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Five Thing Friday

28 Feb

1) Obviously Halls knows what type of week I’ve had.  Thanks Halls for believing in me!

2) Reading notes that no one else was supposed to read has also brightened up my day…

20140228-165109.jpgIn case you can’t tell what it says… “That was exactly what I didn’t want to happen.  They pushed you into me and  the teacher found out 😦 😦 I just wanted to get to know you better.  I think I have a plan…  We pretend brake up but still be together :)!”

Oh young love…

3) Jimmy Fallon has been killin’ it on The Tonight Show.  This song with Jimmy, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler is all kinds of cute!

4) Tonight we are going see Anchorman with 763 new jokes!  The following clip is not safe for work or your grandmother to listen to! 😉


So I guess it’s just a four thing Friday and I’m okay with that.

Happy Friday!



Five Thing Friday

17 Jan

A three day weekend!?  Whaaattt!?

1)This is what third graders do when they are really supposed to be doing work/assessments

2) Did you hear I’m getting married?  Well I am and now one of my students is excited about it too.

20140117-143609.jpgI like that I have such a long elegant neck.

3) We went and saw American Hustle this past weekend.  All I can say is that Jennifer Lawrence does a pretty good crazy…

images (2)She was super nutso and even broke the Science Box by putting metal into it.

Also, I know Jeremy Renner’s character was the most up and up with the standards, but all I wanted to do was pat down his hair, give him a hug, and play it cool on the whole mobster connection…

Oh and Christian Bale was a mess…in the best way.

4) Today I was told that I was, “The meanest teacher.”  “You are so mean to me, you are the meanest teacher.”  Watch out dad I may take your title…

5) Wedding planning is stressful, but at least we have a date now!  Wooohoo!!  The people at the bridal show I went to were really stressing me out by telling me how behind I was…not cool!

By the by, if anyone wants to buy me the above shirt, I’d totally be okay with that.




Five Thing Friday

3 Jan

Welcome back Five Thing Friday, I have missed you!

It’s not so much that it went away, rather, I got busy and ran out of time for it.  Sorry blog 😦

1) Soooo, someone pulled the fire alarm today, during lunch, on the coldest, windiest day of the year.  Thanks random child who had nothing better to do after eating lunch.

That kid in the red overalls just looks all kind of suspicious.  (Please note that these are not children at my school) (Also please note, I’m sure the kid in the red overalls is a lovely person, really)

2) One of my students had a cough this week and I commented on it.  He told me:

“Yeah, I think I got it from sleeping on the couch all night and letting my dog lick my face…”

Alrighty then.

3) I love Cincinnati…



4) David Letterman, a man obsessed with drums

5) Wedding planning is starting folks.  Please stock up on lots of good wine and or champagne…for me of course 😉

In the land of kitties and rainbows

14 Nov

So I had a first grader flip me off today….

It was, of course, I was being a horrible person.  In being said horrible person, I took away his chair.  Why? Well, he was sitting on it knees on the seat, bottom up, with his head resting on the floor.  Somehow I thought he might hurt himself like that.

I took the chair away, he proceeded to glare at me, count up to three with his fingers and then flip me off.

The land of kitties and rainbows indeed.



In other news another student can identify and label who is a girl and who is a boy.  Next moving on to he/she.  Baby steps people!

Five Thing Friday

1 Nov

Hellllloooo!  I’m happy to see you all again!

I have been out of commission with a lovely cold that has left me feeling icky and quite sleepy.  Hence, no posts.

1) While reading a book about pumpkin carving the students noticed that one of the characters had the same name as one of our students.  They thought it was funny and laughed.

Then the student who had the same name called out, “Wait!  Do I have a twin!?”

Oh First Grade…

2) Sometimes being a NYC subway driver can become a little monotonous…

3)  I’m doing the Yorktown Battlefield 5K tomorrow.  Even though Facebook keeps telling me it’s at 1:45, I know otherwise.  Thanks government for opening all the National Parks again!

4) A new student in first grade looked over at me, looked down in my shirt and told me, “You have boobies!”  Thanks kid, I was wondering what was going on!

5) I know Halloween was yesterday, but take a look at the these spooky scenes!

Happy November!  Don’t forget the time change!



Five Thing Friday

4 Oct

What!?!  A Five Thing Friday on Friday!

1)  This song has been stuck in my head, I blame it on Dancing With the Stars…

2) While going over the calendar today one of the teachers mentioned that her dad  was asking her about Hurricane Karen.  One little boy on the carpet turns around and looks at me and says,

“Grown ups have dads!?”

I told him yes everyone has a dad and again he says,

“Yeah, but even grown ups!?”

Oh children.

3) I don’t know if I posted this already or not, but if I did you’re going to watch it again.  Because Joseph Gordon Lovitt=amazingly awesome

4) I think the key to life is eating at least one Reese’s Cup a day (preferably in pumpkin shape) or a bacon Rice Krispy Treat.  Truth.  Fact

5) I saw a friend’s baby today after school and she was tiny, and perfect, and oh so cute.  Babies=perfect.



What’s happening??

2 Oct

Not much, except I’ve been very busy.  Seriously.  I apologize for my disappearing acts, and will try to do better, buuuuttt….

So, I got flowers.  If you want one way to make all the teachers of your school jealous, get flowers.

So we already know my best friend is amazing.  Even though she lives on the West Coast she still managed to get me an awesome birthday present that includes bacon.  Bacon Rice Krispy Treat anyone?

I also attended a wedding this past weekend.  It was beautiful with good food, good drinks, and good people.  Congratulations Clay and Charlotte!


School News

Today when asking how much a dime was worth a student answered, “Ten diamonds!”  I am going to have that kid as a friend forever!  Never learn how much a real dime is worth!

Cigarette fire bubbles

25 Sep

School News

The first grade lovelies were doing a rhyming sort when I came in today.  One student was rhyming away,  cat hat, dog frog, tire fire.  Well, when one student got to tire,fire it made him think of a story about his mom.

S – My mom smokes cigarettes…

MG – How does this have to do with rhyming?

S- (Continuing on like he didn’t hear me)My mom smokes cigarettes, then she takes her cigarette and dips in my my bubbles (I’m assuming bubble blowing) then blows out and fire comes out the end of the cigarette.

MG – Well that sounds pretty dangerous…

Theeennn during the same rhyming activity a student pronounced my name as Scooby.  So I’d be Ms. Scooby.  My last name sounds nothing like the word Scooby nor does it start with an s.

Oh Children.

Five Thing Friday

13 Sep

1) A moment of zen

2) And another… I would also like to argue to make this the 5 oz pour line.

3) My baby is all growed up



4.  Kid President’s pep talk for the beginning of the school year

I love Kid President

5) It’s Friday.  Holy geez am I happy about that!  I also learned what I corndog is…yep.  And soon you will know.  Aren’t you so excited!?  Thanks elementary students/urban dictionary!

“When you shove your knee up between a person’s butt cheeks, resulting in shrieks of pain, revenge, or surprise.

Also, a hot dog-type sandwich coated in cornbread batter and deep fried in hot oil, although some are baked. They are also served on a wooden stick. “

Hey There

4 Sep

Holy crap how did it become Wednesday??

I guess with all the beginning of school craziness, Wednesday just kinda snuck up on me.  So what have I been up to?  Well…I got some new glasses.

I think they make me look smarter…right!?

The mermaid at Texas Roadhouse had some serious bitchy resting face going on.


I guess mermaids have bitchy resting face…who knew?

Aaannnnd a picture of my best friend…why not?


This year at school I am going to try my damnedest to be more organized.  What sucks about being more organized is getting organized.  Ugh, such a pain!

And just so you know if you look up, “being a mess” on Google the first image that pops up is Miley Cyrus…hmmmm

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