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1998, it was a good year

21 Jan

It actually wasn’t for me…from what I remember…


Now, you can take a quiz on this momentous year!

1998 was a totally awesome year…

I encountered my three least favorite gym people all at once today

1) Super sweaty guy – I think the name is pretty self-explanatory

2) Guy/girl who doesn’t clean off the machines – Again, self-explanatory.  I don’t want your jank sweat and germs all up in my business!

3) Guy who makes loud grunting/huffing/clearing of throat noises – I know working out is hard, but keep it to yourself.  I’ve got my own issues going on over here.  Or ya know, worry ’bout yourself!



A race and a little bit of science

21 Oct

This weekend I did the Mariner’s Pirate Run 10K in Newport News.  And guys…it was hard.  I was not aware that it was quite so hilly.  It was a beautiful course and I wish I could have stopped at a few points and just looked around, but it was not meant to be.  Also, I was too afraid of the attack hornets that seemed to be guarding one of the bridges.  

The shirts were pretty cool too!



I was Jeopardy tonight, as per my tradition, and I saw this awesome video! Skip to the 2:00 mark otherwise he’s just boasting about his washcloth.


Gym rant

11 Sep

Okay, here I go…

So I was at the gym today workin on my fitness and I catch another girl working out of the corner of my eye.  She’s on one of those stair step contraptions.  She’s moving…about two steps in a minute, then she steps backwards and goes forward, gets off the machine, gets water, back on the machine aaaannnd repeat.


Basically what she was doing was watching TV and occasionally pretending to climb the stairs.

I understand that we are not all at the same fitness level nor am I saying we have to be, but come on!  My gym is not very big and I’m sure someone else would love to pretend to walk up those stairs to nowhere.


End rant

Monday, Monday

9 Sep

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was fantabulous!

We went to a wine festival.  I guess I got a little out of control with the swirling of my sangria.  It was very delicious even if I did have to suck it out of my shirt.

I got a nice Sunday morning walk in.

20130909-181835.jpgI also signed up to do the Heart of Ghent 1oK again this year.  It was pretty fun last year.  I mean how bad is free beer and pizza at the end of the race?  It also takes you through Ghent and some places in Norfolk that you wouldn’t normally see.   The proceeds also go to some pretty deserving charities like Ronald McDonald House, Access AIDS Care, and For Kids.  You should check it out.

Michigan beat Notre Dame, which was also pretty fantabulous in its own way.

Motivation Monday!

20130909-181902.jpgI wouldn’t normally take advice from Hannibal Lecter…but this quote has its own value.

Music and Motivation

5 Aug

Let’s start with motivation.  Because let’s face it, it’s Monday and we could all use a little somethin’.

pizzatuxedos-finalA pizza tux does sound quite delicious, I’ll admit.

Okay onto the music!

I stumbled upon CDZA this morning thanks to Paste Magazine.  CDZA stands for Collective Cadenza and they put together awesome music with, gasp, actual instruments!

My two favorite videos are:

Fresh Prince Google Translated


Epic Key Changes

It’s just so good!  I think they should follow me around all day and be the soundtrack to my life.  Albeit, my life is pretty damn boring right now, but still.


Six Thing Saturday

3 Aug

So yeah, usually I do a five thing Friday, buuuuttt Friday kinda came and went.  So six thing Saturday it is!

1.  Because I need more reasons to love Jimmy Fallon…

I’ll give it to Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines is catchy, but the whole “hey, hey, hey” thing reminds me of Fat Albert…anybody else?

2)  I worked out this morning (what?) and I was pretty proud of myself.  I did three miles on the bike, lifted some weights, ran for 10 minutes and finished out with more weights.  I’m pretty psyched with my progress in lifting weights.  I’m not looking to have huge muscles, just want to be a little stronger.

3)  More music!  I love this song by Sara Bareilles – Brave

4) Living in the lovely state of Virginia I see my fair share of vanity plates.  Yesterday I saw, “UZTHE4C”  get it?  I think VA has the most (vanity plates) out of any state.  Don’t believe me?  Look here!

5) In a very short time I will be here

031That…is my moment of zen.

6) I know all of you, who are cooler than me, have heard of Songza, but I am just now trying it out.  Songza is different from Pandora or Spotify because if classifies music by what you might be doing.  Like saving the world for instance.  I like it, but I’ll probably stick with Pandora so I can have my bad ass Kelly Clarkson station 😉


How rude!

24 Jul

If Stephanie Tanner was here with me, she’d agree.

So there I was just going outside to workout. I had my bright, bright green shorts on and was listening to my Foo Fighters station on Pandora. I opened the door at the same time a father and son were walking past. You know what they did?

They laughed at me!

For serious.

Just because I have my headphones in, doesn’t mean I can’t hear you.


Anyway, I didn’t really care because I knew after my bike ride I was going to be able to eat this!

20130724-153158.jpgI’ve been wanting a freaking doughnut since like, last week.

Twice this week, I’ve ridden my bike.  Today I think I went 7 miles and yesterday was around 6…or something.  Today, usually, would be my weights day, buuuttt the apartment complex closed the gym in order to take out palm trees in the courtyard.  Makes sense…

My average workout week looks like this:

Monday- no workout or yoga

Tuesday- bike or run + planks

Wednesday – treadmill + arms

Thursday – bike + run + planks

Friday – treadmill + arms,legs, abs

Saturday/Sunday – I try and get up and do something in the AM usually outside, but nuthin crazy.

What’s your workout week look like?

…Thing Friday

19 Jul

I’m not quite sure I’ve got enough for a five thing Friday, so we’ll just see where this takes us.

1) Went to the Toad the Wet Sprocket concert last night. It was a pretty good concert made even better by VIP beverage tickets.  Free drinks, I love thee.

2) It seems that Instagram will only post photos to my feed when I log out, log in to the fake account I created and then log back into my real account.

Does that make sense to anyone?

3) I’m doing a Color Run tomorrow. I think it’ll be fun, especially when I drive home in my multi colored robe…er…clothes.

4) Ummm…yep see not enough for five.

Have a great weekend!

It’s only Wednesday!?

22 May


It’s only Wednesday??

Time seems to have slowed down.  I feel as though we should be in the last week of school,not the Wednesday before Memorial Day.


Anyway.  Like I mentioned on Monday, my motivation has been lacking.  So I tried switching up my workout on Tuesday.  I’ll usually go to the gym and run/walk and do a couple of weights.  This time I did a circuit workout that I found on  Gotta be legit, right?

20130522-184449.jpgSo there it is.  I pretty much followed it except for the lack of leg curls (I just ran/jogged again).  I also added another three minutes of running to the end of the workout.  I liked it and I can feel it today.  Not a bad way and I definitely do it again.

I also found this great picture over at Hungry Healthy Happy:


If that’s not motivation…I don’t know what is!

Tapering is good

1 May

Half marathon tapering.

Not this type of tapering…


The Flying Pig is on Sunday so that means that I am drinking my weight in water, eating a few more carbs (thank you free doughnuts at school), and not really working out.

I did, however, check out my apartment building’s gym.  My Runkeeper app did not like the location of the gym.  It told me that basically I was Usain Bolt.



Me thinks not.  I am pretty sure that it’s physically impossible for me to run 9 miles at a two-minute pace.  Tapering that is not.



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