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Life lately

25 Feb

So this whole blog thing and work thing and wedding planning thing…yeah it’s tricky to keep it all afloat.

So what’s been going on?

A little of this

birthday balloonA lot of wedding dress trying on.  Not posting any photos, however.  Y’all just have to wait!  I will let you know, it does not look like this…


A little too much work for the Matron of Honor and bridesmaids.

We have a wedding DJ!  I’m super excited to have them!  Check out Atlantic Digital Entertainment if you need a DJ.  I’m excited already and haven’t even really decided on anything.  One of the things that sold me was how organized they are.  Seriously.  Love it!

We have also booked our photographer, Ross Costanza.  Again, super excited and can’t wait until it all comes together and we take pictures.

All of the other little things are coming together.  But, man are there a lot of little things!

images (3)

Seriously, that’d be so much easier…


Five Thing Friday

17 Jan

A three day weekend!?  Whaaattt!?

1)This is what third graders do when they are really supposed to be doing work/assessments

2) Did you hear I’m getting married?  Well I am and now one of my students is excited about it too.

20140117-143609.jpgI like that I have such a long elegant neck.

3) We went and saw American Hustle this past weekend.  All I can say is that Jennifer Lawrence does a pretty good crazy…

images (2)She was super nutso and even broke the Science Box by putting metal into it.

Also, I know Jeremy Renner’s character was the most up and up with the standards, but all I wanted to do was pat down his hair, give him a hug, and play it cool on the whole mobster connection…

Oh and Christian Bale was a mess…in the best way.

4) Today I was told that I was, “The meanest teacher.”  “You are so mean to me, you are the meanest teacher.”  Watch out dad I may take your title…

5) Wedding planning is stressful, but at least we have a date now!  Wooohoo!!  The people at the bridal show I went to were really stressing me out by telling me how behind I was…not cool!

By the by, if anyone wants to buy me the above shirt, I’d totally be okay with that.




Seven Things Saturday

29 Apr

Hollah!!  What’s up! 

Sorry you didn’t get a Five Things Friday or a Seven things Saturday yesterday.  WordPress is acting all shady like and not wanting me to write on my blog. 

Seriously rude WordPress,seriously.

This countdown,up? is going to center around Leanne and Phil’s wedding.  Just cuz ya know, I haven’t shown you anything from the actual wedding.  If you want to see the other post on the wedding just look over here!

5…k)  This is the way that Leanne and Phil’s wedding day was started.


It was fun and a great way to start the day!  Mom and I walked it.  Guess what?  We beat two runners!  Haha!

4) After the 5K we rushed around at and went over to Station 67.  Station 67  is a really unique and venue if you are getting married in Columbus.  It totally does not fit it’s location, like at all.  The staff there were so accommodating and helpful.  They also put up with most anything we threw at them.

The most important thing…eating!  We gave ourselves enough time to get to the venue, but not to get to the venue and get something to eat.  My parents brought us Max and Erma’s.  We are both eternally grateful!  The other most important thing, practicing walking down the stairs in heels!


Spoiler alert, I didn’t fall down the stairs!

3) Leanne got her hair and makeup done for the wedding.  The hairstylist and her assistant did an amazing job!

So pretty!

2) The lovely couple…


I mean, c’mon! 

1) It was a perfect wedding and weekend.  Leanne and Phil looked gorgeous.  Everything was taken care of and thought of by Leanne and her brother Brad.  Seriously Brad, you did an awesome job!  I was so happy to be apart of it and to be the Maid of Honor no less.  I did have to give a speech, but I think it went okay.


I did use a cheat sheet, but I didn’t want to forget something or just ramble on and on…but I didn’t, it’s all good.

Great night, beautiful couple, people cried, people laughed, people didn’t sit down during the ceremony…oh well.

Happy wedding Leanne and Phil!  I am so happy for you both!

Green Goddess

26 Apr

Today after school I was very excited to go to Shorebreak and pick up my CSA and farm goodies!

This week I purchased the weekly Seasonal Selection from Mattawoman Creek.   The cost is $18 plus tax, but look at my haul!

In my bag I got:

two heads of lettuce

two heads of kolhrabi



head of tatsoi

I’m pretty confident that I know what to do with everything, but the kohlrabi.  I looked it up and it’s supposedly a cabbage like tasting veggie.  How do I use this thing!?

Off to the side of the picture I got some other things from Full Quiver Farms.  Full Quiver is a small, family run farm out in Suffolk VA.  They endorse natural meat and eggs.  No animals in cages or in small spaces.  All the animals are out and grazing around the farm.  From Full Quiver I got a dozen eggs, Polish keilbasa, and hot sausage.  I’m super excited!

In Other News

I think I mentioned that I loved my bouquet from Leanne’s wedding, right?  Well, I do!  I loved it so much that it came on the plane with me on the flights back from Columbus. 


I got some weird looks, but mainly everyone loved it.  Even the TSA lady was super nice about allowing me to bring it through security.  I had a lady on the shuttle bus in LGA tell me about all the bridesmaids dresses she has worn and then gave to her daughters as Prom dresses.  Then on my last flight the woman sitting in front of me showed me her lily tattoo and we talked about all the different types of lilies. 

And now…here the sit.  I hope they never die!!

Seriously, even when the plane landed and we were hydroplaning to the right…almost heading into the water…I was holding onto the flowers for dear life!  Ya know, not important stuff like myself, or cell phone…

School News

The kids needed to get up and moving today so they went out to play some dodge ball.  Don’t worry we used the softest balls, it was totally safe.  As one of the girls was throwing her ball to the boys (because of course it was boys vs. girls) she yelled, “You guys are ball less!”  Whoa, whoa, whoa!  She meant that the boys did not have any of the dodge ball’s to throw, that’s not what it sounded like.  Thankfully all of our boys are innocent and didn’t hear what the teachers heard.  However, the teachers were dying.  But how else would you say it?

Suggestions on kohlrabi?  How would you tell the opposing team that they were out of balls?

I know I promised part 2 of the wedding and I didn’t forget.  It’s coming, I swear!!

When the cat’s away…

23 Apr

Those mice will play!  My title doesn’t have anything to do with what this post is about, but I am feeling uncreative.

If I haven’t said so already, this weekend was all types of awesome!  I’m going to give you a quick rundown.  I know I will leave something out and it’s inevitable.


Leanne and Phil got married for the first time!

It was held in our family church back in Ohio.  All the flowers were still up from Easter.

Afterward we had dinner at El Meson in West Carrollton.  They specialize in Peruvian food and tapas.  Everything was delicious!  Leanne’s mom was super sneaky and had two cakes brought to dinner.  I forgot to get a picture, but just take my word for it.


Rehearsal dinner up in Columbus.  We spent the morning driving around, doing a test run on bridal hair and looking at the glorious flowers that Petals and Leaves had put together for the wedding.  If you are getting married in Columbus or somewhere close; I highly recommend them.  They were awesome!

Bridal hair


The rehearsal dinner was at Schmidt’s in German Village.  When Leanne and I went to college in Columbus we would often go to Schmidt’s.  We love the Bahama Mama sausage and their cream puffs.  To die for!

Mkay, that’s where I’ll stop for today.  I have plenty more to say, but I feel like it deserves its own post.

So, I’ll leave you with this. 

We’re Not Young.  I’m sure you’ve seen it, but I heard it on the radio for the first time today and thought it was hilarious!

Peace out homies!  I’m going to try and make it an early night, since I didn’t get any sleep last night!

Happy in!

1 Mar

Well hello! Fancy meetin’ you here.  We’ve got some catching up to do! 

On Tuesday, I helped throw a Flsurprise wedding shower for Leanne! 



 We had it Lubo Wine Bar and Cafe in Virginia Beach.  They put us on the second floor and we pretty much had it to ourselves for the most part.  On Tuesday’s the offer a $5 wine flight and of course I got one…

I helped with the flowers and got them as close to as what Leanne will have on her wedding day.  I think I did a pretty good job!

And Leanne enjoyed her party…

Yesterday we went to a Norfolk Admirals game.  What’s this?  Going out on a school night?  Blasphemy!!  Oh yeah, I was crazy.  I stayed out until 10 on a Wednesday! They actually won, even though they were trying really hard to loose up until the 2nd period.

I got my shoes that I’m wearing in Leanne’s wedding:

They are pretty fabulous.  I just need to practice walking in them.  I haven’t worn a heel that high in awhile. 

Flying Pig Training:

I ran 2 miles today and walked 1.  I felt okay, although my muscles were really tight.  Could be because I hadn’t run in a bit…but…who’s keeping track.  Oh, right, I am…

School News

At school today we had a fire safety assembly.  There were clowns and they sang fire safety songs to Ke$ha songs…not cool fire department, not cool.


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