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Five Thing Friday

1 Nov

Hellllloooo!  I’m happy to see you all again!

I have been out of commission with a lovely cold that has left me feeling icky and quite sleepy.  Hence, no posts.

1) While reading a book about pumpkin carving the students noticed that one of the characters had the same name as one of our students.  They thought it was funny and laughed.

Then the student who had the same name called out, “Wait!  Do I have a twin!?”

Oh First Grade…

2) Sometimes being a NYC subway driver can become a little monotonous…

3)  I’m doing the Yorktown Battlefield 5K tomorrow.  Even though Facebook keeps telling me it’s at 1:45, I know otherwise.  Thanks government for opening all the National Parks again!

4) A new student in first grade looked over at me, looked down in my shirt and told me, “You have boobies!”  Thanks kid, I was wondering what was going on!

5) I know Halloween was yesterday, but take a look at the these spooky scenes!

Happy November!  Don’t forget the time change!




Cigarette fire bubbles

25 Sep

School News

The first grade lovelies were doing a rhyming sort when I came in today.  One student was rhyming away,  cat hat, dog frog, tire fire.  Well, when one student got to tire,fire it made him think of a story about his mom.

S – My mom smokes cigarettes…

MG – How does this have to do with rhyming?

S- (Continuing on like he didn’t hear me)My mom smokes cigarettes, then she takes her cigarette and dips in my my bubbles (I’m assuming bubble blowing) then blows out and fire comes out the end of the cigarette.

MG – Well that sounds pretty dangerous…

Theeennn during the same rhyming activity a student pronounced my name as Scooby.  So I’d be Ms. Scooby.  My last name sounds nothing like the word Scooby nor does it start with an s.



Oh Children.

I’ll have to write that down…

10 Apr

Happy weekend to you!  I know the weekend is almost over, but still.

My weekend was spent training for the Pig, watching movies, and procrastinating on doing my taxes.

Friday Leanne, Phil and I went to go see Limitless.

It’s about Bradley Cooper’s character taking a pill that basically helps him get everything he ever wanted.  It increases your intelligence, helps you think ten steps ahead of everyone, and basically just makes you a more attractive person all around.  The downside…it’s super expensive, the guy who is Bradley Cooper’s supplier gets murdered, and if you stop taking it…you die.  I don’t want to give everything away, although I kind of did(oops), it was a good movie.

Saturday was kind of rainy gloomy day, but I still walked!  I did 4.1 miles walking laps around my neighborhood.  I’m sure the landscape guys that were out thought I was nuts since I passed them four times.  While I was walking a car pulled up beside me and rolled down the window (I hate this).  The conversation kind of went like this…

Woman in car: Excuse me, but how do we get out of here?

Me: You’ll have to turn around and go back the other way.

W.I.C. – really?

Me: yes

W.I.C. – Really, there’s no other way?

Me: Yes

W.I.C – I can’t get out that way?

Me – (really?!) No

W.I.C – okay (and drives away)

Seriously why?

Sunday!  I ran/walked 7.73 miles today!  That’s right I ran and walked.  Woohoo!  I went back to First Landing Park and did the Cape Henry Trail.  There are still lots of these…

but what are ya gonna do?  Same thing I did last time…walk right through ’em.

It was a gorgeous day today and things were going well until around mile 2, I think and my iPod died.  I kept pushing the button to change the song, nothing happened.  I switched the emergency switch on the bottom of the iPod, nothing happened.  I pushed menu to turn off the iPod, you guessed it, nothing happened!  Argh!  I didn’t really care if I had music or not, but I wanted to keep track of my mileage and of my pace.  I conceded to the fact that I was just not going to have it, stuffed it in my pullover and kept going.  I had a really good walk, remember I even ran!  I was all ready to take a picture of my iPod to show that it was broken and stuck to show you all, but nooooo….

So yeah, it decided somewhere while I was walking, to start working again.  Curses!  Notice anything wrong…?  Yeah I did 7.73 miles with a 0/0 min/mile.  Hmm.  Also (you can’t see it) it says that today was the 20th of January.  Nope, not really.  Something is wrong with either my iPod or my Nike shuffle, but either way, it’s really annoying.

Now, I’m home.  I just made some cookie dough that I will bake later.  It is from How Sweet Eats, one of my favorite blogs for recipes.  I am going to make her Double Fudge Oreo Crunch Cookies.  I mean, right?!  If the cookies are half as good as the batter, I think I’ll be making them again.

Little Kid News

During church yesterday, there was a little girl in the pew in front of us.  She was sitting with her grandma and grandpa and was too cute.  She “whispered” to her grandma, “Are we going to go see the Easter Bunny at the mall?”  Her grandma said something back to her that must have been yes.  To which the little girl exclaimed, “We are going to see the Easter Bunny!  I’ll have to write that down.”  To which she did.  She wrote a big zig zag line across her tablet of paper.  Too Frikin’ Cute!


Are you going to be annoying?

7 Mar

How was your weekend?

I spent my weekend doing this…


Rain, rain go away


This weekend was my school’s Fun Run.  The Fun Run is only a mile run, but the kids love it.  It was kind of dreary, wet day.  My assistant (Hi Lena!) and I were posted by this little court.  Basically our jobs were to shout encouraging words of wisdom to passing runners, stop any cars that would hit said runners, and make sure no one was dying during the run.  My favorite part of the run was when one little boy ran past us he said, “Zoom!”  It was great!

I also made this


Yum! Bacon makes everything better.

I found the recipe over at the Pioneer Woman‘s site.  I must say, it was pretty delicious.  The only thing that I need to fix is to somehow not get the lentils so dry.  I don’t know if this is possible with my current stove…any ideas?

All in all, a good weekend.

School News

I was listening in on my first graders talk today, this is what I heard…

Little Girl: “Will you be my boyfriend?”

Little Boy: “Yes”

LG: “Okay, well then just tell me…are you going to annoy me?”

LB (clearly trying to ignore her): *silence*

LG: “I mean, are you going to be annoying?”

LB: *crickets*

This went on for a couple more turns, until she just kind of gave up.

Daily Post

You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?

Ooo, a magic tree!  Leanne says she wants Snickers.  This was the first thing that she thought of.  I want a tree that grows airplane tickets.  Airplane tickets to anywhere, at anytime.  Yes, I think that would be quite wonderful.


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