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______, _______, goose!

17 May

We have ducks!

Well, we don’t so much have ducks as our neighborhood has ducks.  Every morning I see these guys crossing our lawn to go wherever it is they go during the day.  It drives Bond nuts!  I like the ducks.  The just waddle around and do their duck thang…

Daily Post

Describe your first job interview.

Well my first job was working for my mom at her company.  There really wasn’t a job interview with that.  I think it was my mom thinking, “My kid needs to make some money!”  I guess my first real job interview was when I worked at a daycare center.  I remember being super nervous about it.  I had to sit out in the waiting room, watching all the kids and other teachers come in and out.  When I got called back, I had to go into this super small office to be interviewed.  I don’t remember a lot of the questions I was asked.  I’m sure they centered around, “Do you like kids?  Can you work with kids of all ages?  How are you with working with children with disabilities?”  The job was for a substitute position, but I pretty much worked their full-time.  I even came back to this job during college breaks and in the summer.  It was a hard job since a lot of the kids did have disabilities of varying levels, but I had fun.  Sure I was stressed out sometimes, but I think it taught me a lot of patience.



13 May

Post a day 2011

Write about something you see

1) Stand up 2) Turn to your right 3) Count objects you see, and stop at #3. 4)Write about whatever item #3 is.

That would be the fireplace.  We don’t really use the fireplace.  1) We live at the beach 2) We haven’t had it cleaned in about 2 years 3) It’s really noisy.  Seriously it sounds like the birds are falling down the chimney and into the fireplace whenever they are perched on top of the chimney.  4) It acts like a megaphone.  When the birds are on top of it, it amplifies the sound so that it sounds like the birds are right there in the room with you.  Freaky.

Someday I will use the fireplace again, though it may not be while living at the beach.  Back in the Midwest we use the fireplace all the time.  It’s so great during Christmas and all those cold months.

I am very glad it’s Friday and the weekend.  This week has been less than stellar.  Things happened that aren’t that great.  As my tutee so astutely noticed about one of my colleagues, “Is she about to cry?  No, seriously is she okay?”  I told her everything is fine and no she wasn’t going to cry.  In reality yesterday was quite a stressful day and it was a great possibility.  Thank God it’s Friday!

It’s Monday (Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife)

9 May

That is all.  It was a long and kind of stressful day.  I had a ton of stuff that needed to be done yesterday, that I only found out about yesterday.  Remember yesterday was the weekend…

What is the story behind your given name?

There is no story behind my given name.  Yep.  I always thought it’d be cool if I was named after Emmylou Harris, but alas.  No such luck.

Bonus: Do a web search on your given name and write about what you find.

K, so I did this…  Here’s what I found out.  Emily is Latin in origin, meaning laborious, eager and rival.  Not so sure about that last one…  It is from the Latin Aemilia.    So there ya go.  Needless information for ya.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

What!  Like Flying Pig hats aren’t wild?  Plus it’s out in life, hence wildlife!

A two siren kind of day

20 Apr
First off I want to say welcome to any new readers from seeing me on Freshly Pressed!  Hiya and welcome!

So today started very early.  I mean very early.  At about 1:00 AM I was awoken by the melodic sounds of tornado sirens.  It’s such a beautiful sound that I decided to, ya know, just stay awake.  While staying awake I heard another tornado siren at about 1:45/2.  Fun stuff. 


The real start to my day started with me going to the trails by the Great Miami River.  Well, me not thinking about all the rain we had gotten last night lead to this… 

I want to go to there!

As much as I wanted to take a swim/bath in the Great Miami, I decided against it.  Sooooo…I only did two miles today!  Curses!  This weekend I will be training a long walk for the Flying Pig!

Daily Post

What would you do differently if you were president or Prime Minister of your country for a day?

Being an educator, there are so many things that I would love to see changed in the Education system.  There are so many holes within the system and policies.  Gah!  Sometimes it just makes my head hurt thinking about my day-to-day teaching life.  We should be teaching to the child not to the test.  How are we preparing the youth of tomorrow for the real word, if we are teaching to the stupid standardized tests…and stepping off soapbox…

What goes up…

19 Apr
Oh Spring Break, how I have waited…and waited for you.  It is so nice just to have a break and sleep in ’till whenever I want!

This morning I got up and took another walk.

One of the things I wanted to do while home was get some hill training in.  As beautiful as Virginia Beach, there are not a lot of hills.  Who’d a thunk, right? 

Well, Middletown has plenty…

Up the hill…

and down....


And up again...

The last hill is called the MUM Hill.  Why you ask?  Because it’s on the Miami University Middletown campus.  Real creative, I know.  Anyway, we had to climb up and down this hill in summer gym.  It was just as brutal then…  I did three miles yesterday and four the day before.  I was planning on doing more today, but Mother Nature has other ideas…

When I got home, this guy was waiting for me in one of our trees.

The elusive albino squirrel

Although I don’t know how elusive he is…I’ve seen him the past two days. 

After walking, I did some actual work.  Crazy concept!  The week after my Spring Break I am going on to a conference in DC so I had to make lesson plans.  Fun, fun! 
Last night, we also went to a Reds game
Good food was eaten…

Montgomery Inn BBQ. Yes, please!

Something I found really confusing was that they made the concession stand people at the Montgomery Inn booth wear cowboy hats, cowboy boots, a bandana around their neck and checkered shirts.  I didn’t get it.  Are we really that much in the south??

Mr. Redlegs, Mrs. Red, and Gapper



Joey and the rest of the Reds apparently forgot how to play last night.  Either that or they were really distraught and distracted by idiot pitcher Mike Leake.   I mean seriously, $10 shirts??

We had  great seats and the weather was perfect, but it would have been nice to have a win over the Pirates.  Ah well, next time. 

Daily Post

What do you want to accomplish with your blog?

Leanne and I started the blog so that we could chronicle our journey to do a half marathon in each state.  That is still what this blog is about, but it’s als turned into other things.  The blog is also where we can update our family members of different things happening in our lives.  It’s a place were we can do food reviews, trip reviews, and generally just rant and rave about stuff we find interesting.

How is your Spring Break going?

Molten Monday

4 Apr

No, not molting Monday, molten!  Molting is for the birds!  Get it, get it?

We had record tying high temperatures today.  It was 86 today, which was super sweet.  Too bad I spent the majority of the day inside.

I hope you, dear reader, have had a good start to your week.  I gotta say I have.  Some of the things that made it pretty good:

That would be The Red Wing from Stan Lee’s Guardian NHL comic book.  It’s pretty awesome, Stan Lee made badass comic book heroes out of all the NHL teams.  One of my students got the book for his birthday.  We share a love of NHL and was kind enough to let me take a picture.


There was a lot of down dog goin on today

Did I mention that it was 86 today…?

I got my registration packet for a conference for school today and guess what??  Dueling Piano bar!  Yes, I will be attending the dueling piano event.  Oh, yes, I will…

Leanne tested her new Garmin Forerunner305.  She was very pleasantly surprised.  She liked how she could just run and not have to worry about having a route.

Daily Post

Who is the last person you’d want be stuck in an elevator with?

Hmmm…Jack the Ripper, Hannibal Lector? Why?  Well I think the reason is pretty durn obvious.    Leanne would not want to be in the elevator with “Digits” the Afghan with twelve toes…I don’t think an explanation is needed.

La, la, la, la, life goes on…

28 Mar

Since it’s Monday and since I’m sure everybody is a little bummed that it’s Monday…watch this!

There!  Don’t you feel better?  I mean how do you watch that without smiling just a little bit.

I do have, however, have questions after watching the video.  1)  Where did they find a hallway that long?  2) How is pulling the cart or whatever it is they are sitting on?  3)  Where did they find all those people?  I need answers people!

Daily Post

How did you get your name?

I don’t really know how I got my name.  I just think that my parents like it, but way down deep I like to think that they named me after Emmyloo Harris.  Mom, right??  My middle name is Rachel, but not spelled Rachel.  No, no.  The nurses asked my mom how to spell my middle name after giving her the good drugs.  So, my middle name is Racheal.  Yup.  I guess that makes me that more unique, right?  At least I’m pretty sure not a whole lot of other people spell their name like that.  Agh, I like it.  I give my mom a hard time, but I love it!


The day we got a new dishwasher

24 Mar

That’s right people!  We’ve been going on 5 months here with no working dishwasher and what happened today??  New dishwasher!




Leanne and I are both super excited about this.  It means no more washing dishes by hand.  No more letting the dishes pile up because neither of us feel like doing them.  We have a working dishwasher!

Wanna know who was not excited about the new dishwasher?

This guy…


What the!

Maybe if I sneak up on it...

What is making all that noise?!


Bond was none too pleased with the new addition to the kitchen.

We do not care because now we have clean dishes!

School News

Today was pj day at school (yes I wore my pj’s).  The kids brought in stuffed animals as part of their pj’s.  One of my students has Autism and brought in his favorite Winnie the Pooh toy.  He obviously loves this thing; you can tell it’s been everywhere with him.  At one point during the day he wanted to ask a question.  We have been trying to get him to raise his hand, but he doesn’t like to do that.  This is a trying task and he will often just not raise his hand and suffer in silence.

We told him he had to raise his hand, he went and sat down…  he raised a hand, but not his hand.  That’s right, he raised Winnie’s hand.  It was too cute!  How can you get frustrated with that??  I mean, he raised someone’s hand right?  Right?  I call this a baby step…

Daily Post

What non exercise do you wish would keep you fit?

Man if reading and listening to music would keep me fit…I’d be freaking Jillian already.  That.  Would. Be. Awesome!


From the cornfield to the ocean

23 Mar

Daily Post

Describe the biggest risk you’ve ever taken (and what happened)

The biggest risk I’ve ever taken was moving to Virginia Beach.  Leanne was already here, being in the military and all.  I was done with living in Middletown and needed a change.  So change I did.  I like to call it my quarter life crisis…I know, whatever.  I packed up all my stuff, crammed it into a moving truck and took the 10-12 hour journey to Virginia Beach.
When I moved here I didn’t have a job.  Um, scary much.  I was interviewing everywhere, but as some of you fellow teachers know, it can take more than a few interviews to get a job.  Especially when people aren’t exactly in the hiring mood.  Thanks economy!
Anywhozits, the risk paid off.  I’m teaching, working on my Masters degree and living at the beach.  Life ain’t too bad.

Dorky I know, but she made me do it! My first paycheck in Virginia Beach.

School News
In first grade a little one told the assistant, “Mrs. T. you are the funniest person I know.  You are funny like Captain Hook!” Hmmm….

The wheels on the bus…

22 Mar

Daily Post

What is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on a bus?

Well, I don’t take the bus now, but I used to in college.  There was a bus stop right out the front gate of Capital University, right in front of Graeter’s.  I would often take the bus down to OSU’s campus to visit Leanne before I had a car on campus.  I always hated riding the bus.  Cheap?  Yes?  Enjoyable?  No, not really.

There was the time that I took the wrong bus home from OSU to Capital and had to walk through the “ghetto” to get back to my dorm.  No bueno.  There is always the stories of the homeless person sitting in the back or the person hacking up a lung throughout the journey.

However, the strangest thing to happen was when Leanne and I took the bus to go see a Columbus Blue Jackets game.  We were on the bus, fine and dandy crowded and cramped, sitting and minding our own business…  Out of no where this guy yells out, “Alright! Jailbait!”  Uh…no.  Needless to say we got off on the next stop regardless if it was ours or not.  I’m pretty sure soon after that I convinced my parents to let me have a car at school.


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