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Five Thing Friday

28 Feb

1) Obviously Halls knows what type of week I’ve had.  Thanks Halls for believing in me!

2) Reading notes that no one else was supposed to read has also brightened up my day…

20140228-165109.jpgIn case you can’t tell what it says… “That was exactly what I didn’t want to happen.  They pushed you into me and  the teacher found out 😦 😦 I just wanted to get to know you better.  I think I have a plan…  We pretend brake up but still be together :)!”

Oh young love…

3) Jimmy Fallon has been killin’ it on The Tonight Show.  This song with Jimmy, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler is all kinds of cute!

4) Tonight we are going see Anchorman with 763 new jokes!  The following clip is not safe for work or your grandmother to listen to! 😉


So I guess it’s just a four thing Friday and I’m okay with that.

Happy Friday!



All the Videos

10 Feb

Since it’s Monday, and since you probably need some distractions from it being Monday….

Relish in some of my favorite recent videos

New Girl.  I mean come on…

Olympic Readiness?

A little Jimmy…

Hopefully this will make your Monday just slightly better.  Oh and the fact that you know that I have this lovely contraption sitting in my living room.

wineYes, that should totally make you feel 100% better about Monday…I know it helped me!


All the more reason

24 Jun

To love Jimmy Fallon…and the Roots…and Brad Pitt.

Yodeling is the best form of communication…by far.

Yes I realized I used a lot of ellipses…but I’m okay with that.




Five Thing Friday

22 Mar

Just gotta point out that it’s T minus one week till Spring Break.  Thank. The. Lord.

1)  The kids were killing me today during word study!

“I have four hairs on my neck.  My dad has to shave ’em.  That means I’m a man!”

“If you ever go to jail, pack a toothbrush.” (Wait for it…) “Because then you can just sharpen it down to a point…”

Oh and this:

Oh 4th grade…

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2) When did Altoids get so weird?

Uh thanks for being creepy Altoids…

A post shared by @ erag82 on

However, I was told that dreams when you are pregnant are kinda crazy, so I guess it’s accurate?

3) Jimmy Fallon shouts it out!  And Lester Holt has glitter?

4) This pretty much describes my entire first grade experience this year:


5) On Thursday we had a “Make and Take” day to get some things together for language arts.  Not only did we get fed delicious cookies, but we got to listen to 80’s music for the entire 3 hours.  It was amahzing!  And yes Love Stinks is an actual song. 😉


I’m Lovin’ It

13 Mar

Oh yes, I am…

Shamrock Shake in ma belly!

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That just happened and it was worth every calorie.  I then proceeded to run for a half hour and walk to the grocery store.  I think it all balanced out.  Right?

What else am I lovin’ right now?  A little J. Timberlake. 

He was absolutely hilarious on SNL this past weekend.  He should really be a regular cast member.  That’s totally doable, right?  Anywho.  He is on Jimmy Fallon every night this week.  Last night, he brought sexy back.



What the what!?

20 Jul

This morning, I got up, stumbled downstairs, and turned on the TV.  Of course the Today Show was on.  I’ve loved the Today Show for as long as I can remember.  I even went there once on my birthday!

Well, it wasn’t quite my birthday, but close enough.  My favorite story about the Today Show is when we went to NYC for my high school graduation present.  It was myself, my mom, my aunt and my grandma.  During a commercial break Ann, Al, and Lester(I think) came around the crowd and shook hands.  When Al got to my grandma he asked her what her name was.  She replied, “Grandma Marie!”  Aw grandma…

The real reason for this post was for what I saw on the Today Show this morning.  Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone came out to promote their newest movie, Crazy, Stupid, Love.  They were chit chatting with Al, Ann, Matt, and Savannah.  Somehow they got on the topic of dancing? (I guess there’s a moment in the movie where Ryan lifts Emma)and they wanted Ryan to lift Ann a la Dirty Dancing “Nobody puts Baby in the corner…”  Ann didn’t want to play along, but Al did…

Yup, that’d be Ryan Gosling lifting Al Roker…if you want to see the video, check out Ryan Gosling lifting Al Roker.  I give a big thanks to You May Say I’m a Dreamer because I could not for the life of me get the clip!

If all the above craziness wasn’t enough for you.  Peep yo’ eyes on this…

Yep, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake together again.

What to see more of my love of JF?

Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young 



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