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Take a look Tuesday

18 Sep

But it should really be called Tornado Tuesday.  Well, you know, because of this…

I didn’t know how windy/rainy it was going to be when I got home, so instead of going for a run I did an inside (duh)circuit.  Still got a workout in, but not exactly what I wanted.

On to the real topic!  I came across a couple of videos that made me laugh so I’m sharing them with you good people. 

First up two of my favorite things.  Ben Folds and Fraggles!

I’ve seen Ben in Concert (he’s awesome by the way, lots of audience participation).  Fraggle Rock was one of my favorite TV shows growing up.  It’s a pretty fantastic combination. 

Next…Twilight.  Now as some of you know, I’m not that big a fan of Twilight, but this is good. 

Bad Lip Reading of Twilight.  My favorite is all the cake talk.

Ah, good times.

School News

One of the first graders was tattling (surprise!) that another first grader said a bad word.  What was the bad word in question? Sabre tooth Tiger….

I hope this “bad word” trend continues.  Those type of bad words, I can handle.



11 Sep



And you’re all living in a submarine!

23 May

That’ll make sense in a second.  I promise.

For no apparent reason last night, this song just jumped right into my head…

Does this happen to anyone else?  And just so you know you can also get that music played to The Lion King and Futurama…

Then when I got up this morning I had this song going in my head…

I haven’t listened to anything Ben Folds and it wasn’t on the radio.  So random. 

Last night I went to a banquet for our local reading council.  It’s always a nice occasion with good food, emotional speeches, and a gorgeous view of the ocean.  The past two years I’ve gotten the “special” drink, but I have no idea what it is.  Maybe you can help?  I watched the bartender make it and it included: grenadine, pineapple juice, and rum.  He may have added something else in there too.  Is this a Bay Breeze?  Anybody?

Before I went to the banquet I did a circuit workout that I found on PBfingers.  I only did it twice as opposed to the three recommended times, but lemme tell ya, I can still feel it. 

Okay peoples, it’s off to work!  Come on weekend!

How to survive a night in the airport

9 May

Yes, you read correctly.  How to survive a night in the airport.  After having a great weekend in Cincinnati for the Flying Pig, I got to have a sleepover in the Dulles airport with 4 of my closest friendsrandom people that I never actually talked to.

The dealy was that a big storm came through Ohio and they added an extra half hour onto our flight route.  This wouldn’t have screwed things up too badly, I still would have been able to sprint to the gate.  What did mess everything up was that our plane stopped at Terminal D, my flight left out of A…womp, womp.  I was a whole three minutes late, but those three minutes really mattered. 

Whaddya do?

 Do – have your airline’s customer service number.  Look it up and call them. Instead of standing in the loooong line at customer service, I was just able to go to the customer service kiosk and print off my new boarding pass.  Super easy and less stressful. 

 I also have to say that United was very helpful and nice.  I think it helps to be nice to them as well.  It wasn’t United’s fault that the weather sucked, so I was calm and patient and didn’t yell.  Soo…

Don’t – Yell at the gate agents/others who might be able to help you.  Yelling doesn’t help any…at all.  If anything it will make the customer service person want to help you less!  Also they will remember that you were a super cranky b**** from the day before.  You know what they say about karma…

Okay, now that you have a way that you are getting home your next task should be where to sleep.  Yes, it sucks that you are stuck in the airport, but try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. 

D0 – scope out the gate area from where your flight leaves.   Make sure it is still leaving from that gate and not moved somewhere else.

Do – be aware of your surroundings.  Look for crazies, people with loud children who aren’t going to be sleeping much.  Are the gate agents around?  Does security come down by the gate and check things out.   I found that the cleaning people were everywhere.  I didn’t see much security, but man was my gate clean.

Do – carry a tooth brush, tooth paste, face wash, and contact solution in your carry on . I realize this requires some forethought, but I would have been a much crankier person if I had been able to wash my face and brush my teeth. 

Do – take a tour around the terminal.  When I went for my journey around the terminal I was able to see gates that had lights off, were away from noise and other things like that . 

Do – look for chairs without armrests.  This was hard to do in Dulles.  Every chair had armrests.  You don’t want to sleep sitting up or, heaven forbid, on the floor. 


Do – look for a chapel, not to pray, to sleep.  The chapel was the only place in my terminal that had chairs with no armrests.   It also had a door that closed, was warm, and didn’t play the annoying security update message over and over again.  When I got to the chapel I was the only one there, but by the time I woke up there were five of us in there.  Which leads me to my next point….

Do – keep your valuables close.  Just because you feel safer in your designated spot doesn’t mean people won’t be shady.

Don’t – talk loudly on your phone, turn your iPod all the way up or make unnecessary noise.  I swear that one of the people in the chapel made a pillow out of ten grocery bags.  He then also decided that everyone needed to be up at 5:00 when his lady friend called. Rude.

Don’t – expect you are going to get a lot of sleep and be all comfortable like.  You’re not and you won’t be. 

Do – try and be calm, maybe have a little fun.  Like these people!


Walking Dead…

23 Mar

Pretty sure I’m going to look something like this today…


But being up since four and never really falling back asleep will do that to you.

I Wish

14 Mar

Random Post!

I’m not training today.  I’m on the verge of shin splints, I think.  Anyone know how to curb this or not have it happen?


So this song was on the radio while I was driving home today…

Anybody else remember Skee Lo?  Whatever happened to him?  Good times.

School News

Two great stories from first grade today! 

For the math lesson the students had to partner up and make different designs with pattern blocks.   One partner would make the design and then have to give the other partner clues and directions as to how to make it.  I was listening into one pair…

S1-  put the yellow hexagon down (S2 does so)

S1 – What is your favorite animal that is the opposite of a dog?

S2 -a cat!

S1 – That’s right! (totally cute that she told her she was correct about her favorite animal).  Okay you are going to put two green triangles on top of the hexagon like cat ears (S2 does).  Then take your two red trapezoids and stick them on the side of the hexagon like cat whiskers, meow! (yes she actually said meow). 

It was great that the one student how to get the other to make the shape.  She knew that she liked cats and went with it.  This was of course after many trials of trying to get her to put the shapes in a specific manner without cat clues.

The other story involves this sentence, “Do you want to sneak up to the trash can when nobody’s looking?”  I read this and laughed.  Not because I’m means spirited, heavens no, but because it was funny.  I asked the student, “Why are you sneaking up on a trash can when no one is looking?”  He told me, “Because I am throwing away a used tissue.” 

Well, duh, of course!

70 degrees = margaritas

1 Feb

A good way to spend a February evening!

Hank Gets a Little Yoga Treatment from Yogi Victor on King of the Hill

30 Jan

Daily Cup of Yoga

I know this clip’s a little old, but I love the heck out of this scene from King of the Hill. While Yogi Victor (Johnny Depp) is quite the crude yoga teacher, he clearly has Hank’s best interests at heart… Who knows, Hank might even learn how to “breath through his feet” once he gets a tank-top. Talk about some great lines…

Hank walks into class:

Hank: Uh, hello, I was wondering if yoga could help my back because it hurts like all…

Yogi Victor: Let me tell you a story. Once I was like you–skeptical, near-sighted, paunchy–then I met a special friend. This glorious friend took me to places I thought I’d never…

Hank: Eh, excuse me, is this one of those stories where this special friend of yours turns out to be yoga?

Yogi Victor: What time do you evacuate your bowels?

Hank: What?

Yogi Victor:  There’s only one…

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More wine?

25 Jan

Don’t mind if I do!
Guess who got more wine?
This girl!
It is a Veritas Red Table Wine. I am very excited to try it! I really enjoyed my bottle of champagne, so I know this will be tasty too!

I’m depraved on account I’m deprived…

16 Jan

Any guesses as to what that is from??



I was thinking of making the title of  post with, “I gotta social disease!”  But I think people might get the wrong idea.

I can remember hearing West Side Story growing up.  My mom had the cassette version of Jose Carreras and Kiri Te Kanawa singing it!

I think it was something like 6 cassettes long…

I didn’t really understand it then, but I knew that the music was pretty.  Going on and going to voice lessons, my voice teacher gave me the song, “I Feel Pretty” to sing ( Spoiler this is not my favorite song from West Side), but it did get me interested in the music again.  I got the Original Broadway Cast Recording of West Side, starring non other than Chita Rivera and loved it!

Sidenote, my mom and I saw Chita in her one woman show when she came to Cincinnati.  Even in her 70’s Chita is still amazing!  She danced like I will never be able to!  Love her!

Moving on…West Side Story not only has amazing songs written by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, but beautiful and innovative choreography by Jerome Robbins.

Okay, so favorite songs:


I like how the stories overlap and the melodies are all intertwined.  Bernstein knew what he was doing.


Gee Officer Krupke

Really, I love all the songs from West Side, really.  They are all pretty perfect for the modern-day Romeo and Juliet that plays out in the streets.

I was lucky enough to see the revival with my mom in 2009.  Matt Cavenaugh (Tony), Josefina Scaglione (Maria), and Karen Olivo (Anita) rounded out the cast.  Needless to say, they were all amazing. I had seen Karen Olivo in, “In the Heights” and loved her voice and sass.  She didn’t disappoint as Anita, there was plenty of sass to go around.  Matt Cavenaugh really surprised me with his voice, it was powerful, but at the same time innocent, clean and clear.  Josefina was amazing!  The notes she could hit were mind-boggling!

Do you have a favorite West Side character or song? (Mom??;)

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