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Weekend snapshots

14 Oct

Or the time I titled my post Weekend Snapshits and my phone autocorrected to the correct word.  Thanks autocorrect!

It is definitely Fall out on my balcony.  However, the weather is very confused as to what season we are in.  Apparently VA is in humid, windy, rain all the time, feel like you’re living in a cloud season…

This little postcard was in my Birchbox last month.  Ya know, in case you need a pick me up…

I walked to end Alzheimer’s on Sunday.  It’s great to see so many people out to raise awareness for this disease.  If you’d like more information about a walk in your area check out the Alzheimer’s Association’s website.

See!  This is what I’m talkin’ about!  Living in a cloud.  Oh and that dog was none too happy that I was taking his photo.



How to apply mascara

1 Aug

You may think you know how to apply mascara, but according to blinc mascara…this is not the case.

I got a tube of blinc mascara in July’s birchbox.  I was interested in trying it out.  Blinc is a tube mascara.  So instead of just “painting” on mascara, blinc creates tubes around your lashes.  I’ve seen the commercials for the other tube mascara’s.  How they separate and define your lashes, all things I like.

First off, read the directions…

For just a tube of mascara there are 7 directions they suggest you follow!  Some I didn’t follow because they pertained to things I don’t do, like curl my eyelashes.  One direction is to use the mascara on clean dry lashes with no moisturizers.  Now, I don’t know about you, but when getting myself ready for the day I put on moisturizer first.  Putting on moisturizer after I put on mascara seems counterintuitive…  Anyway, I just made sure I wiped off my lashes. 

Step one is to hold the wand horizontal to the lashes, that I can do.

After applying the first coat you are supposed to apply a second or third coat…


I don’t know if I see that big a difference between one coat and two, but I do like that the lashes are defined.

Okay, now that the mascara is applied, blinc suggests you do not touch your eyelashes for one minute, lest they smudge…

I do think that I like blinc and I’m glad I got it in a sample.  Time will tell if I want to buy a new tube. 

In order to take off blinc, do not use eye makeup remover!  Blinc directs you to use plenty of warm water and to not pull on your eyelashes.  You pretty much are saturating your eyelashes in order for the tubes to slide off.  When I removed the mascara the first time it took a little bit in order for them to come off effortlessly.  I had to keep splashing my eyes in order to get enough warm water for them to come off.

Overall, I like blinc…so far.  Like I said I’ll keep wearing it and testing it out to see how I really feel. 

Lastly, since it is Julia Child’s 100th birthday…a little music…

Back to the grind…

23 Jul

Who else has a case of the Mondays? 


I think it’s because A) I didn’t have my iced coffee this morning because I didn’t make it last night.  I also did not want to go and buy an iced coffee or make hot coffee.  I know…I have sooo many problems!

B) Bond decided to play,”Your bed is really my bed so I want to bite you so you get off my bed” last night…

Tough life, I know.  I’m sure there is a ton of you out there saying, “But Emily you are a school teacher, you have no right to complain!”  I’m sure this is true, however, I’m going to do it anyway.

I got my July Birchbox in the mail not to long ago.  Let’s take a look shall we?


This month Birchbox paired up with Glamour to cover all the senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell).  Soooo…

Sight: blinc mascara.  This mascara creates tubes around your actual eyelash making them look glossy and full.  I’ve seen Almay and L’Oreal make this as well.  I’ve been interested in trying it, but didn’t want to buy it just in case I hated it.  Well now I can finally decide for myself!

Also… Manna Kadar sheer glo shimmer lotion: I’m interested to try this.  I’ve been using Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer and love it.  We’ll see how this stands up

Hearing: Earbuds.  Totally neon.  I already have earbuds and am not really a fan of the earbuds that sit inside your ear.  I always feel like I can hear my heartbeat…I don’t really enjoy that.

Taste: Tea Forte minteas: I’ve put these in my purse and love them!  They are tea infused mints that are supposed to give you a pick me up.  I like them because they are a little spicy.  A good change from Altoids that just assault your sinuses.

Touch: Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss:  This lip gloss is super pink almost neon. When put on it gives your lips a nice shine and just a little pink coloring.  Definitely no neon lips from 90’s raves…don’t worry.

Smell: Oscar de la Renta live in love: The description describes it is hyacinth, orchid, with sandalwood and cedar.  I don’t really like sandalwood…it smells like hippie to me…sorry.  I haven’t tried it so again the verdict is still out. 

If you haven’t checked out Birchbox yet, I highly recommend it.  It’s only $10 a month and you get to customize what you want to receive every month.  Everything I’ve gotten so far, I would and actually have used. 

I’m going to veg on the couch and watch Rachel Ray make me a meal in 30 mins…that probably would really take an hour…


My favorite day of the month!

12 Jun

That’s right, it’s Birchbox time!

This month there was a world traveler theme.  In my box I got: two self tanning wipes, a jumbo eye color stick, a tube of 50 SPF moisturizer with zinc and vitamin C *I have been using this as my moisturizer lately and love it!, a dual lip/cheek stain, an airport friendly stylish plastic baggie, and a new sample from the Birchbox men’s line.  I’m pretty excited about the jumbo eye stick and lip stain.  I don’t know about the self tanner.  I usually stay away from it because I don’t want to end up looking like this…

Yeah, sorry celebrity I don’t know.  I really don’t want to look like I’ve had to many carrots…

I’ll probably give my dad or brother the Birchbox men’s sample.  I mean I do like smelling like dude all the time, but…

My other favorite days of the month include: pay-day, Foodie Penpal box arrival day, Friday, start to the beginning of a four-day weekend day, free donut day (which I missed!). 

Yesterday was field day, I guess another favorite day!  The first graders were running around and one little boy tripped and fell.  No biggie…  He came up to me with a blood filled mouth.  Awesome.

I asked him what happened

S-I was running, and I fell, and my tooth came out!

MG – Okay, well let’s go to the nurse (thinking he just slammed a tooth out of his mouth)

MG – Did the tooth just fall out or was it loose.

S – No it was a loose tooth, but I can’t find it on the ground.  It’s okay I’ll go find it.  (the area he lost it is just a big patch of dirt)

We didn’t go back to find it, sorry tooth fairy, and he went back to Field day.  Good times.

In other exciting news, the Norfolk Admirals are back in town.  I’ve heard that they are planning on celebrating tomorrow with a parade and party afterwards.  Sounds like my Wednesday evening is planned!

Oh! Who wants to shave an admiral??  No, no takers!?

Enjoy your favorite day of the month…probably not Tuesday though, right?

April Birchbox

25 Apr

Earlier this month I got my Birchbox. 


I seriously love this concept, as you can see from March’s post!  This month’s theme was Natural Wonders.

Whatcha see:


1) dropps laundry detergent.  They look like the capsules you use in the dishwasher, but are for washing clothes!  I used one of the two on a load and they got my clothes clean and it smells great! * I used these in the laundry and they worked great!  There really wasn’t a fragrance, which I kinda missed…

2) Amika hair mask.  I am looking forward to trying this out.  It’s like an ultra conditioner, super exciting! *I used my entire hair mask and honestly didn’t really notice that much of a difference in my hair.  I use conditioner every time I wash my hair anyway.  After using the mask my hair felt the same as it does when using my regular L’Oreal conditioner.

3) Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer:  I’m looking forward to using this during my next trip.  It’s the perfect travel size! *Not a fan.  It made my nose and forehead break out.

4) Zoya nail polish in Lotus: I just put this on last night!  I love the color, it’s a purple with a little bit of sparkle and iridescence. 

5) Taylor Swift’s perfume Wonderstruck:  This is a very light and clean scent.  Now only if it came with the success and money.  Don’t so much want all the bad boyfriends that she’s had. 

In unrelated news…

I got a survey from Delta the other day.  It was asking me about my delayed flight.  See what happened was…when I was in Columbus, they started to load us on the plane only to have the first section of people promptly turned around and sent back.  We were then told that one of the pilots had gotten sick.  I saw a crew member get off the plane, totally fine.  Suspicious.  Then they said they needed to find a new crew member and it would be about an hour until they got there.  About 30 minutes later we were on the plane. 

The new crew member was someone already on the plane, he didn’t come from anywhere new…  Again suspicious. 

Oh well, we got to the next stop and I made it home.  I guess that’s all that matters.


15 Mar

A while ago I signed up for a Birchbox on their website.  What is Birchbox, you ask?  Well, it’s a website that offers beauty supplies and tips.  It also has the great extra of sending out a Birchbox with five beauty samples.  It’s only $10 a month, so I think it’s a pretty good deal!

Today I got my Birchbox!


I was stalking it on the UPS website waiting to see when it would get to me.  Seriously.

So what did I get?

Some really great things!


Starting from the left: Stripper to go – nail polish remover.  I can easily stick this in my purse and use, well, on the go.  It’d be really useful when flying. *This stuff worked amazingly.  I wish I had more. It slips on your fingers like little gloves and easily removes the nail polish.

One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm – I’m interested in trying this since it is waterless.  It’s a two in one cleanser/moisturizer…we shall see…

Peter Thomas Roth Anti Aging Cleansing Gel – It’s supposed to smooth the look of fine lines and detoxify.  All things I need! *This may be my new favorite cleansing gel.  It smelled great (something that is very important) and cleaned my face without making it feel dry and tight. 

Stilla Smoky Eye Card – I have always wanted to know how to do a smoky eye!  Now, I’ll finally have the answers.  The card gives you step by step directions too. *I’ve used this card several times now.  The step by step directions are very helpful to a makeup novice like myself.  By following the directions, I got a great sultry smoky eye.

Miss Jessie’s Original Quick Curls – I’m really looking forward to this.  Since I do have curly hair, I’m always looking for the best hair product for it. *This also smells great and did give me defined curls.  I didn’t like it as much as the current product I use (Alterna Hemp Curl).  Miss Jessie’s gave my curls a more crunchy overall feel, which I’m not that big a fan of…

Kusmi Tea Detox Tea – I love green tea and this tea is a combo of green tea, lemongrass, and mate.  Should be delicious!

School News

One of my students has poor muscle control.  This means that he is not very steady on his feet.  Today he almost fell over not once, but twice…within a half hour span.  The last one he would have definitely cracked his head open.  I mean not to be over dramatic…but he would have.  Luckily he caught himself the first go around and I was sitting right behind him on the would be head cracking incident.  Thank goodness my reaction time was on today!

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