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Before and after

28 Aug



I know the before pictures don’t look that bad and in all honesty, we were very lucky.  It’s also hard to take a picture of hurricane force winds from inside(I found out). 

Technically in before and after shots I should show you the same thing, but my street wasn’t all that interesting after…and the beach was.  A lot of the traffic lights are out and no one around here knows what to do.  People just blow through them and don’t treat them as a four-way stop…like you should.  The beach lost a lot of sand and was very compressed.  Other than that there are a lot of leaves and tree branches down, but not a lot of structural damage. 

We were very fortunate and lucky that Irene lost some of her power when she made landfall in NC.  The winds weren’t as severe and that helped out a lot.  I also want to thank my friends and family for their prayers and well wishes.  You guys rock! 

But don’t say we weren’t prepared…

Add to that a case of water and battery operated radio (last one in Sears!)

I said in some emails to family that I beat the old lady to the radio.  I didn’t actually beat her.  It’s just when the Sears associate said that the radio was the only one that wold operate on batteries alone…I kinda just scooted it closer to me and it somehow ended up in my hands..not hers.  What can I say?  Survival instinct! 😉

Welp, off to get lunch, hopefully and see what the rest of the day has in store!

Oh and Bond…yeah…he was a BIG help.

All I need to stay safe in the hurricane...is this ribbon...

See I'm protecting you by sleeping extremely close to you!


Watch: NASA Cameras Catch Irene's Might from 230 Miles Above (via NewsFeed)

27 Aug

Pretty interesting view…

Astronauts say the hurricane looks "scary” even from space. Just imagine the punch she’ll pack on the ground. The high fliers at the International Space Station trained their cameras on the “terrifying” weather system as they orbited over it Wednesday afternoon. From 230 miles above Earth, Hurricane Irene can be seen swirling over the Caribbean, slamming the Bahamas with her Category 3 winds. The hurricane spans about 580 miles wide. (PHOTOS: Eas … Read More

via NewsFeed

Here’s a quickie

26 Aug

Quick update!

Hurricane Irene has been demoted to a Cat 1 hurricane, a strong 1, but she’s lessened.  We are supposed to be getting rain starting tonight and the real hurricane will be here sometime tomorrow…

Like I said before, we are all stocked up.  Water, food, we’re good to go!  I even got one of the last battery powered radios in Sears!  Score!


26 Aug

…goodnight, Irene goodnight, goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene…

Click on good ol' Tom for a song...

So yeah, this is going to happen…

See where it says Cat 2 Early Sun AM?  Yup that’s pretty much around the area that I live.

As of right now, they (they being the local news) have said it’s weakened to a Cat 2 from a Cat 3 yesterday.  Welp, and now we just got categorized as a State of Emergency in Virginia Beach.  We may evacuate and we do have a place to go.  This is just an odd occurence for me.  I haven’t had much experience with severe weather.  Sure we had the odd tornado siren in Ohio, lots of snow in Michigan, but nothing like this. 

All will be okay and Bond will be coming with us if/when we evacuate. 


 I’ll keep y’all updated the best I can.  If you are in the path of Irene, please be safe, get gas, have plenty of water, flashlights, batteries food…  Just be safe.
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