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Things I never thought I’d have to say…

18 Apr

School children.  They make you say things you thought you would never utter…

“If you want to give Mrs. Gregory a hug, you have to use your hands.”



“You must park your car before entering the classroom.”

“Blow your nose with your nose not your mouth.”

In other news my GPS on Runkeeper had me walking a 12-13 minute mile.  That is not possible. I am not a speed walker.  



Auto Correct

25 Mar

Today the kids had to take a test.  The test required them to think critically about information they had been presented with.  I had one student that I had to type in her answers to the computer.  When she was done I asked her to look back over what she had written.  She did and said she was done. 

Right before I started to type in her answers she asked me, “So if I spell a word wrong are you going to fix it for me?”  To which I replied no, I was in fact going to type exactly what she wrote on the paper.  She then asked me if I would fix something if it didn’t make sense.  I told her again that I was going to type exactly what she had written.

She took her paper back and looked at it again…

Flying Pig update

I’ve been keeping up with my mileage for the Pig.  Runkeeper and Gympact have been super helpful.  Again, I highly recommend either/both app.

#flyingpigmarathon training win!

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That last 3.33 was awful!  It pretty much rained/sleeted/snowed on me the entire time.  Just getting prepared for the rain that seems to be happening at the Pig, right?

Yup a pretty miserable 3.25 miles. No rain between 4 &5 my foot!

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Apparently Mother Nature is not ready for Spring to start yet.  Although I really wish she’d make up her mind, I’m tired of this cold weather!



Scouts Honor!

14 Mar

“I was a boy scout once and a brownie, until some brat got scared!”

Anybody, anybody?

Anyway.  I’m trying a couple of new to me apps to keep me on the straight and narrow of working out.  I’ve been letting myself get into the groove of not working out and telling myself I’ll make up for it on another day.  No bueno when you have a half marathon coming up in May.

Yesterday I downloaded Runkeeper and Gympact.  I’ve seen both of these apps touted on other people’s blogs and thought I’d try ’em out.  I’m syncing the apps together to get the biggest bang for my buck. 

Runkeeper keeps track of your mileage each day/week.  You can set it for walking or running.  With Runkeeper you can synch the data to Gympact.  Gympact pays you money for working out.  Pretty cool, right?  You decide how many days you want to workout a week and how much you are willing to give up if you don’t work out.  I set mine at 4 days a week with $5 deduction if I don’t work out. 

If you work out for the days you say you will you get money!  If you decide to be lazy and not do anything money goes away. 

I think this will be a big motivator for me since I like to keep my money in my wallet. 



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