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Inside it is delightful

26 Dec

The weather outside is, in fact, frightful. SW Ohio got about 6 inches of snow early this morning.

The snow did give the chance to wear my new boots.

I love them.
We celebrated Christmas yesterday with too much food, Love Actually, and spending time together.



I’m so happy that we could spend Christmas together. I have even gotten two walks in. Watch out!



10 Feb

Apparently doing the snow dance yesterday worked because when I woke up this morning; I saw this…

I see baking, laundry, homework and general lounging around in my future.  Bless you Virginia Beach for not having any real way to remove the snow!


13 Jan

Yesterday, I was all ready to do a Wordless Wednesday post, but….that didn’t happen.  Obviously.  So, why not today?  It’s only a day off!

During Christmas I took all these great pictures of home and merriment and the such.  Guess what happened.  My battery died and I left the charger in my other suitcase I thought I was going to bring, but didn’t.  Epic fail.  About 4 weeks later I finally uploaded the pictures to the computer…


Living Room Christmas tree

Christmas morning!

One of my most favorite places!


Just a squirrel…

Tryin’ to get a nut…

Too many bottles of wine? Can you have too many bottles of wine?

Mom's secret is out...


Christmas about a month late!  Yay!  Oh well, hoped y’all enjoy.  I’m off to eat my de.lish.us. Chinese food!


Teacher Dance of Joy

16 Dec

Or otherwise known as the snow day dance.  Yes, that’s right, we don’t have school today.  Is there any snow on the ground?  Nope.  Supposedly we are supposed to get a couple inches in about an hour or so.  So, I’m kinda glad they’ve cancelled school.

What am I going to do on this snow day you ask?  Well, I’ll tell ya!  Lots of Christmas odds and ends and errands.  Exciting right?

I went to the dentist yesterday (an exciting visit, lemme tell ya) and spent basically an hour listening to the hygenist scrape cement off my teeth.  Fun, fun, fun.  When my orthodontist took off my “bumpers” for Invisalign he left a lot of extras on my teeth.

This was not fun my friends, not fun at all.  it wasn’t that it hurt, it was the sound of the scraping on my teeth.  It was like squeaky styrofoam, nails on mini chalkboards and whatever else makes your skin crawl all at once.


On the plus side I did get to read this funny comic.

Sick and twisted?  Quite possibly, but I think it’s funny!

School news!

Yesterday a little boy brought in sugar cookies for the class to eat.  Here is a conversation that I had with one of my first graders…

S- Are there sugar in these cookies?

MG – Yes, they are sugar cookies.

S- Oh, my mom says I’m not allowed to have a lot of sugar

MG – Well, then you don’t have to eat the cookie if you don’t want to

S-Well, I’m just not supposed to have a lot of sugar

MG – Okay, then just eat part of the cookie, eat half

S- Okay, but I’m not supposed to eat a lot of sugar (kinda feeling like a broken record…)

MG- Okay, you just eat as much as you want.

A few minutes miliseconds go by… I walk back over to his desk

S- You don’t have to tell my mom I ate a cookie, right? (He says with green sugar sprinkles all over his mouth and a green stained tongue)

MG – No, I’m not going to tell her, but I think she’ll figure it out…

I just thought it was funny that he basically wanted to be validated that it was okay that he have a sugar cookie and that he was only going to eat part of it.

Happy Snow Day!

What’s that white stuff falling from the sky?

14 Dec

Sorry I’ve been absent from the blogging world for a bit!  I just wasn’t feeling the draw to write anything.

Something very exciting did happen…  It snowed!


If you don’t know, this is very rare for us here at The Beach.  So when it does snow basically everybody goes crazy.  When the kids saw it snowing they instantly said that school was going to be canceled and we all would go home.  Ummm, that didn’t happen, but good try.

Christmas is in full effect now.  Today we saw the Christmas program at our school.  Very cute.  We also have all of our Christmas lights turned on.  Score!  I’d take a picture, but it is super cold and windy outside, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

But just pretend that it looks like this

It’s like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation!  Which, by the way, is one of my favorite Christmas movies.  So here, in no particular order are my favorite Christmas flicks

Christmas Vacation

"Oh, Eddie... If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am now."










Love Actually









Dan in Real Life

"Put it on my tab..."































One Magic Christmas










Claymation Christmas









Home Alone


Charlie Brown Christmas


What are some of your favorites?

Surf ‘n’ Santa

5 Dec

Dudes, I totally caught some wicked waves yesterday!  That was my best surfer impression, did it work?  So, no I really didn’t go surfing, but I did see somebody in the ocean surfing.

Yesterday, Leanne and I walked the Surf ‘n’ Santa 10 miler.  It was…cold!  When we woke up it was 35 degrees!  That’s pretty darn chilly to walk for 10 miles.

Need more proof

What you see, starting from the left: gray Under Armor shirt, white long-sleeved Shamrock 8K shirt, white Long John’s to wear underneath pants, bright green fleece zip up, black Brooks pants, green ($1.50) gloves from Target, red Santa t-shirt (again from Target) and race number.  I also wore a hat, jingly necklace and kept a scarf in the hood of my green fleece zip up.

Overall, I was very layered, but adequately warm, really!

We got to the convention center early so we could get a parking spot and did!  Score!

Inside the convention center

We got there at about 7 and decided to wait inside the convention center because it was warm and we thought we could use the bathrooms.  We were quickly proven wrong about the bathrooms.  They had guards and we were confined to a roped off portion of the convention center.  The roped off portion, of course, did not include bathrooms. Out we went to use the porto potties!  Yay for freezing temperatures and porto potties!

The last corral, you know!

By the by, this was Leanne's pose for pretty much every cameraman we passed.

There were only six corrals for this race, it was a small race since this was the inaugural Surf”n’Santa.  It was pretty cool to see all the red and green.  People were dressed up like elves, Santa Claus and we even saw someone dressed up as “Jingle All the Way.”  Cute!

So many Santa's!

We started the race and somehow made it up to corral 4, oops!

Hello corral 4?

The race course pretty much followed the course for the Wicked 10K, except that it doubles back on itself!  This was not cool!  At around mile 6? or so you get dumped into all the other racers at mile 9 that are trying to finish.  We did not like this!  People get all mushed together and you get in people’s way and it was just a cluster of people.  Not fun.  If they do this race again next year they really need to fix this.  Although, it did lend itself to looking for people who knew were racing that may be ahead of you. (Hi Maria!)

The course mainly went down the boardwalk, which was cool, literally.  The breeze, ahem, wind off the ocean was a little brutal at times, but we did like to look at the unlit Christmas lights on the boardwalk.

We doubled back again and headed to the convention center, right into a stiff breeze!  Yay! The race ended in the convention center

After walking head on into the very cold wind I was so happy to end inside a nice warm building.  We got race favors at the end including: a stainless steel water bottle, banana, pretzels, and Powerbar recovery bar.  Yum!

We sat down for a few, eating, zoning out and people watching.  Brunch was definitely needed and we headed to Citrus for delicious Mimosa’s, pancakes and has browns!

Once we were full we ran a couple errands and got a wreath.  While there we saw this guy!

I don’t know why Stoney’s has goats, but I sure like ’em!

When we got home, we put up Christmas decorations as you saw in the previous post.

Bond decided he needed to help!

Cute, right?!

It was a very festive day overall and it ended with…

Snow!  Don’t mind the glare, I was inside!

Merry beginning of the Christmas season!

How did you spend the weekend?

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