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Waking up in Vegas aka schadenfreude

22 Aug

Hola thelastcorral readers!  Back in Virginia Beach and trying to get used the humidity again.  Vegas was hot, but it’s true, there is noooo humidity!

Okay, so where’d we stay?


We were basically right in the middle of the strip.  Given the chance would I stay at Harrah’s again?  No probably not.  The casino was the smokiest that we visited and I didn’t win on their slots!  Also, in order to use the gym it was $20 before 4 and $10 after.  We thought this was a little crazy, which is why we did all of our running outside.  But…since we were smack dab in the middle it did allow for some good “strip” shots.

Looking up the strip

Down the strip, the view from Sushi Roku!

Did we train?

Why yes, yes we did.  After we learned that the gym was out of the question we had to edit the training plan a bit, but we did train.  We ran for a 30 hour on Wednesday, a 2 miler on Friday, and then we ran/walk 6.5 miles on Saturday.  Running in the desert/Vegas is different.  It gets hot early, not humid and hot, just hot.  We tried to get up before 8 every day in order to beat the heat.  Because there was so much smoke in the casinos Leanne had a little trouble with her lungs, but we adjusted!  Another hiccup about running on the strip is that there are a lot of walkways that you have to climb up and down.  That equals a lot of stairs that are integrated into the run, that equals tired legs…

I think the best part of running early in Vegas is that you get to see so many walks of shame.  All the girls with caked on make up, no shoes, stumbling about.  Good stuff, cuz you know I’m all about schadenfreude caring for others.

Oh yeah, and did I mention a drag queen show girl ran about 10 feet with us on one of our runs? No?!  Well he did. 

Okay, short little update, I’ll talk more about the food (oh there was food!) and what we did/saw.

Happy Monday to all!



21 Aug

I’m finally home after a week in Las Vegas.  I’m glad to be home.  Vegas is fun, but I think maybe in smaller doses next time.  I’ll post a bigger update tomorrow.  But, for now…

Good morning Las Vegas!

18 Aug


I just want to assure everyone…
I am eating too much
Spending way too much time in casinos
And feel like I haven’t stopped moving since Monday
Viva Las Vegas!

Get on a gondola

18 Aug


At the Venetian they have gondola rides… Pretty expensive gondola rides (16 bucks a pop).  The cool thing, or not, is that they sing to you.  I’m not much for being stuck on a boat with someone singing at my face… but if you’re just sitting in the Venetian by the canal…it makes for a nice atmosphere. 😉

Sunday funday

14 Aug

I don’t really like that saying, but hey it rhymes and I couldn’t think of anything else. 

What’d you do this weekend?

This weekend I trained for our upcoming Wicked 10K that we are going to try to run (gasp) some of.  Leanne found the training plan that we are using.  It’s kind of different to use a training plan, I never have before, but I think it’s a good idea since this is the first time that both of us are going to run a race. 

Anyway, on Friday we ran 2 miles at a 13:55, I think, pace.  I ran the whole thing!  Whoo hoo! 

 Saturday Leanne had a tempo run on tap.  We had a one mile warm up, 3 mile tempo run at 11:50 pace, and a 1 mile cool down.  So that’s 5 miles in all.  I did the warm up and ran 1.5 straight through of the 3 miles.  I had to take a walk break at 1.5, I walked for about 1/2 a mile ran a little, took a walk break, then I ran the 1/2 mile back to the start.  We walked our cool down at the end.  I wish I could have run farther than 1.5 without stopping, but hey, progress is progress. 

Today is a rest day, but I am doing laundry and all that good stuff since tomorrow….


I’m excited, but I just don’t know what to expect…  I guess we’ll see what happens…

Suggestions?  I’ll take ’em if you got ’em!

Vacation all I ever wanted…

29 Jul

Okay, so technically I’m on vacation already, but I”m leaving the state of Virginia!  I couldn’t find a good 80’s music video about that.  Coming up very quickly (August) I am going to be taking two trips.

First off, Michigan.

Last time I was there it looked like this

It shouldn’t be this cold in August, I’m hoping.  While I’m there I hope to use a Groupon I got to have a private wine tasting.  Because, you know, my family doesn’t partake in that at all.

Abundance...of wine

Next up…LAS VEGAS!!

I’m really excited to go because we’ll be seeing Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil Love.  However, the whole gambling thing kinda freaks me out.  What I know about Las Vegas mainly comes from The Hangover…

A) I don’t want to get punched in the face by Mike Tyson

B) I don’t want to wake up with a tiger in the hotel room

C) I don’t want to accidentally marry a hooker (not gonna happen, don’t worry) and pull out a tooth

D) I wouldn’t mind, however, being in Bradley Cooper’s posse…that’d be okay

Anywho, going to Vegas gonna see some shows and eat some good food!  Gambling, not quite sure about that.  Any pointers?  Please leave me a comment here!  And by here I mean on my blog 😉

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