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My favorite day of the month!

12 Jun

That’s right, it’s Birchbox time!

This month there was a world traveler theme.  In my box I got: two self tanning wipes, a jumbo eye color stick, a tube of 50 SPF moisturizer with zinc and vitamin C *I have been using this as my moisturizer lately and love it!, a dual lip/cheek stain, an airport friendly stylish plastic baggie, and a new sample from the Birchbox men’s line.  I’m pretty excited about the jumbo eye stick and lip stain.  I don’t know about the self tanner.  I usually stay away from it because I don’t want to end up looking like this…

Yeah, sorry celebrity I don’t know.  I really don’t want to look like I’ve had to many carrots…

I’ll probably give my dad or brother the Birchbox men’s sample.  I mean I do like smelling like dude all the time, but…

My other favorite days of the month include: pay-day, Foodie Penpal box arrival day, Friday, start to the beginning of a four-day weekend day, free donut day (which I missed!). 

Yesterday was field day, I guess another favorite day!  The first graders were running around and one little boy tripped and fell.  No biggie…  He came up to me with a blood filled mouth.  Awesome.

I asked him what happened

S-I was running, and I fell, and my tooth came out!

MG – Okay, well let’s go to the nurse (thinking he just slammed a tooth out of his mouth)

MG – Did the tooth just fall out or was it loose.

S – No it was a loose tooth, but I can’t find it on the ground.  It’s okay I’ll go find it.  (the area he lost it is just a big patch of dirt)

We didn’t go back to find it, sorry tooth fairy, and he went back to Field day.  Good times.

In other exciting news, the Norfolk Admirals are back in town.  I’ve heard that they are planning on celebrating tomorrow with a parade and party afterwards.  Sounds like my Wednesday evening is planned!

Oh! Who wants to shave an admiral??  No, no takers!?

Enjoy your favorite day of the month…probably not Tuesday though, right?


Calder Cup Champs!!

10 Jun

That’s right baby, the Norfolk Admirals won the Calder Cup!!


It was an awesome game and the Admirals beat the Marlies 6-1.  Even when the Marlies goalie was being a jerk…yeah I’m talking to you Scrivens…


Another thing I (we) noticed during the game, besides Scrivens being a jerk, was that the Marlies head coach looks like a certain Harry Potter villan…



Please someone tell me you noticed this too!  Right, right??

This upcoming week is the last week of school!  Soooo close to doing the, “Happy Teacher Dance of Joy!”  Oh it’s going to happen!


Peace out homies!  Enjoy your Sunday!

It’s all happening…

3 Jun

Oh yes, yes it is.

One of my favorite movies BTW

Remember in my last post when I talked about Steve Yzerman and how he would be at the Admirals game?  It was gonna happen?

Well guess what!  It absolutely did happen!

He looked suave as ever.  Well, I guess on the rink he didn’t really look suave…but he did last night!  He pretty much stayed up in his little area, but he was there!

Plus!  The Admirals won again.  Now, they have won the first two games of the Calder Cup Finals.

Other things that are “happening”

I wore a maxi dress today.  Not because I wanted to be fancy and dress up, but because it was comfy and easy to put on.  Leanne found it when we went to the outlet mall.  What am I going to do when she moves away??

I found a great beer at Fresh Market.  It’s from St. Louis.  I first had it from one of my Foodie Penpal boxes and was heartbroken when I found they only sell it in St. Louis.  Not no more!  Ha!


I’m still doing the Runner’s World Run Streak.  I ran my mile today, although my knees and legs were really achy.  What does that mean?

K, I’m outta here.  I need to watch some Mad Men.  My dvr will delete them.  Just an aside…I’m a little upset that Don doesn’t dig the Beatles…

Best day ever!

21 May

I like the way Julius thinks…

It’s hard to think of Monday as a great day, but why not try?

Today was just a regular, normal Monday.  No biggie… Since today was not so exciting, why not share exciting photos from the weekend?

On Saturday we went and saw the Norfolk Admirals beat the St. John’s Ice Caps.  It was pretty exciting and now the Admirals are that much closer to winning the Calder Cup!


Earlier on Saturday I went to the East Beach Farmers’ Fare



There were about ten vendors there and it was pretty busy.  I was excited to see that “The Brownie Lady” was there (I don’t know her real name).  I bought a caramel sea salt brownie and it was delicious.  I’m interested to see if more vendors come to this farmers market there was plenty of room for more. 

This weekend includes a different Farmer’s Market, so exciting!

Okay, now I’m off to end my evening with a nice glass o’ wine and a cookie!


Slip slidin’ away

12 Mar

What’s better than going to a hockey game on a Friday night?  Getting to see Shriner’s driving Shriner cars on the ice, on a Friday night…


I have a video, I know, you are soooo excited, but I can’t get it uploaded to YouTube.  For now, a few pictures will have to suffice.  The game itself was pretty awesome.  The Norfolk Admirals beat the Binghamton Senators 8 – 3, which is a crazy score in hockey!

School News

Yesterday, we took the kiddo’s to the Virginia Aquarium

I didn’t get to take a whole lot of pictures, since, ya know, I had to watch the kids.  It was pretty cool.  I had only been to the Aquarium for the Sensible Seafood Fest, which is a very cool event in itself.  I definitely want to go back and see the different animals for more than 20 seconds before moving on.  I did, however, get to touch a sting ray and that, was pretty bad ass!

Daily Post

Name a book that changed your life.

I book that changed my life is, “The Devil’s Arithmetic” by Jane Yolen.  The reason being that this was the book that made me realize that I love to read.  The Devil’s Arithmetic was the first book where I actually got lost in the book and could feel the different characters.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve read this book.  Also, this book introduced me to the Holocaust.  Ever since then I have been enthralled by it.

What about you, what book made a difference in your life?

What, what!?

18 Jan

Saturday was a pretty cool day here at “The Beach.” And by cool and I mean snazzy not actually cold, although it was.   First, there was baby shower to attend, with super awesome food, cute children and dogs!


Onesie making...


There was a brief respite at home before going out to eat at Luna Maya and the Norfolk Admirals game.

I have to send a shout out to Luna Maya (http://www.lunamayarestaurant.com).  Their restaurant is amazing!  This is the second time we’ve been there and it was just as delicious as I remember the first time.  We both got drinks (Mango Mojito and Sangria) and both were too easy too drink.  For dinner I got the Burrito Con Raja’s and Leanne got the Chorizo Burrito.  Both burrito’s were the size of the plate, which was not small…  Needless to say we didn’t finish them that night.  Besides being huge, they were quite tasty!

After gorging ourselves on chorizo, rice, cheese, beans, guacamole, and alcohol we moseyed on down to the Admirals game.

If you can’t tell from the picture; the ice is pink in honor of Susan G. Komen.  It was Susan G. Komen night and there were a ton of people there, which was awesome.  It made for a really exciting and loud game.  The Admirals won 3-2 and had 50 some shots on goal! Crazy!

Alright, on to postaday2011.  The topic for today is…Describe a time when you witnessed bravery: a) in your profession. So here’s the deal.  I witness bravery everyday in my profession.  What profession is that, you may ask?  Teaching.  You have to be a brave individual to stand in front of a 20 or so kids day in and day out and teach them what they need to know.  Not only to pass each grade, but also really teaching them how to make it in the world.  Sure, it may sound uber cheesy, but it’s true.  They are all relying on you to give them the knowledge that will carry and stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Kind of a scary thought, no?

Yes, that is a group of 80 first and second graders.  Yes, they are in fact at a theater.  Yes, we took about 80 first and second graders to see the Lion King in Cincinnati Ohio.  And then yes, we drove them through Over the Rhine (accidentally) on the way home.  But, that’s a different story for a different day.

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