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Can’t get you outta my head…

8 Jan

This song helped me drive through Ohio during the snowstorm…

I like it!

School Sayings:

“Bye Alligator!” Student talking to our principal

After the electricity went out for a second time, “Oh no! Monsters!”

While reading Cordury and seeing the security guard: “Oh no! He’s going to kill him!” (Me) “No, he’s just going to see what the noise was.” (S) “Oh…”

After coming back into the classroom after the electricity came back on: “Miss G. the power’s on!”

Oh children…


Five Thing Friday

9 Dec

It can still be a Five Thing Friday even though its Sunday, right?

1) Christmas blog challenge: Easiest person to buy for.  That person would have to be my lovely assistant.  I know that as long as I get her something pink, teal, or has to do with flip-flops I’m golden!

2) This goes under the, “Kids say the darndest things” category.  In small group we were matching and identifying numbers.  I pulled out the number 15.  One of the students said, “That 15 is a boss.”  The day before the said student saw a filled in square (I think) and said that it was filled in, “like a boss.”  I don’t know where this is all coming from, but every time I crack up!



3) I really hate how early it gets dark now since daylight savings time.  If I want to run with some light I pretty much have to go right after school.  Running in the dark is also a good excuse to not go running…bad but true.  However, an amazing thing has happened!  Christmas lights!  By the time I’m heading back to my house all the Christmas lights are on in the different neighborhoods.  It’s great.  I feel like I’m running through the North Pole.  Okay not really, it was in the 70’s here today, but it’s pretty damn festive!

4) Tacky Christmas sweater.  I think that may be all I have to say….


5)Ron Burgundy.  I forget how much I love that movie!  You can pretty much quote the entire movie.  As was proven when my Facebook was taken over with Anchorman quotes….;)



Who is your easiest person to buy for?


Monday Musings

2 Apr

Happy Monday?

I’m not a real big fan of Monday, I mean is anyone really?

I don’t have much to say…

School News

In first grade since it’s a new month and all (Hey April!)  There is a new calendar to do and new backgrounds on the calendar.  One background is a picture of apple blossoms, I think.

Pretty, right?  Well one of the students thought so too.  they made the comment, “I’d just like to run through all those flowers, it’s so pretty!”  They obviously liked them.  One other students rebuttal, “Yeah, there’s probably poison ivy in there…”  Uh thanks Debbie

Since I don’t have much else to say, why not say it with pictures!

Apparently Bond likes coffee too.  Oh and owls…

This is what happens when I can’t take a good picture of myself.


Bright green socks for a wedding day race…I think yes!


Wicked!  Just for good measure.

Have a great Tuesday!!

Mutliple musings/musical Monday

19 Mar

Howdy!  Everybody recovering from St. Patty’s Day? 

My St. Patrick’s weekend was pretty good.  As you saw, Leanne, Phil and I did really well in the Shamrock 8K!  I broke my Lenten sacrifice on Saturday to have some really good corned beef hash.  To bad the service at Rt. 58 was horrible!  They were really busy, but it’s pretty messed up when a table that came in after us got their food before us…not cool.

In order to get me in the Irish spirit I watched Notting Hill.  What?  That’s not your quintessential  Irish movie.  Hmm, who’d a thunk!  Anyway, did you know that Lord Grantham is in Notting Hill?

I had totally forgotten about that!  There he was still not quite in the same reality as everybody else.

Sunday, was delicious.  We went to Terrapin and had there March Madness 3 for $30 deal.  Everybody got a first, entrée and dessert; plus wine was 25% off by the bottle!  A good night for reals.  Oh and I may or may not have gotten some truffle mac n cheese to go…

Tomorrow Leanne and I are going to see WICKED!  I’m super stoked!  One of my favorite Broadway actresses, Kristin Chenoweth starred as Glinda in Wicked when it first started.  So why not show a little K. Cheno love?

My New Philosophy

Girl’s got some pipes…Glitter and Be Gay

Seriously if I had even an ounce of her singing ability…

She was super adorable in Pushing Daisies

But I’ll always love her most as Glinda!

School News

I had to help proctor a test today.  One of the students in the group wrote that he loved his fourth grade year the best!  Guess who was his teacher that year??  This girl!  Nothing like a confidence boost while sitting and watching while others take a test for 5 hours!

Five Things Friday

16 Mar

Welcome Friday, I have missed you!

1)  There were mimes at school today…

But they talked and didn’t wear face paint.  So, can I still call them mimes?  Anyway, they taught the kids about good character traits, but I can’t remember any of the traits.  I don’t think that’s good. 

Two things distracted me:

1) They started off the show talking about how they were going to put alcohol and drugs into their car to make it run (all of the adults in the audience went from smiling to concerned).  Mime was all like, “And now lets pour in some alcohol, glug, glug, glug!” (Really the sound effects guy made the glug, glug, glug sound) He made it sound a little to silly and fun for my liking. 

2) There was a tsunami metaphor that I didn’t really understand.  I almost felt “too soon” on this.   I don’t know. 

I was a little preoccupied with one of my students who was flinching at how loud it was and wanted to leave.  Soooo maybe I missed a few key points to the presentation.

2) The Shamrock 8K is tomorrow!  I’m ready to go!  I’ve got my green shirt and green headband all laid out.  I was going to wear the cute St. Patty’s Day necklace my secret pal got me, but after getting wet in the rain it turned my neck green.  No bueno. 

3) I had a conversation with one of the fourth graders at the end of the day that went something like this…

S – my brother pays me to come to school

Miss G – Your brother does?

S – Yeah, he gives me a dollar a day.

Miss G – So you get $7 dollars a week

S – no just five, none for the weekend

Miss G – So how old is your brother?

S – He’s six.

Miss G – Where does he get the money?

S – from his piggy bank

Miss G – So your younger brother pays you a dollar a day to come to school?  I wish my younger brother did that!

Seriously, what’s up with that!?

4)  The Walking Dead is getting good!

Walking through a dark forest with no real sense of direction is never good. 

Rick kills Shane and he instantly becomes a zombie wanting to eat Rick?  Good thing Rick’s son wasn’t such a baby this time and got him! 

And also…zombie animals?  A possibility?

5) I’m tired and it’s time for bed.  Gotta be ready to go for the 8K starting at 8AM tomorrow! 

Bond is as always….


…not impressed.


15 Mar

A while ago I signed up for a Birchbox on their website.  What is Birchbox, you ask?  Well, it’s a website that offers beauty supplies and tips.  It also has the great extra of sending out a Birchbox with five beauty samples.  It’s only $10 a month, so I think it’s a pretty good deal!

Today I got my Birchbox!


I was stalking it on the UPS website waiting to see when it would get to me.  Seriously.

So what did I get?

Some really great things!


Starting from the left: Stripper to go – nail polish remover.  I can easily stick this in my purse and use, well, on the go.  It’d be really useful when flying. *This stuff worked amazingly.  I wish I had more. It slips on your fingers like little gloves and easily removes the nail polish.

One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm – I’m interested in trying this since it is waterless.  It’s a two in one cleanser/moisturizer…we shall see…

Peter Thomas Roth Anti Aging Cleansing Gel – It’s supposed to smooth the look of fine lines and detoxify.  All things I need! *This may be my new favorite cleansing gel.  It smelled great (something that is very important) and cleaned my face without making it feel dry and tight. 

Stilla Smoky Eye Card – I have always wanted to know how to do a smoky eye!  Now, I’ll finally have the answers.  The card gives you step by step directions too. *I’ve used this card several times now.  The step by step directions are very helpful to a makeup novice like myself.  By following the directions, I got a great sultry smoky eye.

Miss Jessie’s Original Quick Curls – I’m really looking forward to this.  Since I do have curly hair, I’m always looking for the best hair product for it. *This also smells great and did give me defined curls.  I didn’t like it as much as the current product I use (Alterna Hemp Curl).  Miss Jessie’s gave my curls a more crunchy overall feel, which I’m not that big a fan of…

Kusmi Tea Detox Tea – I love green tea and this tea is a combo of green tea, lemongrass, and mate.  Should be delicious!

School News

One of my students has poor muscle control.  This means that he is not very steady on his feet.  Today he almost fell over not once, but twice…within a half hour span.  The last one he would have definitely cracked his head open.  I mean not to be over dramatic…but he would have.  Luckily he caught himself the first go around and I was sitting right behind him on the would be head cracking incident.  Thank goodness my reaction time was on today!

Miracles of Miracles

13 Mar

Are you ready for this??

I went for a three-mile run today (no, that’s not the miracle) and…I passed someone! 

Seriously, I did!  Okay so maybe she was on the other side of the street and just had turned a corner, but I totally passed her. 


Also, I made some pretty slammin’ vegetarian empanadas.  I used this recipe for the dough.  I diced about 6 baby bella mushrooms, added some crumbled up tempeh, and a package of taco seasoning for my filling.  Stuck them in a 400 oven and baked them for 25 minutes.  Sooo good!  No pictures because, well, I at them.

School News

As I was walking down the hall today to my classroom, I overheard this gem…”Next time, just let me do all the talking!”  Obviously her friend did not sell the point as well as she wanted her to.  Oh kids are funny…

Babies come from where?

21 Oct

Just in case you thought you knew about babies and how they are made.  Listen in on this important nugget of knowledge. 

Today in 4th grade the students were researching renewable and non renewable resources in Virginia.  One group decided that they were not going to use the book and go rogue and just their brains.  Because, ya know, they are in fact more insightful than the publishing company. 

So just spitballing one student says…

S1 You know what is a renewable resource?

S2 – No what?

S1  – babies

S2 – (perplexed, but still going with it)

S1 – Yeah, because the babies come out.  Then the mom and dad make another one and that baby comes out…

It was about at this moment when I asked them if that information was in the book.  No, of course it was not!  What do you think we teach her in the Old Dominion?  I then told them to write down some information they did, in fact, find in their textbook…

In other school news.  I wore my hair straight.  This is not a common occurrence, mind you.  My hair is naturally curly and it takes a little bit for it to become straight.  Like 15/20 mins standing with a straightening iron + heating protecting serum + weather defender serum… 

It doesn’t happen often

I went down to first grade and as soon as I stepped in the door a student comes up to me and says:

S – I like your hair!

Miss G – Thank you!

S – Did you get a haircut?

MG – No I just made it straight

S – Oh.  I like it!

Then, I went to 4th grade and as soon as I step in the classroom a 4th grader asks me if I got a haircut.  Basically the same conversation follows.  What I found interesting was that on both occasions, it was a boy who said something about my hair.  See!  Some boys do pay attention to what you do differently.  Maybe there is hope for them in the future;)


20 4th graders +

29 Sep

+ no air conditioning=….?  If you guessed hot, unfocused, really talkative, kinda grumpy 20 4th graders.  You’d be correct.  Ya see, last night we had a crazy storm.  It poured for at least an hour with lightning and hail (I’ve heard) in some spots.  During that storm one wing of our school lost air conditioning.  Which part of the school?  Well of course the part with the upper graders and where my classroom is.

This lead to a really long morning and good part of the afternoon.  The air got turned back on by 2…which was just about the time the kids go home.  Ah well, at least it’s fixed for tomorrow.

In other School News

One of the first graders threw up during lunch yesterday and subsequently…went home.  Well, he came back today.  When he told me he felt sick today, I was concerned.  So I asked I few guiding questions.

S – I feel sick

Miss G (getting up quickly)- Where do you feel sick?  Is it your head?

S – No

Miss G – Is it your stomach?

S – No

Miss G – Well what does feel sick?

S – My arm

Oh well good because I was concerned that you were about to ralph on my shoes! I told him if another part of him felt sick that he should go to the bathroom if he needed to.

Tomorrow I’m super excited to be heading to Michigan to go to a game aaaannnddd to see the rest of my family aaannnndd to celebrate my cousin’s birthday!  It’s bound to be a good weekend.  I’m super psyched!


19 Sep

Hey, it’s Monday!  Are you not excited??

This weekend was really dreary and cold.  It pretty much rained for 75% of the weekend…and was cold.  At least cold for Virginia Beach, read 60’s all weekend. 

On Sunday, I did a long run.  I just wrote walk, but I so did not walk.  I ran 6 miles on Sunday.  I was proud of self since I only took a couple of short walk breaks.  Woooo, go me!

School News

We had a “birthday celebration” today right before sending the kids to P.E.  All this really means is that the kids got a cupcake.  When the birthday girl asked the classroom teacher if she wanted a cupcake, the teacher said she was full. 

I overheard a student say, “Full!  I’m a bottomless pit!”  How true.

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