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19 Dec

It was a good year.

Such a good year, in fact, that it was the year of Jesus.  Betcha didn’t know that one!  That lovely factiod is brought to you by the first grade. 

My little buddy was passing out his Christmas presents to the teachers.  He gave a bag to one teacher, looked inside the bag, and proclaimed, “Here Miss C., it’s girl stuff.”  Indeed it was little buddy, indeed.  What was in the bag? Well Bath and Body Works of course.  Definitely girl stuff.


Christmas Blog Challenge


Sooo…I’ve kind of fallen off the blogosphere.  What can I say?  Christmastime is busy times.

Day 19: Favorite Stocking Stuffer.

I’m going with chocolate or iTunes gift cards on this one.  I mean it’s pretty much a win win.  Chocolate?  Delicious.  iTunes? Deliciousness for my ears. 


To end this random post, I give you The Oatmeal, How Much do Cats actually Kill?

I know if I let Bond out, he’d go on a spree; starting with the dog next door…



Five Thing Friday

14 Dec

Okay maybe not five and maybe not on a Friday…

1. Christmas blog Challenge: hardest person to buy for.

This one is a toss up between my brother and my best friend. My brother because he is very particular…or just really knows what he likes.

My best friend because I wan to make sure it’s just an awesome gift and is meaningful (not that I don’t do this with all my gifts) but she’s my bestie so I want it to be special!

2. This would be the number of times I was at the doctor’s this week. It’s also the number of strep tests I got to take.
Don’t be too jealous. Two doctor visits to find out I don’t have strep, but a viral sore throat and possibly mono… Fun times around these parts.


3. I absolutely had to write this social story this week


4. Just in case you haven’t seen it yet and because I love Dexter:

No I don’t know why there are girlie pics…Ice Truck Killer perhaps?

Hope everyone is getting their shopping done! One more week!

Now I have proof

13 Dec

A student told the general ed teacher in the classroom that he now had proof that Santa was in fact real and that he believed in him.  Do you want proof too?  Check out this link!

Okay, I have some catching up to do with the Christmas blog challenge!

Day 12:Gift wrap or gift bag?  I am definitely a gift wrap girl.  I love to pick out the different paper, bows, and ribbon.  Even though I know my beautiful artwork will be destroyed within seconds, I still have fun doing it. 




Day 13: Favorite Christmas book

This is a toughie.  Plus I think since I’m a school teacher, I’m allowed to have a couple.

First: Polar Express



Second: How the Grinch Stole Christmas



Third: Cathedral Mouse


I’m not exactly sure this book is a Christmas book.  IT takes place in the winter and always made me think of Christmas.  I love the little mouse in the book and how he hides in the church.

School News:

Today a first grader very eloquently and loud enough for the entire class to hear that another first grader called him a d@#$head.  Nice right? I’d like to first know what type of language the one student is hearing at home.  Then want to know why the other felt the need to repeat it.  Good times indeed.





Nothing says Christmas

6 Dec

Like this:


And for only $1.99 it can be yours.  Seriously, it was $1.99.  I almost bought it just to hear what a Yuletide Disco would sound like. 

Day 6 in the Christmas Blog Challenge: favorite Christmas tree ornament.

It’s hard to pick my favorite.  I love the Christmas tree as a whole!  I think I have two favorites…both off the wall and sound like they shouldn’t  be Christmas tree ornaments. 

1) Pickle



We’ve always had a pickle on the Christmas tree, as did my Grandma and pretty much everyone on my mom’s side.  The story I’ve always been told is that it is supposed to bring good luck.  I’m not going to fit that logic and yes I do, in fact, have a pickle on my tree.

2) My second favorite ornament is a spider web.  Just because it doesn’t belong there, but it’s so pretty.  The web is sparkly and iridescent with a sparkly iridescent spider.  It just looks cool and so non Christmas like.

Do you have a favorite ornament?

Tonight I am going to be making these brownies and putting up some Christmas decorations.  Oh and watching Dexter…totally normal Christmas behavior.

I promise…

4 Dec

It’s not what it looks like…




Unless of course you guessed that while trying to open a wine bottle the cork went inside the bottle making the wine explode outward. 

Yup and that last photo…is of my ceiling…awesome.

On the 4th day of Christmas: Favorite Christmas song

My favorite Christmas song would have to be, “O Holy Night.”

A close second would have to be the 12 Days of Christmas by Bob and Doug McKenzie

Hilarious, I tell ya!

I’m still not in the listening to Christmas music all the time mode, but I’m sure it’ll hit me eventually. 

What is your favorite Christmas song? 

Jump over to Peanut Butter and Jenny if you want to participate in the blog challenge!

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