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Shamrock On!

19 Mar

Just in case you were wondering…


Shamrock 8K

17 Mar


This morning, bright and early, Leanne, Phil and I did the Shamrock 8K. 

A few people showed up

This race was really populated this year.  As we were running, yes we did run getting to that, more and more people kept coming up behind us.  It’s not like we were in a middle corral; we were in corral 5 only one corral behind us.  It was very strange. 

Back to the running.  Leanne and I ran from mile 1 to the end!  Go us!  I am super proud of us!  We walked through the water stops and for a brief moment when I had some jelly beans.  But, we ran and…passed people!  Not just walkers, but other runners!  Ha ha!

Since Leanne and I finished earlier than we normally do we noticed that the finish area was super crowded.  Has it always been this way??  There was a big bottleneck and no one was moving.  We decided we either have to run a lot faster or a lot slower. 

I don’t know my official race time, but I think it’s somewhere around an hour. 

The 8K was a great way to start off St. Patty’s Day! 

Now off to enjoy the rest of the day.  So far it’s included coffee, Blazing Saddles and lots of sun!

Five Things Friday

16 Mar

Welcome Friday, I have missed you!

1)  There were mimes at school today…

But they talked and didn’t wear face paint.  So, can I still call them mimes?  Anyway, they taught the kids about good character traits, but I can’t remember any of the traits.  I don’t think that’s good. 

Two things distracted me:

1) They started off the show talking about how they were going to put alcohol and drugs into their car to make it run (all of the adults in the audience went from smiling to concerned).  Mime was all like, “And now lets pour in some alcohol, glug, glug, glug!” (Really the sound effects guy made the glug, glug, glug sound) He made it sound a little to silly and fun for my liking. 

2) There was a tsunami metaphor that I didn’t really understand.  I almost felt “too soon” on this.   I don’t know. 

I was a little preoccupied with one of my students who was flinching at how loud it was and wanted to leave.  Soooo maybe I missed a few key points to the presentation.

2) The Shamrock 8K is tomorrow!  I’m ready to go!  I’ve got my green shirt and green headband all laid out.  I was going to wear the cute St. Patty’s Day necklace my secret pal got me, but after getting wet in the rain it turned my neck green.  No bueno. 

3) I had a conversation with one of the fourth graders at the end of the day that went something like this…

S – my brother pays me to come to school

Miss G – Your brother does?

S – Yeah, he gives me a dollar a day.

Miss G – So you get $7 dollars a week

S – no just five, none for the weekend

Miss G – So how old is your brother?

S – He’s six.

Miss G – Where does he get the money?

S – from his piggy bank

Miss G – So your younger brother pays you a dollar a day to come to school?  I wish my younger brother did that!

Seriously, what’s up with that!?

4)  The Walking Dead is getting good!

Walking through a dark forest with no real sense of direction is never good. 

Rick kills Shane and he instantly becomes a zombie wanting to eat Rick?  Good thing Rick’s son wasn’t such a baby this time and got him! 

And also…zombie animals?  A possibility?

5) I’m tired and it’s time for bed.  Gotta be ready to go for the 8K starting at 8AM tomorrow! 

Bond is as always….


…not impressed.

As we stumble along

12 Mar

No there were no happy hour drinks at work, although…  It’s time for more Musical Monday!

This week it’s the Drowsy Chaperone!  Leanne and I saw this in NYC right before the Tony’s.  It is, hilarious!

It follows Janet Van De Graff (aka Sutton Foster the woman who can do no wrong) as she attempts to get married.  The interesting twist to this musical is that it is told by “Man in a Chair” who puts The Drowsy Chaperone record on for the audience to hear.  He comments on his favorite parts of the musical, not so favorite parts, and little known facts on the cast members. 

The songs in The Drowsy Chaperone are pretty ridiculous, but are totally worth it. 

Show Off

As We Stumble Along


There are a lot of inside jokes as well.  Inside as long as you know something about Broadway…which I happen to know a little about.  So what if I’m semi obsessed with musical theater and Broadway!?

I think I forgot to mention that I am doing the Shamrock 8K this weekend.   This is partially why I am choosing to add some running into my training.  I like this race and the weather is supposed to be really nice.

Past Shamrock photos:


Even the potties are in Shamrock spirit!


Leanne and Phil


This year promises to be more good times!

What are your plans for St. Patty’s Day?

Freestyle Friday (Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean)

25 Mar

I forgot to post these Shamrock photos when I did the Shamrock post…  So, here!  Take a look!

If you look really close at the first picture you can see that Leanne is wearing sandals!  Today, I am wearing a sweater and the temps may get down to freezing.  What in the?

The weekly photo challenge has direct ties to the Shamrock.  I took a picture of the sunrise on race day and wouldn’t you know it, I was at the ocean!


Oh, so pretty!


School News

Today was a long day.  It was long because we had two students crying before 8:30…school starts at 8:30.  Oy!  We gave them hugs, told them they were wonderful, and then sent them to the counselor.

I am very glad it is the weekend.  I plan on sleeping, doing yoga, and walk, walk, walking to get ready for the Flying Pig Marathon!  What are your weekend plans?

Gimme a break!

14 Mar

No, I’m not exasperated or upset.  I’m quoting Ed Grimley.  Anyone remember Ed Grimley??

Ed Grimley was my favorite part of Saturday Night Live, when we were allowed to watch it.  I thought he was hilarious.  My brother and I would give ourselves “Ed Grimley” hair in the bathtub!  Anyway, I digress.  The reason I bring up Ed Grimley is because there is this one jumping exercise move during our workout class that reminds me of him.  When we did it last Thursday, I couldn’t help but laugh.  This is what I’m talking about…

It’s the whole knees from side to side bit that he does, even the little jumps at the end.  I swear we were partially doing the Ed Grimley dance in class!

Daily Post

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Well of course it has to be chocolate.  I mean come on!  Who says, “I’m really craving some vanilla right now!”  Not I.  Chocolate, I’m pretty sure could make anything better.  Kinda like bacon.  It’s just so delicious, comforting, luscious…I could go on and on…

This weekend Leanne and I are doing the Shamrock 8K right here in Virginia Beach.  I’ve done it the past two years?  It’s always a lot of fun.  Lot’s of people in green and other St. Patty’s day wear.  The other awesome part of it?  They give you Yuengling and Irish stew at the finish.  Um, yes please!

In preparation for this Leanne and I did a little more trail walkin’ on Sunday, about 5 miles I’d say.  The view was very similar to this…

It was a gorgeous day, sunny, warm; definitely one of the best walking/training days we’ve had in a while.  We spent the remainder of the day running errands, and grilling out.  It was perfection!

How was your weekend?

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