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A parrot walks into a bar

29 Jul

Yup.  Because nothing says America like a wooden parrot being held on the American flag with a binder clip.

Bond has a new obsession…his carpet square.  Bond’s new thing is to whine to go out into the hallway, walk about 2 feet, then lay down and roll around on the carpet.  So we asked the maintenance guy if he had any extra carpet squares.  Well…

This cool old Chevy has been sitting in our parking garage for the last week.  I think it’s awesome!

20130729-095801.jpgAlso, I’ve discovered Web Therapy.  No, not for myself, although I’m sure some could argue that I need it.  Web Therapy is a show on Showtime with Lisa Kudrow.  She plays a narcissistic therapist who treats people via Skype.  It’s hilarious!

Also, you know I love SNL, this video clip makes me very happy.



Bond is not impressed

24 Sep

Just in case you were under the pre conceived notion that Bond cares about the weekend…

He doesn’t. Like, at all.

Wordless Wednesday

9 Feb

Hey, look at that!  I’m actually going to do a Wordless Wednesday on a Wednesday.  What a novel concept.

I thought I would devote this Wordless Wednesday to someone you may or may not know yet.  This person loves to dress up., likes his martini’s, and is very suave.  This someone is my cat Bond.  Yes, James Bond

We got Bond from the SPCA back in October of 2007?  I think that’s right.  We were looking for a black kitten who was like the cats both Leanne and I had left back in Ohio.  We looked around in the different kennels and saw lots of adult cats, not really what we wanted.  Finally someone from the SPCA asked us what we were looking for and we told him.  He took us over to a glassed in room with lots of kitties and said, “How ’bout that black one?”  We responded with, “Which one?”  He was pointing to a black and white cat underneath about 4 other cats.  Oh, of course, that one!  Enter Bond!

He’s grown up a little since then, but is still just as cute!

We tried a bow, he just wasn't having it.

He can be a little crazy, but we love him all the same!  I highly recommend adopting your pet from your local SPCA or ASPCA (My Bob Barker plug).  There are a lot of good kitties, dogs, and other animals that need homes.

School News

All you teachers out there in the Virginia Beach area have better be doing your best snow dance!  We are supposed to get some snow and I want at least a delay of some sort.  Come on teachers!  Dance with me!

I asked one of my students if he wanted the day off tomorrow.  He responded, “Yeah, because then I wouldn’t have to come to school.”  This doesn’t sound all that exciting, but he said this statement with a high leg kick.  That.  Was exciting.

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