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All the Videos

10 Feb

Since it’s Monday, and since you probably need some distractions from it being Monday….

Relish in some of my favorite recent videos

New Girl.  I mean come on…

Olympic Readiness?

A little Jimmy…

Hopefully this will make your Monday just slightly better.  Oh and the fact that you know that I have this lovely contraption sitting in my living room.

wineYes, that should totally make you feel 100% better about Monday…I know it helped me!



Five Thing Friday

13 Sep

1) A moment of zen

2) And another… I would also like to argue to make this the 5 oz pour line.

3) My baby is all growed up



4.  Kid President’s pep talk for the beginning of the school year

I love Kid President

5) It’s Friday.  Holy geez am I happy about that!  I also learned what I corndog is…yep.  And soon you will know.  Aren’t you so excited!?  Thanks elementary students/urban dictionary!

“When you shove your knee up between a person’s butt cheeks, resulting in shrieks of pain, revenge, or surprise.

Also, a hot dog-type sandwich coated in cornbread batter and deep fried in hot oil, although some are baked. They are also served on a wooden stick. “

Monday, Monday

9 Sep

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was fantabulous!

We went to a wine festival.  I guess I got a little out of control with the swirling of my sangria.  It was very delicious even if I did have to suck it out of my shirt.

I got a nice Sunday morning walk in.

20130909-181835.jpgI also signed up to do the Heart of Ghent 1oK again this year.  It was pretty fun last year.  I mean how bad is free beer and pizza at the end of the race?  It also takes you through Ghent and some places in Norfolk that you wouldn’t normally see.   The proceeds also go to some pretty deserving charities like Ronald McDonald House, Access AIDS Care, and For Kids.  You should check it out.

Michigan beat Notre Dame, which was also pretty fantabulous in its own way.

Motivation Monday!

20130909-181902.jpgI wouldn’t normally take advice from Hannibal Lecter…but this quote has its own value.


1 Aug

Yesterday we went out to dinner at Terrapin.  They have an awesome deal on Wednesday’s.  You get fried chicken, mac n cheese, a veggie, aaaaannd a glass of Pinot Noir for $20!  It’s amazing and so much food!!

Bond has not concept of personal space.  All space is his space, as it was pointed out to me…


I am loving Panic at the Disco’s new song Miss Jackson.  Seriously, I’ve been listening to it on repeat.

But I do wonder what the deal is with artists using “Miss Jackson” in their songs.

Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for, wait for it, 30 mins without stopping or walking.  Who’s impressive?  Right, right?  Hey it’s all about the little victories.

Another little victory?  I made these chicken tenders and they were delicious.  Really they were and they even came out crunchy, which is an issue when making baked breaded things.  By the by How Sweet It Is is one of my favorite food recipe blogs.

Happy Thursday!

I promise…

4 Dec

It’s not what it looks like…




Unless of course you guessed that while trying to open a wine bottle the cork went inside the bottle making the wine explode outward. 

Yup and that last photo…is of my ceiling…awesome.

On the 4th day of Christmas: Favorite Christmas song

My favorite Christmas song would have to be, “O Holy Night.”

A close second would have to be the 12 Days of Christmas by Bob and Doug McKenzie

Hilarious, I tell ya!

I’m still not in the listening to Christmas music all the time mode, but I’m sure it’ll hit me eventually. 

What is your favorite Christmas song? 

Jump over to Peanut Butter and Jenny if you want to participate in the blog challenge!

Have I mentioned I love wine?

21 Oct

If not, I’m telling you now!

I love wine!

Yesterday I headed out to the Town Point Virginia Wine Festival.  It was a bootyful day.  I also had two friends to enjoy the day with!

Courtney, Stephanie and I got to the festival a little bit before it opened.  It was really nice to be there “first” before all the long lines and people showed up. 

Look at all those crazy people!  I guess I would have to be crazy too, since I was part of the masses.  It’s definitely interesting to people watch at events like this.  There are so many different types of people.  You have the people who bought tables and brought their own platters of food.  The people who get all dressed up, those who don’t, and of course…the overserved.  It’s really easy to become inebriated because you think that you’re only getting a little taste.  Well, those tastes add up my friend! 

There was a girl behind us at one point who wanted to join our group because she was by herself…except for her boyfriend who was right next to her.  She also wanted to take a picture of the Indian sommelier at the booth.  She assured us that this was a running gag between she and her friend.  I’m not so sure. 

We left because all the wines were starting to taste the same and we were hot.

I still think it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

Oh!  We took The Tide to get to the Wine Festival.  I love riding The Tide.  It’s so convenient and cheap.  I really wish Virginia Beach would get its act together and extend the light rail track. 

What did you do this weekend?

I love wine

24 Aug

Wine, wine, wine…

Michigan has a great selection/area for wineries.  Today we set to the wine trails and visited three nearby.

We started off at Sleeping Bear Winery in Albion MI. 

Sleeping Bear is a cute little winery/brewery/restaurant.  Before we had our wine tasting we sat down and had some food.  They have a menu of sandwiches, apps and pizzas.  I had the Pesto Chicken Panini, but with spinach instead of chicken, delicious!  After lunch we had a wine tasting of seven wines.  The Sleeping Bear wines all have cute pictures on the front (a deal breaker for me;)  The verdict, Sleeping Bear Wines is a keeper.

Next, we went across the street to Cherry Creek Winery.  Cherry Creek and Sleeping Bear are owned by the same people.  A great selling point of Sleeping Bear tasting is that you get to go across the street and have a free wine tasting at Cherry Creek.  This is a good bit of advice if you want two for one wine tastings.

I’ve been to both Cherry Creek Winery locations (both the schoolhouse and Albion).  The schoolhouse location is a little funkier (in a good way) than the Albion location.  I was a big fan of Cherry Creek’s cherry wine.  We can’t really get cherry wine in Virginia. 

After Cherry Creek we decided on one more winery.

 We got back in the car and headed north to Chateau Aeronautique.   We went to the Chateau last year when I had my Groupon for a private wine tasting.  Lorenzo wasn’t there this year, but it was just as good.  They had four brand new wines that weren’t there last year.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Chateau is situated on a small air strip that the owner, Lorenzo, holds small festivities throughout the year. 

I loved all three wineries.  At no point did I feel out of place or that the vinters were talking down to me; which can unfortunately happen from time to time. 

I also need to give a big shout out to Michigan by the bottle.  They have a great website and app if are interested in traveling Michigan’s many wine trails.

I’d have to say, all in all, today was a good day…

Hey, say hi to your mother for me…

14 May


Happy Monday!  Oh and Happy SOL testing, if that’s your thang…


This weekend my parents were in town.  It was a great weekend.  And even though I just saw them only a week before, I was happy they came down.

We went to the Virginia Wine Festival in Norfolk on Saturday.  We took the Tide down and it was super easy.  We didn’t have to worry about parking, twas beautiful. 

While at the festival we went to four different wineries:

Chatam Wines

Williamsburg Winery

James River Cellars

Villa Appalaccia

I love going to wine festivals because you can try so many different types of wine aaaannnd you get a free glass.  I’m all about the free!

Plus there was a guy playing the bagpipes.  Why?  I don’t know, I don’t ask those types of questions.

On Mother’s Day we took a walk on the beach and then went to Citrus for breakfast.  We were some of the first people there.  Now I know when to get there so I don’t have to wait!  Although 7:00 is a tad early on the weekend…

Tomorrow is day two of SOL testing and the last, for me at least.  It’s math, so that is always interesting…

How was your weekend?  What did you do?

Friday Remix!

2 Mar

What’s up!?  It’s finally Friday!

Here’s the countdown:

1) Every Friday should include a little wine.  I am so happy that I got a new bottle from the Virginia Wine of the Month Club!

A lovely Chardonnay this month.  I’m excited to try it out!

2) Yesterday we had a Fire Safety Assembly.  It was oh so wrong for two reasons a) there were clowns, three of them!  b) They sang Fire Safety songs to Ke$ha.

Of course they didn’t sing the real lyrics, but ones that were about bullying.  But, I do wonder how many of the kids in the crowd knew the actual words to the song and were a little confused. 

3) Turns out that I went to college and got my Masters degree to teach to a test.   That is awesome!  Please, please note the sarcasm.

4) I got vinyl decals to stick on my big white wall.  I’m super excited to play around with them and fill up that huge space.


5) Bond’s new favorite thing the past couple of weeks has been to swat at me when I’m trying to fall asleep.

That's right! Go in the corner!


Coincidentally my new favorite thing this week has been to spray him with water.  Oh and just so you know, I did not stick him in the pantry or force him to do that.  He did it all by himself…he is his own cat.

I had planned on running again today, but the weather had other plans.  As soon as I got outside it started to sprinkle, that’s no biggie.  Just as I was getting onto the main road big cold drops of rain started coming down.  That I’m not cool with.  I decided I didn’t want to be wet and cold, so I turned around and came back.  Training fail. 

I will leave you with a video from The Big Bang Theory.  It’s Sheldon.  I’m entirely convinced that Sheldon is Autistic.  My favorite part about this clip is the mockingbird being out of tune with the wind chimes…

Is it sad that I know how he feels?

What a Difference a Day Makes…

24 Feb

In this case it really should be, “What a difference can make….”  And no it’s not as catchy or uplifting as the song, but, “the difference is you…”

Although I’d like to put in my request now to have Jamie Cullum follow me around and sing. 

Friday Fivedown

1. I did have a pretty good day, the largest part of it was just peachy.  It was after the work day when I had to call a parent about something that it turned.  See this particular parent wants something that their child can’t have.  Just can’t do it.  I called said parent to give them this not so great news and got instant shut down mode…  Awesome.  It will surely be a super fun meeting when we have it.

2.  My day was made slightly better by the arrival of this:



Sweet!  That’s not just one bottle of wine, ooooh no!  I have a grand total of five and one of them is a sparkling white!  I about five bottles excited about it 😉

Of course Bond was super helpful throughout all of it


3.  Downton Abbey is over!  I know you are sad too.  I was pretty happy with the way things ended.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!

I’m glad that Mary and Matthew are finally together and that she got rid of that creep she was supposed to marry. 


However, I think it’s total crap that Bates got the blame because his ex-wife killed herself.  C’mon well all know she did it to herself!

4. I’m doing okay so far with the no meat for Lent deal.  I had a bushel full of sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes, and celery (amongst other things) for lunch and it was pretty filling.  Three days in and doing fine!  Oh!  I also had a Dr. Praegers Veggie Burger they other day…not too bad.  It was hard to eat my veggie burger while Leanne and Phil had steaks, but hey, I still got to smell the meat (TWSS?)

5.  Leanne and I went to go see This Means War on Monday.  It was a cute movie that unbeknownst to me Will Smith was involved in.  Who knew?  Of course Reese goes with the charming, blue-eyed guy with the depressing, sad back story, but hey it was entertaining even if I think she should have gone with Tom Hardy’s character.


Aaaannndd, that’s it.  I’m going to drink some wine (only a bottle or two;) and chill inside.  This is what is headed this way tonight…


It may not look like much, but the winds are at 29 MPH so it’s a little freaky.

Happy weekend!

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