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Staring contest…go!

8 Oct

Have you guys seen the new Ron Burgundy/Dodge Durango commercials?

This one is my favorite…

I literally watch it on repeat.   The last line gets me every time!

On my drive home today I saw a cat that looked exactly like my cat, Bond.  I parked in the 7/11 parking lot and called his name, followed him to get close enough to realize that a)he was not Bond and b) I looked like a crazy cat lady because that cat absolutely wanted nothing to do with me yet I kept following him.

Such is life, poor Bond is still stuck with me…he hasn’t escaped…yet…




Search Me!

28 Apr

Moving is not fun. I mean like for anyone. I guess I’ll take solace in the fact that 2 people used the search term, “What not to do at Hogwarts” to find my blog.

Also, Bond seems to he adjusting well…



11 Apr

I haven’t done a kids only post in some time, so why not now?

I love my first graders (and fourth graders), but they say some of the craziest things. 

MG – Andy why do you have dirt on your head?

A- She did it (pointing to another little girl)

MG – Mary why did you put dirt on Andy’s head?

M – Because he was smiling at me!

MG – Andy is just happy, he was smiling because he was happy!

M – Oh…


During small math groups

M- I don’t like boys!

A- Well I can’t have a girlfriend!

M- I don’t want a boyfriend!

Yes, during small math groups…not talking about math.


Whilst doing a quick write…

MG – Okay Andy what do you want to write about…and no basketball!

A- Jumping!

MG – No jumping

A- Basketball!

MG – No basketball

A- Leaves!

MG – Okay, what’s your topic sentence?

A – I like jumping in the leaves! (Yes each sentence ended with an exclamation)

Oh, I have the cutest cat…evah!

Cutest cat ever award!#picstitch

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Five Thing Friday

6 Apr

Awww, the last Friday of Spring Break.  It’s a sad day. 

1) The Great Gatsby.  I want to see this so bad!  I’ll tell ya the book really annoyed me, but I’m really interested to see how Lurhman constructs it. 

2) This year will be the 10th year that my mom and I are doing the Flying Pig. 

Flying Pig Half medals. Somehow I'm missing 2004… #flyingpigmarathon

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I know there are only 8 medals there, but I didn’t get a medal the first year we did it. 

3) Mad Men is starting again.  Here’s a little visual to catch you up.



Oh Don… I love you in all your chauvinistic, chimney smoking, alcohol swilling greatness.

4) I got my nails did the other day.  I love this color called, I Have a Herring Problem.  Get it?  Get it?  It’s a shellac, which I love because then I don’t have to worry about my nails for two weeks.

Love this color…I have a herring problem #seewhatididthere

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5) My cat is weird.

What does he see up there?#picstitch #heseesdeadpeople

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He sat there for a good five minutes just staring at the ceiling…just swiveling his head back and forth…weirdo.

That’s shaken, not stirred…

3 Mar

Why yes, I am talking about a certain double agent.  Except he’s only about a foot tall, covered in black and white fur, and whines incessantly.  Oh, but he does have a bow tie!

Sorry Daniel Craig…

It’s Bond!

He is quite the ladies man


He offers constant protection

Don't mind me, just checking for serial killers...

Offers interesting conversation

Okay, maybe not, but he thinks he does.

Puts his own twist on home decoration

What!? I think I look quite distinguished and regal here!

Is a fine wine connoisseur

Definitely go with the Chardonnay

And knows the importance of a good box…even if you don’t quite fit in it

Yep, that’s Bond.  He gets up way to early, doesn’t like the food I make for him, and always wants more attention than I can give him.  But, I love him anyway!

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