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What a Difference a Day Makes…

24 Feb

In this case it really should be, “What a difference can make….”  And no it’s not as catchy or uplifting as the song, but, “the difference is you…”

Although I’d like to put in my request now to have Jamie Cullum follow me around and sing. 

Friday Fivedown

1. I did have a pretty good day, the largest part of it was just peachy.  It was after the work day when I had to call a parent about something that it turned.  See this particular parent wants something that their child can’t have.  Just can’t do it.  I called said parent to give them this not so great news and got instant shut down mode…  Awesome.  It will surely be a super fun meeting when we have it.

2.  My day was made slightly better by the arrival of this:



Sweet!  That’s not just one bottle of wine, ooooh no!  I have a grand total of five and one of them is a sparkling white!  I about five bottles excited about it 😉

Of course Bond was super helpful throughout all of it


3.  Downton Abbey is over!  I know you are sad too.  I was pretty happy with the way things ended.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!

I’m glad that Mary and Matthew are finally together and that she got rid of that creep she was supposed to marry. 


However, I think it’s total crap that Bates got the blame because his ex-wife killed herself.  C’mon well all know she did it to herself!

4. I’m doing okay so far with the no meat for Lent deal.  I had a bushel full of sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes, and celery (amongst other things) for lunch and it was pretty filling.  Three days in and doing fine!  Oh!  I also had a Dr. Praegers Veggie Burger they other day…not too bad.  It was hard to eat my veggie burger while Leanne and Phil had steaks, but hey, I still got to smell the meat (TWSS?)

5.  Leanne and I went to go see This Means War on Monday.  It was a cute movie that unbeknownst to me Will Smith was involved in.  Who knew?  Of course Reese goes with the charming, blue-eyed guy with the depressing, sad back story, but hey it was entertaining even if I think she should have gone with Tom Hardy’s character.


Aaaannndd, that’s it.  I’m going to drink some wine (only a bottle or two;) and chill inside.  This is what is headed this way tonight…


It may not look like much, but the winds are at 29 MPH so it’s a little freaky.

Happy weekend!


Decoding the popularity of ‘Downton Abbey’

19 Feb

See even Brian Williams and NBC can’t get enough of Downton Abbey!

Decoding the popularity of ‘Downton Abbey’.

Five Thing Friday

27 Jan

Yeah, I changed to five this week…I was struggling for 15 last week.

1. We had a staff day today.  Which means that the teachers still had to go to school, but the students didn’t.  We are supposedly getting our report cards and grades done.  Supposedly…I was at school until 3:20 and I feel like I did nothing!

2. I got new shoes today!  Let me clarify, the former tenant got new shoes today!  They are from Foot Locker, I’m sure they are nice, but sadly, not for me.

3. Downton Abbey is getting good!  If you don’t watch it than a)you have a life and aren’t an old lady that watches PBS (like me) or b) just aren’t cool enough to understand the complexities of British aristocrats in World War I.

No not those aristocrats…


If you don’t understand what the above photo means…I am NOT going to tell you.  You’ll just have to Google it and find out.



There is a slight difference

4.  Since it was a staff day today, there were no students.  Except when I showed up this morning, there was a student.  The same student who is late pretty much everyday.  But, now for some reason, her parent decided to drop her off to school early…on her day off.

5.  The girls in our classroom have seemed to have made an, “I hate _______” club.  It’s really not cool.  Why are girls so mean?  The really bad thing is that one of the co-founders is supposedly the namesake’s best friend.  She joined because when she was trying to get ____’s attention in gym, _____ actually did what she was supposed to and participated in gym and ignored her friend.  Crazy right? Yah, pretty Mean Girls for them, don’t ya think??



Hope y’all had a wonderful evening.  I rounded mine out by watching The Debt.  Good movie and of course Helen Mirren is wonderful in it!  But, I also really enjoyed Jessica Chastain and Sam Worthington, good job on both accounts! 

Have a great weekend!


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