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Here’s what…

11 Oct

I’ve been MIA and I apologize!

It’s for good reason?  Yes the question mark was purposeful. 

Turns out we have our own Medium in the first grade. 



She doesn’t have the hair, nails or accent, but she can see dead people.  According to her they are up in the corner, you can grab them, and one guy was sleeping.  Oh and he took her pencil. 

I saw Looper last night.  You know I love me some Joseph Gordon Levitt.


He kind of freaked me out with his look-alike Bruce Willis makeup/prosthetic nose job.  I liked the movie.  It’s another thinker along the lines of Inception, but I dug it. 

I watching my DVR’d version of Dr. Horrible.  NPH is the greatest and such a different character than Barney…kind of…


Dinner is in my future y’all!  Have a great one!


Johnny and Joe

15 Mar

Like I needed another reason to like Joseph Gordon Levitt.  Facebook/Johnny Cash informs me of this today…

Pretty dang close, if you ask me…

Then the website posted this along with it…

I mean come on, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Lady Gaga!?  I. Could. Die.  Dramatic much?  Me? No!  Thanks totally looks like/icanhascheeseburger!

Daily Post

What was your favorite class when you were in high school or college?

Bonus: Was it your favorite class at the time you took it? Why or Why not?

Leanne: Band was my favorite class in high school, followed very closely by Mrs. Radcliffe’s Physic’s class.  In college…it’s a tie between sign language and the psychology of human sexual behaviors.  Yes, I truly enjoyed these classes while I was taking them.

Emily: My favorite class in high school…hmmm.  It would have to be my English classes with Mr. Stratton.  I always looked forward to his class.   We would critique movies like Crooklyn, Romeo and Juliet (both of them)…  He always made it fun and interesting.  He was not everyone’s favorite because he was a little out of the box, but that’s why I liked him.  College….hmm again.  I really enjoyed my Music Therapy class.  If I could have another career and go back and get another Master’s it would be in Music Therapy.

Three for Thursday!

27 Jan

Why?  Because I couldn’t think of a better title.

3- Number of “water” glasses sitting on the end table…

2 – Sad, lonely Netflix DVD’s that need to be watched.  I have, “An Education” and “Grand Torino.”  I really want to watch both of them, but for one reason or another, just haven’t gotten around to it.  Plus I’ve been watching other movies and am on a Joseph Gordon Levitt kick.  Oh yes.

Well, hello Mr. Levitt

1- Amounts of times I wish my tutee would have asked me why we were practicing spelling words.  Not, the 5 or 6 times she asked me within an hour and a half

Daily Post 2011

If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?

Kind of a la Benjamin Button…I would not want to live forever.  It would be awesome and exciting at the beginning, but once you got older everyone you knew and loved would eventually pass away.  I think I would get really depressed living forever.   It would turn into not such a good thing.  Yes, Martha Stewart, it’s not a good thing.  I guess I could make new friends, but when you’re like 90, who’s going to be your friend.  You would be the only person left alive to know about DVD’s or iPods or something crazy like that.  No one would understand where you were coming from on different topics.  It just all sounds very stressful.  No thank you!

School News
Yesterday, yes I day short, I apologize.  But, yesterday, the kids were working on a math activity.  They had to go around and get people to sign their math sheet if they got it correct or help others solve math problems.  We (cooperating teacher and I)were generally observing them (ya, know trying to breed independence) and heard this…
S1 – I need help
S2 – I figured as much
Kids are honest, I’ll give them that.  This same back and forth came from the kid, who when asked, “What causes the tides?” Responded with, “Maryland.”  Yes, Maryland.  So, the next time your driving past; watch out for those rouge tides!
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