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Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

22 Jan

That was Elton John’s, “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting.”  What?  You didn’t get that!?  It’s finally Saturday and I am very happy.  Even though we had a four-day week, I swear it seemed like it was six!  It was just a weird work week altogether.  I was hardly in the classroom it felt like…blah.

In first grade a little girl, let’s call her Misty, farted while sitting on the carpet.  No one really said anything, but the two little boys next to her were making faces like they were going to gag and die.  Misty, of course, called herself out by saying, “I said excuse me!”  The teacher let it go and then one on the little boys said, “Misty farted!”  In a way that only a first grader can.  Misty countered with, “I said excuse me!”  The teacher had to explain that everybody farts and just to let it go.  And everyone pretty much did, except Misty.  She had to ask a teacher, “Do you ever fart…?” Good times.

Another good story out of first grade…this one comes from the teacher assistant in the classroom.  A little boy went into the bathroom, before going in the T.A. told him to take off his gloves, he apparently didn’t hear her.  He went into the bathroom, flushed the toliet, all with gloves on.  Then, came out, took off his gloves and washed his hands.  Seems appropriate, right?

Daily post

Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts? Or is ignorance bliss? Or are they both true some of the time?

I think, and this is just me, that both are true some of the time.  Yes, it’s better to know the truth, even when it hurts.  If it is something that is going to significantly going to impact your life and no one is telling you about it…  You need to know.  But, ignorance is also bliss.  Like going the Five Guys Burgers and Fries and eating a little cheeseburger with french fries and not knowing how many calories are in each.  That is bliss!

There was also a follow-up double twist to take a picture of something you know to be the truth.  Well, something I know to be the truth is that Leanne and I are always in the last corral (Whoa!) when in a race.


Outer Banks

Wicked 10K, in da back!



White Tail Trail half marathon: Caesar's Creek

Rock N Roll Half Marathon: Virginia Beach


Yeah, we’re always in the back, but it works for us!  More people for us to pass and beat!

What do you think?  Is it better to know the truth or is ignorance bliss?


You run?

8 Jan

This is so true!  People just do not understand why anyone would want to walk or run for that long an amount!

Surf ‘n’ Santa

5 Dec

Dudes, I totally caught some wicked waves yesterday!  That was my best surfer impression, did it work?  So, no I really didn’t go surfing, but I did see somebody in the ocean surfing.

Yesterday, Leanne and I walked the Surf ‘n’ Santa 10 miler.  It was…cold!  When we woke up it was 35 degrees!  That’s pretty darn chilly to walk for 10 miles.

Need more proof

What you see, starting from the left: gray Under Armor shirt, white long-sleeved Shamrock 8K shirt, white Long John’s to wear underneath pants, bright green fleece zip up, black Brooks pants, green ($1.50) gloves from Target, red Santa t-shirt (again from Target) and race number.  I also wore a hat, jingly necklace and kept a scarf in the hood of my green fleece zip up.

Overall, I was very layered, but adequately warm, really!

We got to the convention center early so we could get a parking spot and did!  Score!

Inside the convention center

We got there at about 7 and decided to wait inside the convention center because it was warm and we thought we could use the bathrooms.  We were quickly proven wrong about the bathrooms.  They had guards and we were confined to a roped off portion of the convention center.  The roped off portion, of course, did not include bathrooms. Out we went to use the porto potties!  Yay for freezing temperatures and porto potties!

The last corral, you know!

By the by, this was Leanne's pose for pretty much every cameraman we passed.

There were only six corrals for this race, it was a small race since this was the inaugural Surf”n’Santa.  It was pretty cool to see all the red and green.  People were dressed up like elves, Santa Claus and we even saw someone dressed up as “Jingle All the Way.”  Cute!

So many Santa's!

We started the race and somehow made it up to corral 4, oops!

Hello corral 4?

The race course pretty much followed the course for the Wicked 10K, except that it doubles back on itself!  This was not cool!  At around mile 6? or so you get dumped into all the other racers at mile 9 that are trying to finish.  We did not like this!  People get all mushed together and you get in people’s way and it was just a cluster of people.  Not fun.  If they do this race again next year they really need to fix this.  Although, it did lend itself to looking for people who knew were racing that may be ahead of you. (Hi Maria!)

The course mainly went down the boardwalk, which was cool, literally.  The breeze, ahem, wind off the ocean was a little brutal at times, but we did like to look at the unlit Christmas lights on the boardwalk.

We doubled back again and headed to the convention center, right into a stiff breeze!  Yay! The race ended in the convention center

After walking head on into the very cold wind I was so happy to end inside a nice warm building.  We got race favors at the end including: a stainless steel water bottle, banana, pretzels, and Powerbar recovery bar.  Yum!

We sat down for a few, eating, zoning out and people watching.  Brunch was definitely needed and we headed to Citrus for delicious Mimosa’s, pancakes and has browns!

Once we were full we ran a couple errands and got a wreath.  While there we saw this guy!

I don’t know why Stoney’s has goats, but I sure like ’em!

When we got home, we put up Christmas decorations as you saw in the previous post.

Bond decided he needed to help!

Cute, right?!

It was a very festive day overall and it ended with…

Snow!  Don’t mind the glare, I was inside!

Merry beginning of the Christmas season!

How did you spend the weekend?

39.3 Part 1

16 Nov

What does that number mean?  That number means that we’ve finished our third marathon!  Woohoo!  Three down, only forty-seven more to go…

So what did we do last weekend?  Well, I’ll tell you!


Friday we left after I got off of work, which was pretty early since it was Veteran’s Day weekend.  Driving to the Outer Banks only takes about an hour and half, which is, let’s face it, pretty dang awesome!  We got into OBX around 6 or so.  It was kind of different because by the time we got there it was already dark.  Another anomaly was that OBX had been experiencing flooding and super high tides.  As I was driving down the road I had to dodge huge puddles that covered both lanes of the highway and sand drifts.    We got a little worried that this would affect the marathon on Sunday, but we were assured (by the local weatherman) that all would be well by 7 AM on Sunday.  But I digress…  We checked in and I instantly went to the balcony to look outside at the beach.  Surprise!  The ocean was right under our window.


Hello angry ocean!

It was kind of creepy to see the ocean that close.  Usually it’s waaaay back there, but not this weekend.

After standing in awe of the ocean it was grubbin’ time.  We decided on The Black Pelican and were not disappointed.  Leanne will write more about our restaurants, hotel and the like in her later post, but I just want to state that I really liked The Black Pelican.  One of the highlights were the oysters!  The were amazingly delicious.  I am not a big oyster person, at all, but they are in season and when at the beach…

How's that for deliciousness?! Pretty darn tasty!

Friday night ended with a grocery shopping trip to get the necessities for Sunday; bagels, peanut butter, and banana’s.  Also, some unecessities were consumed; mainly in the form of red wine.

On to …Saturday!

Up bright and early, no really!  Our clock had was not in “falling back” mode, so we were up an hour earlier than we really intended.  No mater, we got to the best places on the Banks to get donuts.  Where you ask? DUCK DONUTS!!  Oh sweet, hot, buttery goodness!  The lady there was a little overwhelmed with the onslaught of people that were there before 8.  See the thing is that they make the donuts fresh to order, really they do, which when only one person is working can lead to backups.  However, we got our donuts and were soon back at the hotel, sitting on our balcony drinking very hot coffee and eating delectable donuts.

Yes Homer, exactly

The rest of the day Saturday was filled with picking up packet information and trying to figure out where to watch football games.  We tried to go to a Christmas holiday craft show, but it didn’t quite work out.  First, I got us lost.  Then, I found the place and it was in a very tiny Community Center at the back of the Fire Station.  I pulled into the parking lot thinking maybe it’d get more exciting once I got all the way to the back…mmmm, not so much.  If we would have went in, there would have been a grand total of 10 people at the craft show.  No thanks, I really don’t like to be the only one looking at what people are selling.  Inevitably, I’ll feel guilty and buy something that I don’t really want or need just so that the little old lady will stop boring holes into my forehead.

This is part of my synopsis of our weekend.  I going to stop and break the weekend in half.  After the craft show the evening got…interesting, you’ll see.

Thank y’all for reading, really.  It makes me happy to check the stats and see that people are reading.  Keep reading and leave a comment or two.  I promise I’ll reply!

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