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6 Oct

Have a thirst for blood!

This was a sentence that I got from one of my fourth graders when I asked them to write  sentences using their word study words.  I also got a story (which I’ll have to take a picture of) about potty training and cleaning up around the toilet… it was pretty great.

Here are some other highs and lows from this week:

High: As I was on a run Wednesday and so wanting to quit, I saw a little boy driving his little truck up and down the road.  His parents told him to watch out, so he drove onto the lawn.  As I was passing him he said, “Hi!”  I waved back.  I then heard him tell his mom, “She waved to me!  She waved to me!”  Cutest thing ever!

High: Happy Hour with work peeps after work

Low: Finding a fried fly in my french fries.  How’s that for a tongue twister?  And no Alanis it isn’t ironic!

Black fly in Chardonnay? No?

High: Getting my entire meal comped! Win!

High: Sleeping in today after not being able to sleep the night before!


Highs and Lows

29 Jun

It is that time again ladies and gents!

Cab Calloway is the best!

Low: Chigger bites, they suck!  I’m pretty sure I got them on our adventure time on Pea Island.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about chiggers are little mites that bite you, leave a red welt or bite, and said bite sticks around for weeks.  They can be itchy and just down right annoying.  The bites also get aggravated when you are hot…so glad we are having an insane heat wave…


High: I found somewhat of a solution to the chigger bites.  Tea Tree oil.  I made a spray bottle of it, which I sprayed on my pants and laundry from OBX.  Also, I put a dab of it on all my bites which helps with the itching madness. 

High: Wes Anderson is has made a new movie!

I love me some Bill Murray and Edward Norton.  I’m not so sure how I feel about Bruce Willis…

High: I got my #Foodie Penpal package in the mail today!!

Low: Part of it got melted in the oppressive heat…  Don’t worry I have a plan.

High/Low: I’ve had to close all the blinds and curtains so that I heat stays out.  It’s kinda cozy, but also makes me feel like a vampire…


What are your highs and lows?



High Five

8 Jun

That’s right boys and girls it’s time for Friday’s highs and lows!

High:  This song pretty much made me laugh out loud at school today.  I of course watched it on my lunch break.

Did you ever grow things in the garden of your mind?

High: This video makes me laugh every time I watch it!

Just to further cement my status as a crazy cat lady…


He is a vicious attack cat!

Low: I was going to put my favorite pair of sunglasses today and one of the arms? completely cracked off!  Seriously!?

High: This gorgeous view was sitting in the bay pretty much all week


High: I made chocolate chip cookies with a new recipe.

Low: They weren’t very good.  Is that going to stop me from eating them?  Psh, don’t be silly.


I think I’m going to cap off the day by watching Midnight in Paris.  I really want to see it, but generally have a problem with Woody Allen.  I always feel like the actors are trying to do a bad Woody Allen impression through the whole movie… This time will be different!

Highs….and lows…

2 Jun

Hola!  And happy Saturday morning to you!

I started out my morning by continuing on in Runner’s World Summer Running Streak.  A pretty good way to start the day (never thought I’d hear those words coming out of my mouth). 

As always the kids told us their highs and lows yesterday.  Of course they included a lot of the same: no homework, it’s the weekend…

Here are my highs and lows

High:  We went to the Norfolk Admirals game last night

High:  They won!

Don’t let Phil fool you.  He was super excited to be there! 😉

Low: No Stevie Y sightings….  I will find you Stevie, it will be done…

High: We went to BW3’s before they game.  Anyone else call Buffalo Wild Wings BW3’s??  Anyway…  I got Spicy Garlic Wings and dipped them in the Southwestern Ranch sauce.  Holy crap!  Best combination ever!

Low:  Pretty sure above mentioned combo is like a  billion calories…


High:  There are only two weeks of school left!

Low:  I have a lot of meetings happening in those two weeks. 

High: I’d like to end with a cute story from first grade.  Two first graders were playing a number grid game.  You roll the dice and whatever number you get, that’s how many spaces you move on the board. 

 One boy was on the number 36, he rolled a four and just moved his marker to 40.  The other little boy did not like this.  He immediately got upset and tattled on him to me.  I told him it was fine.  He then went back to the other boy and said, “That’s not fair!  You can’t do math!  You have to count the squares!”  Mind you this entire game is about whether or not you can add, which is math, so….

Have a great weekend!

Friday Freestyle

18 May

As we do every Friday at school, the kids get to say their highs and lows from the week or the upcoming weekend.  So why don’t I get to do it? 

Well now I’m gonna!

High – It was finally a sunny day today!  I was so tired of it being rainy and gloomy!

High – Spent some time at the Best Friend’s house.  It seems like forever since we got to hang out!

High – The Best Friend got her orders…and she gets to go on a sub.  Plus she gets to move to Washington.

Low – 😦  My best friend is moving clear across the country!  It’s a whole ‘nother time zone!

High – Now, I have a reason to travel out to the West Coast!

For reals though, I’m excited for Leanne and Phil to start a new chapter in their life together (cheesy enough?).  However, it’s also sad.  So far away!!!


I feel ya bro’…

I’m not going to be too sad right now because I still get a couple of months with her here!  Lookin’ on the bright side!


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