needed it!

Today was the last day before Spring Break and the kids weren’t too bad.  The kids a bunch of tests to take today so I think that brought the craziness level down a few notches.
I was writing back and forth to my student with Autism and he told me, “I know it’s the last day, but don’t get too excited Miss G.”  Does he know me or what?  Another funny story about him today…  A different teacher gave him a Jelly Belly jelly bean today, it was red.  This more than likely means cinnamon, but he didn’t know that.  He threw it into his mouth and instantly started blinking and got all red in the face.  When the other teacher asked what flavor it was he said he didn’t know.  He later told me, “Miss G. if the people at America’s Funniest Home Videos were watching me…they would be laughing.”  See, he is perceptive…he just doesn’t always know how to show it.
I’m currently sitting in class, waiting for it to be over.  Isn’t that always the case…whenever you vacation, it takes forever to get here?  Am I right?
You better believe that my day ended like this…

Maybe a glass or two...

One more day…I can make it!

14 Apr

Spring Break can’t come quick enough!

I kinda feel like this!

To keep my spirits up a little self motivation.

Good news:

I got a free 10 minute massage today, during school hours!  Thanks Alive Chiropractic!

Bad news:

Right after this wonderful massage, I had to go sit in a meeting.  Blah.

Good news:

On an upcoming conference I get to stay at a Ritz Carlton.  Luxury hotel for a school conference?  Yes please!

Good news:

Our assistant principal and principal keep giving  us snacks, chocolate, and candy this week.  Just today I got mini M&M’s and a York Peppermint Patty!

Good news:

I have one day until Spring Break!

Bad news:

I have one day until Spring Break.  This means that everything is due tomorrow.  Yikes.  This is why procrastination sucks!

Good news:

I won a free book from the Book Fair today!  I also have $10 from the school that I can spend there!  Score!

School News

One of my students was unable to get a book he wanted from the Book Fair.  This what he told me, “They didn’t have the Ginness Book of World Records: Gamers Edition.  I am glum, glum means sad.”  Thanks for the clarification.

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