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Five Thing Friday

23 Aug

Ah! It actually happened! It’s my last Friday of vacation!!!! On Monday school starts again (for teachers) and the following week all the little lovelies come back the following week.

1) Dolly Parton Jolene slowed waaaaay down. It’s actually pretty awesome.

2) Some librarians got together and did a remake of Beastie Boys Sabotage. Again, it’s flippin fantastic!

3) I did a longer walk/run yesterday. About 5.5 miles. I say walk/run but most of the running was due to the stupid biting flies that wanted to suck my blood like a freaking vampire!


4) I also decided to add V ups back into my workout routine.  Why?  I don’t know.  I really hate V ups, but they do workout your abs.

5) My mom has an old map my grandparents used when they would come and visit us in Ohio.  My grandma took the liberty of writing notes all over the map of good places to stop, where not to stop, and which Bob Evans was the best.  All very important information to know.



Five Thing Friday

12 Jul





It’s the last day of vacation…
So just enjoy some pictures while I drown in my melodrama…

Five Thing Friday…errr Tuesday

9 Jul

Hello to another Friday. Having the 4th on Thursday has totally screwed up my days of the week. I feel like today should be Saturday or something.

1) The Lumineers have a new version of “Ho Hey”…

2) I love Dexter…that is all…

The lack of posts comes from the fact that I’m on vacation!
Yay vacation!




Everybody enjoy your week. It’s a hot and humid one down here!

Five Thing Friday

28 Jun

Hola Friday!  It has been crazy humid this week.  My curly hair does not approve.  It’s all good though, I’ve just been throwing my hair up into a bun every day.

1) My cat is weird and has to sleep inside of my purse strap.  Lay on top of it, no, no, no.  Inside.


2) Thom Yorke has a video where it is just him dancing.  I like the song, but Thom creeps me out a little.  I kinda feel like he’s trying to seduce me around the 2 min. mark.

Radiohead always has pretty awesome videos.  This is another one of my favorites.

3) I love finding murals or artwork in unexpected places!

1060006_728090938309_1051085508_nThis one is on the side of a bait shop.  I think that seems about right.

4) Some of the search terms used to find my blog:

“prancercised” – yes I had a link for the video

“snakes in steeplechase” – that sounds terrifying

“great job” – thanks!

“I love Italians tumblr” – I think you are in the wrong place, but good for you!

5) Last, but not least… Mad Men reimagined as The OC.  I may have actually watched that…

Five Thing Friday

7 Jun

One. More. Week.

Today was exhausting.  I think it was all the sugar I ate at a class party…and then at our faculty cook in.  Yes cook in.  Tropical Storm Andrea ruined our plans!

1) I got my breakfast ready (cereal and a banana) and sat down ready to eat, only to find out I grabbed a fork instead of a spoon.  Forks don’t work all that well.

2) I love Michigan.  This really shouldn’t come as a surprise by now.

011There is also a special little place in my heart for Detroit.  Jack White decided to help out the Masonic Temple in Detroit by paying all of  their back taxes.  That’s just freaking awesome!

3) Brian Williams rapping Warren G’s Regulate

4) I had to tell a student not to use “OMG” in her writing.  She was not happy with this news.

5) I owe  $.65 on my last natural gas bill.  Yes that’s a point 65.  Really? Are you going to hunt me down and barrage me with emails for .65?

Sorry for the lamesauce Five Thing Friday…it was the best I could do. :/


Five Thing Friday

24 May

Hey look at me, actually posting a Five Thing Friday…on Friday.

1) Every Bill Hader impression!

I love Bill Hader and am super sad that he’s leaving SNL.  Who will play Keith Morrison with all the right creepiness!?



2) We had a meet and greet at out apartment last night.  It was a good time that included free wine and Italian food.  All was going well until someone broke an entire bottle of red wine on the brand new tile floor…whoops.  THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!!



3) We are still taking state tests.  Ok, not really we, just one specific grade level.  On one day this week a child took about 2 hrs and 40 minutes to solve 27 math problems.  Two hours!  It’s ridiculous that she was that stressed out about the test, that it took her that long.  I mean really.

4) This isn’t really a thing for this Friday, it happened about a week ago, howevah…  I’m going to have a sister in law!  Woohoo!  Welcome to the craziness Sarah!



5)  Three day weekend!  That is all.  Especially when you have to deal with a child all week who continues to tell you they are going to Pennsylvania on Friday and she needs to pack up now…on Monday…


Five for Friday

12 Apr

What’s up party people?

It’s been crazy hot this week.  I’m talking temps in the 80’s and fun stuff like that.  I actually turned on the AC this week.  Nutso!

1) Happy Hour with colleagues.  That is all. 

2) Fruit Bowels…I don’t think I want to know what that is…

3) Reasons why my son is crying.  No, not my son.  I don’t have  son.  Some random dude’s son…  But I think not being able to drink whiskey is a pretty good reason to cry.

4) Someone came out to observe my licker/spitter/thrower. Of course she was the picture of normalcy.  “Devil Inside”  indeed…  No she’s not really the devil.  However, she does she ghost alligators in her room at night.

5) Robert Downey Jr. in lederhosen.  Interesting.





Five Thing Friday

22 Mar

Just gotta point out that it’s T minus one week till Spring Break.  Thank. The. Lord.

1)  The kids were killing me today during word study!

“I have four hairs on my neck.  My dad has to shave ’em.  That means I’m a man!”

“If you ever go to jail, pack a toothbrush.” (Wait for it…) “Because then you can just sharpen it down to a point…”

Oh and this:

Oh 4th grade…

A post shared by @ erag82 on

2) When did Altoids get so weird?

Uh thanks for being creepy Altoids…

A post shared by @ erag82 on

However, I was told that dreams when you are pregnant are kinda crazy, so I guess it’s accurate?

3) Jimmy Fallon shouts it out!  And Lester Holt has glitter?

4) This pretty much describes my entire first grade experience this year:


5) On Thursday we had a “Make and Take” day to get some things together for language arts.  Not only did we get fed delicious cookies, but we got to listen to 80’s music for the entire 3 hours.  It was amahzing!  And yes Love Stinks is an actual song. 😉


Five Thing Friday

8 Mar

Happy Friday!

1) My day started out with a pretty good omen…

Free cookie! Maybe it will be a good day.

A post shared by @ erag82 on

Don’t look at the fact that the cookie is broken in half.  Just realize that I got this cookie for free!  For free people!

2) I got not one, not two, but three emails from different stores saying they missed me.  They then gave me coupon codes to use on their sites.  Stop trying to make me spend money I don’t have!



3) Obligatory cat shot


He was very excited about seeing birds.

4) I watched The Master last week…holy crap Joaquin Phoenix does amazing crazy. 



What’s he drinking out of that beaker?  Basically paint thinner mixed with some other chemicals and a dash of alcohol.  Nutso

5)  This weekend starts the longer distance training for the Flying Pig.  It’s a necessary evil, emphasis on the evil.  I know I have to do it, but it really sucks getting started.

Five Thing Friday

1 Mar

Friday seemed to take its sweet ol’ time to get here this week, but I am oh so glad it did!

1) The Delta Saints – Jezebel

2) Funny this guide on how to recognize insane people  does not include my lovely Dora from Wednesday’s post.

3) I love this photo

He wears that skirt well

A post shared by @ erag82 on

The story is that the guy in the picture’s wife was pregnant.  He said that while she couldn’t fit into her skirt her bet that he could.  She didn’t believe him et voila!

4) I’m going to do this workout right as soon as I finish this post.  I’ll let ya know how it all turns out.

5) Search me!

Someone searched the words, “Dude in sunglasses” to find my blog.  Along with, “Can’t see without glasses” this is true…and “New girl Winston Mojo Man” I don’t know what that means… but I’m glad you found my blog!

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