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I’ll have to write that down…

10 Apr

Happy weekend to you!  I know the weekend is almost over, but still.

My weekend was spent training for the Pig, watching movies, and procrastinating on doing my taxes.

Friday Leanne, Phil and I went to go see Limitless.

It’s about Bradley Cooper’s character taking a pill that basically helps him get everything he ever wanted.  It increases your intelligence, helps you think ten steps ahead of everyone, and basically just makes you a more attractive person all around.  The downside…it’s super expensive, the guy who is Bradley Cooper’s supplier gets murdered, and if you stop taking it…you die.  I don’t want to give everything away, although I kind of did(oops), it was a good movie.

Saturday was kind of rainy gloomy day, but I still walked!  I did 4.1 miles walking laps around my neighborhood.  I’m sure the landscape guys that were out thought I was nuts since I passed them four times.  While I was walking a car pulled up beside me and rolled down the window (I hate this).  The conversation kind of went like this…

Woman in car: Excuse me, but how do we get out of here?

Me: You’ll have to turn around and go back the other way.

W.I.C. – really?

Me: yes

W.I.C. – Really, there’s no other way?

Me: Yes

W.I.C – I can’t get out that way?

Me – (really?!) No

W.I.C – okay (and drives away)

Seriously why?

Sunday!  I ran/walked 7.73 miles today!  That’s right I ran and walked.  Woohoo!  I went back to First Landing Park and did the Cape Henry Trail.  There are still lots of these…

but what are ya gonna do?  Same thing I did last time…walk right through ’em.

It was a gorgeous day today and things were going well until around mile 2, I think and my iPod died.  I kept pushing the button to change the song, nothing happened.  I switched the emergency switch on the bottom of the iPod, nothing happened.  I pushed menu to turn off the iPod, you guessed it, nothing happened!  Argh!  I didn’t really care if I had music or not, but I wanted to keep track of my mileage and of my pace.  I conceded to the fact that I was just not going to have it, stuffed it in my pullover and kept going.  I had a really good walk, remember I even ran!  I was all ready to take a picture of my iPod to show that it was broken and stuck to show you all, but nooooo….

So yeah, it decided somewhere while I was walking, to start working again.  Curses!  Notice anything wrong…?  Yeah I did 7.73 miles with a 0/0 min/mile.  Hmm.  Also (you can’t see it) it says that today was the 20th of January.  Nope, not really.  Something is wrong with either my iPod or my Nike shuffle, but either way, it’s really annoying.

Now, I’m home.  I just made some cookie dough that I will bake later.  It is from How Sweet Eats, one of my favorite blogs for recipes.  I am going to make her Double Fudge Oreo Crunch Cookies.  I mean, right?!  If the cookies are half as good as the batter, I think I’ll be making them again.

Little Kid News

During church yesterday, there was a little girl in the pew in front of us.  She was sitting with her grandma and grandpa and was too cute.  She “whispered” to her grandma, “Are we going to go see the Easter Bunny at the mall?”  Her grandma said something back to her that must have been yes.  To which the little girl exclaimed, “We are going to see the Easter Bunny!  I’ll have to write that down.”  To which she did.  She wrote a big zig zag line across her tablet of paper.  Too Frikin’ Cute!



“I want to go to there!”

31 Jan

Welcome to February!  Well, almost.

I spent the weekend going out to eat at Burton’s Grill, which was delicious!

Walking.  Trying to get back on track with training since I’m doing the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincy in May.  My mom and I have been walking the Flying Pig Half Marathon for the past 7 years!  Can you believe it?  It’s an awesome race and I am so excited to walk it again with my mom.

Mom, Auntie Anne, and Allie!

We’ll look something like this, but not walking in the snow, and not in Detroit, and it’ll only be the two of us.  But, ya know, other than that…

Today was only a half day at school.  It always seems that half days are crazier than normal days.  Why is that?

Who are the three funniest people in the world? Who are the three funniest people you know personally?

The three funniest people in the world are:

Tina Fey – no matter what, Tina Fey always makes me laugh!  She just has smart humor and knows how to get to the audience and make them laugh.

Steve Martin – I mean come on!?  The Jerk, Planes, Trains and Automobiles…  “If I could have two wishes this holiday season it would be that 30 million dollars would be given directly, to me.”

Steve Carrell- He is hilarious in the office.  It’s so awkwardly, painfully funny.

The three funniest people I know personally are:

My Auntie Anne:

Need I say more?

I can always remember her making me laugh!  And she still does.

My brother

My good buddy Arla

Arla is a work friend.  She always can tell a story or little anecdote to make you laugh and lighten the day.  I am glad that she’s around 🙂

This was hard to whittle it down to three.  I love my family and all of them make me laugh on any occasion.  I come from very comedic stock, I must say.

Speaking of family… My heritage is mainly Eastern European.  My father’s side is Hungarian and my mother’s is Polish.  So, how do you make a girl from Eastern European descent happy?  I’ll show you!

That would be Polish Kielbasa, mashed potatoes, and sauerkraut.  This was soooo good.  So good in fact, we had it again for dinner tonight.  The sauerkraut was especially yummy.

What we did:

2lbs of sauerkraut (drained)

1 1/2 cups of gin (we didn’t have that much gin so we used 1/4 cup of gin and the rest of Magner’s Ale)

1 teaspoon of carraway seeds

1/2 stick of butter

Put everything in a pot on medium heat except the butter.  Heat to a simmer and let cook about 30 mins or until the liquid has reduced by half.  Add in butter and enjoy!  Super easy and delicious!

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