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Outer Banks 8K

16 Nov

Hola!  I told you I’d be back on Wednesday and here I am.

Over Veteran’s Day weekend, Leanne and I did the Outer Banks 8K.

We got to stay in a fabulous 80’s inspired timeshare:

Serioulsy, we got to stay in the timeshare for free since Phil’s mom was doing the 8K also and Phil was running the half marathon.

Thanks Cindy!

Last year Leanne and I did the half, but this year we were just not prepared enough to do so.  However, the 8K was great!  Leanne and I said that we were going to stretch our legs for about a mile and then run as much as we could of the 8K.  Well, it turns out “as much as we can” was 4 miles!  That is awesome for us.  We are indeed rock stars!

One thing that I did like about the 8K was that it was pretty much a trail run. 

The sights were pretty good.

Right at the end of the race we passed a fellow runner, she sped up and passed us.  Ok, whatevs, pass us.  We got some water continued to run, came upon the same fellow runner, passed her again.  This time she cursed at us under her breath and whisper shouted, “REALLY!?”  Ok so maybe it wasn’t much of a whisper.  Come on lady, so we passed you get over yourself!

We kept an “easy” pace throughout our run.  The roughest part of the 8K was really heading back into the field for the finish line, it was running head on into the wind.  No bueno.

But who cares…cuz we finished in 1hr and 6mins!  WOOT!  That is freaking awesome for us! 

So what to do after running an 8K?  Eat of course!  We headed to Stack ‘Em High to have breakfast.

Stack ‘Em High is awesome and if you ever find your way to the Outer Banks you should most definitely eat there!

Plus any breakfast establishment that tells me it’s okay to swear, is my type of eatery.

Afterward we had a day to chill and wander around…

Jockey’s Ridge

View of the ocean from atop Jockey’s Ridge

There were hangliders on the top of Jockey’s Ridge, gliding down the other side, plus tons of kite flyers.  The story behind Jockey’s Ridge is that people would take horses up to the Ridge and have races.  People would sit on the dunes and watch the jockey’s race the wild horses.  A history lesson I’m sure you wanted didn’t need. 

We had a pretty low-key Saturday since Phil was running the half the next day and we had to wake up bright and early!

Pretty Outer Banks sunrise

Phil and Leanne and the start

After seeing Phil start we head to Manteo for the finish of the half marathon.  Since we were continuing the trend of being awesome we got great seats right by the finish line.

We also got there right in time to see the first place male and female half marathon finishers

I unfortunately did not get a picture of Phil finishing.  He was just too fast! 😉  He finished in 1hr40mins….and 12 seconds.  I think that’s pretty damn awesome!

After the half we pretty much headed back to Virginia Beach, but not without another stop to Stack ‘Em High.  Love that place!

It was a great weekend.  I always wish I could stay longer in the Outer Banks.  Leanne and I are still super pumped about our 8K time.  Maybe we’ll continue that trend in the upcoming Virginia Beach Turkey Trot….

We’re over the hump people, the weekend is in sight!  Are you excited?


Blog fail

14 Nov

Hey y’all sorry I seem to failing at blogging lately.  I have a lot of stuff to do right now.  Like bake sweet potato bread for the school Thanksgiving luncheon and finish my project for my Masters class that has six, yes six, parts…

So until Wednesday…probably…I leave you with my Outer Banks 8K bib!



I thought it was pretty cool that they sent the results via email bib!

See that 1:06:59??  Leanne and I ran 4 miles of the 8K.  We were both very surprised, in a good way at our accomplishment!  Go us!

Have a great Monday and I’ll see y’all on Wednesday!

8K all the way!

11 Nov

Happy Veteran’s Day!!

My day started with a very gusty 4 mile walk:

Little chilly and windy, but I survived.  Luckily tomorrow looks a little better, well at least not so windy.  Tomorrow Leanne and I are walking, maybe running? in the Outer Banks 8K

This is the course we are taking:

Last year Leanne and I did the Outer Banks Half Marathon.  Take a peek back at these posts:

39.3 Pat 1

39.3 Part 2

The Final 39.3

I’m really excited that with the 8K, we don’t have to climb this evil, evil hill right at the end of the race.

Evil, dream killing, hill

I love the Outer Banks and am so happy to go back!  I will have a complete update…probably on Sunday. 

Until then, I’ll leave you with this little gem of a music video

How did I not know about this video until I watched Pop Up Video the other day?   It’s pretty awesome on multiple levels. 

How many celebrities can you find and name?


Virginia Beach Race Update!

18 Jul

Race update!

Leanne and I have signed up for  two races in the area.

1. Wicked 10K – We’ve done this race before and love it!  The course is still the same as it always has been and that’s not why we’re doing it.  It’s mainly because of the costumes and the great food afterwards.

Chili in a bread bowl, Blue Moon beer, and yummy cookies!

A twist this year…we are going to try to run part of this race!

2. The Outer Banks 8K – Last year we did the half marathon at the Outer Banks, we thought we’d try something new this year.  Again we’re going to try to run parts of this race.  I’m excited about the race course, it looks a lot more scenic and interesting than the half course map.

So there ya have it!  No, we haven’t signed up for another half…we really need to.  Do y’all have any suggestions??

Happy Monday!!

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