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It’s over too soon

15 Apr

I can’t believe it!  Spring Break is almost over.  How did that happen?  I have thoroughly enjoyed my Spring Break.  It was just what I needed.  I was able to get some much-needed training, sleep in, and catch up on my Netflix queue.  On Friday I went to Norfolk to go to the bookstore and the mall and needed some grub whilst out.  I went to Chipotle, cuz I had gift cards… It was a gorgeous day and I say out side to eat and guess what!?  There was free entertainment!


His sign said he was a struggling student from ODU. (If you’re in college I don’t know when you are not struggling!)  He was pretty good, but he left before I could give me a tip!

Bond seems to like my owl mug as well…and maybe coffee!



I went out for another 4 mile walk.  I also did four miles on Friday.  I went into the sheshe neighborhood by the inlet.  Seriously while I was walking through it, three landscaping trucks rolled through. 

Speaking of my Netflix queue, I watched An American Crime.  It’s the story of Sylvia Likens who in 1965 was tortured and abused in Indiana.  It’s truly crazy to think that this type of stuff happens.  While I was watching I thought of my mom.  That’s not weird, right?  No, she is nothing like the Sylvia Likens story in fact she is probably the polar opposite, but I knew she’d appreciate it. 


This has been a seriously random post, but whatevs. 

Next week is a three day week and then it’s on the Leanne and Phil’s wedding!!  Super stoked!



When in Rome…

28 Mar

That always makes me think of the line in Anchorman:

Veronica: Oh, well when in Rome.

Ron: Please.  Go on.

Veronica: Do as the Romans do.  It’s an old expression.

Ron: Oh!  Well, I’ve never heard it.  It’s nice though.



Trying to get back on track for the Pig!  I did three miles today, woohoo.  It was an awesome day and I’m iPod started with, “Suck My Kiss” so it’s gotta be a good training run, right?

In other news, I love New Girl!  It’s super awesome.  Plus it has Zooey Deschanel in it.  I’ve always wanted to name my daughter Zoe…  Anyway, this was one of my favorite parts:

I also loved when Winston sang Wicked at the top of his lungs while driving, but alas no clip.  And by the by…don’t look up New Girl Fancyman Wicked on YouTube.  Seriously don’t. 

Bond has decided to have his midnight can’t find his way out of bed night terrors again.  Although they should really be called four AM night terrors, since that’s when they seem to happen. 


Swear to God, if he wasn’t so cute… 

Happy Hump Day people!

Parlez vous…computer?

7 Mar

Whoo 7 miles done!  I tried a new route today and I don’t know if I’ll do it again.  For one it was super noisy.  It’s right on one of the main roads and there was loud, noisy traffic non stop.  Also, it wasn’t the most scenic of routes, but  eh it worked.  That’s 10.4 miles so far for the week!  It’s crazy, but it seems no one wants to be my half marathon fee sponsor.  I just don’t understand why…

Today we had a writing test at school.  The kids get a prompt and have to write a response to it.  Of course they should include correct grammar, punctuation, yada,yada yada…

Anyway, the student I had gets computer software that helps him with spelling.  Since he was the only one in the room he didn’t have to wear headphones, so we could hear what he was doing.  Everything sounded fine, although I won’t be able to get the word responsibility out of my head.  Then all of a sudden the computer would just say, “asterisk, asterisk…” some computery code words, not what this student had written.  The fun part was it would just decide to through this gibberish in at any ol’ place.  We had to stop testing and tell the AP.  She then had to call the testing department who directed her to the technology department who said they would send somebody out….  After about an hour and the technology guy coming over we learned that all the gibberish was a software glitch that we couldn’t fix.  The district knows about the glitch, but we still use the program…


Oh well…  This did make me think of my brother.  No he doesn’t have anything to do with technology; but when he was younger, like toddler age, and talking in sounds and random words, I would stick up for him.  I mean what type of big sister would I be if I didn’t 😉  I would tell people, “Don’t worry, he’s just talking French.”  See totally helpful.  So really the computer today wasn’t talking in nonsense words, it was merely French, no worries.

Don’t worry, he’s just talking and mugging in French.

Happy in!

1 Mar

Well hello! Fancy meetin’ you here.  We’ve got some catching up to do! 

On Tuesday, I helped throw a Flsurprise wedding shower for Leanne! 



 We had it Lubo Wine Bar and Cafe in Virginia Beach.  They put us on the second floor and we pretty much had it to ourselves for the most part.  On Tuesday’s the offer a $5 wine flight and of course I got one…

I helped with the flowers and got them as close to as what Leanne will have on her wedding day.  I think I did a pretty good job!

And Leanne enjoyed her party…

Yesterday we went to a Norfolk Admirals game.  What’s this?  Going out on a school night?  Blasphemy!!  Oh yeah, I was crazy.  I stayed out until 10 on a Wednesday! They actually won, even though they were trying really hard to loose up until the 2nd period.

I got my shoes that I’m wearing in Leanne’s wedding:

They are pretty fabulous.  I just need to practice walking in them.  I haven’t worn a heel that high in awhile. 

Flying Pig Training:

I ran 2 miles today and walked 1.  I felt okay, although my muscles were really tight.  Could be because I hadn’t run in a bit…but…who’s keeping track.  Oh, right, I am…

School News

At school today we had a fire safety assembly.  There were clowns and they sang fire safety songs to Ke$ha songs…not cool fire department, not cool.


My baking addiction

27 Feb

This weekend was pretty chill. 

I caught up on Parking Wars:

Some of those people are nutty.  Seriously though, if I had to stand in those lines at the parking authority all day…I’d probably be a little crazy too.

Trained for the Flying Pig:

I walked a super windy 2 miles on the beach on Saturday.  I thought the winds would have died down from Friday but I was sorely mistaken.

On Sunday I ran 1.5 and walked a mile and a half on the Cape Henry Trail.  I went a different way and found trails that I didn’t know about.  It was great!

I have to train in the mornings the next couple of days…here’s hoping I do it!


As the title says I went a little crazy baking this weekend:

Exhibit A:

Cornmeal pancakes

I loosely used this recipe.  However, my batter was super runny and they weren’t fluffy at all.  What did I do wrong??  Ah well, they still tasted delicious!

Red, white and blue pancakes

Next I made cranberry orange muffins:

I came up with parts of the recipe all by myself, but I did use my Post Punk Kitchen as a blue print.  Awesome website by the by…

2 c. self rising flour

1/2 c. Chobani

2/3 c. sugar

2 T Olive Oil

2 t. vanilla

2 c. whole cranberry (roughly chopped)

1 Cara Cara orange, zested, peeled, and segments roughly chopped. 

3/4 blanched almonds

Mix flour and sugar together.  Add yogurt, orange, cranberry, vanilla, and oil.  Mix until just combined.  Add in almonds.  Grease muffin tins and fill about 3/4 the way up (although I always fill more).  Heat in a 375 oven for 20 -25 minutes.  Not only are they an awesome pink grapefruit color, they are tangy and sweet.  Delicious!

Yes they are on green snowflake napkins.  Don’t judge! 

All this baking in one day!  I’m glad I did it because now I have yummy food to yet throughout the week!

Happy Monday y’all!

Dogs and cats living together!

7 Feb

Anybody, anybody?

Okay I’ll tell you…

The reason…I have really been craving celery lately.   Weird right?  Not just like oh I should eat celery because it’s good for me blah, blah, blah.  No, I was on my walk and thought, “I really would like to eat a piece of celery right now.”  Who thinks that!?  Hence, dogs and cats living together.

Also something of biblical proportions, I got my diploma in the mail today!!

Yes, I know it’s backwards, but rest assured it does not really look like that.

So on my walk today (to get in shape for The Pig), I did some hill training.  Like I walked up and down a bridge, since there aren’t really any big hills in Virginia Beach.

Yup, that one.  I have to be prepared for all the crazy hills and bridges that Cincinnati has.  Every year they seem a little steeper than in years past…  I did a total of four miles today including hills.  So far, I’m averaging 15 miles per week.  Not too shabby..

School News

During guided reading we were talking about researching something a student had a question about.  He said he would use the computer because, “The computer knows everything!”  He really thought/thinks that the computer is the one doing the thinking.  I had to tell him that researchers,companies, other people put the information on the Internet.  I just about blew his mind!

Just doin’ my job 😉

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