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All the Videos

10 Feb

Since it’s Monday, and since you probably need some distractions from it being Monday….

Relish in some of my favorite recent videos

New Girl.  I mean come on…

Olympic Readiness?

A little Jimmy…

Hopefully this will make your Monday just slightly better.  Oh and the fact that you know that I have this lovely contraption sitting in my living room.

wineYes, that should totally make you feel 100% better about Monday…I know it helped me!



Five Thing Friday

4 Oct

What!?!  A Five Thing Friday on Friday!

1)  This song has been stuck in my head, I blame it on Dancing With the Stars…

2) While going over the calendar today one of the teachers mentioned that her dad  was asking her about Hurricane Karen.  One little boy on the carpet turns around and looks at me and says,

“Grown ups have dads!?”

I told him yes everyone has a dad and again he says,

“Yeah, but even grown ups!?”

Oh children.

3) I don’t know if I posted this already or not, but if I did you’re going to watch it again.  Because Joseph Gordon Lovitt=amazingly awesome

4) I think the key to life is eating at least one Reese’s Cup a day (preferably in pumpkin shape) or a bacon Rice Krispy Treat.  Truth.  Fact

5) I saw a friend’s baby today after school and she was tiny, and perfect, and oh so cute.  Babies=perfect.



Hit Record

7 Aug

Hit Record is Joseph Gordon Levitt’s company that he created and started.  It’s pretty cool actually.  You can go to the site and upload videos or collaborate with someone on a video…pretty nifty stuff.  Anywho, NPH and JGL got together to talk about love.

In other news, I’m getting new glasses!  They look something like this.  Except no blonde and more a cookies and creme kinda vibe.

Got my toes did today.  My normal girl decided she didn’t want to work there anymore and just…left.  Oh well, I got an awesome mani/pedi anyway!



I went on a 4 mile walk today.  Yep after getting a pedicure I decided to go a four mile walk.  Probably not the best idea, but I did it anyway.  Something I like to do while walking or just exercising in general is to sing.  Sure I get some strange looks, but eh, I don’t care.

Do you have any strange habits while working out.  And let’s keep it PC people.

Music and Motivation

5 Aug

Let’s start with motivation.  Because let’s face it, it’s Monday and we could all use a little somethin’.

pizzatuxedos-finalA pizza tux does sound quite delicious, I’ll admit.

Okay onto the music!

I stumbled upon CDZA this morning thanks to Paste Magazine.  CDZA stands for Collective Cadenza and they put together awesome music with, gasp, actual instruments!

My two favorite videos are:

Fresh Prince Google Translated


Epic Key Changes

It’s just so good!  I think they should follow me around all day and be the soundtrack to my life.  Albeit, my life is pretty damn boring right now, but still.


Better late than never!

22 Jul

Guess what y’all!? I got my foodie pen pal box! I don’t know if the post office wanted to chow down on my goodies or if my apt complex just felt like holding it hostage…but I got it!

20130722-115748.jpgMy penpal was Jessi who writes some nutrition articles over at aroundtheplate.    Jessi is from the wonderful state of Michigan.  No bias there…

006Okay, maybe a lot of bias.  I was so happy to look in the box and see that the items she included were all from Michigan.  She even gave me a Michigan cookie cutter, so exciting!

Also in the box was: blueberry salsa, a rootbeer cookie mix(which I had to hide so some people didn’t decide to eat it raw), honey, Leelanau coffee, and some tea that was from an upstate spot.  I’m so excited to try all of my goodies!  Did I mention I was excited?

You guys should totally check out Aroundtheplate as well.  It’s got some pretty cool info on healthy living, recipes, and nutrition.

If you are interested in participating in the Foodie Penpal experience check out The Lean Green Bean for more information.

And just to end things on a rockin’ note:




Let your soul and spirit fly…

18 Mar

 Outside my window:

It is cold, rainy, and slightly foggy.  I am so ready for this gross cold weather to go away and for the warmer temps to stick around!

I am wearing:

Grey Navy hoodie, workout shorts and my fuzzy blue owl socks.  Pretty damn comfy.

I am reading:

Under the Banner of Heaven.  Man…those Mormons…

From the kitchen:

I made sweet potato and white bean cakes and pan-fried them.  Pretty tasty, but they kinda fell apart towards the end.  I topped the cakes with salsa verde and avocado.  Delish!

Listening to:

Van Morrision.  What can I say, it was St. Patty’s Day.

Did you know he hates performing live?  True story

Working out::

I did four miles on Saturday and made a return to yoga today.  I have been really needing to pick up yoga again.  My calf muscles were sooo very tight today. 

Around the house:

It’s a mess of dirty clothes.  I really hate doing laundry.  I know this means that I don’t have as many clothes to wear throughout the week, but I’m pretty meh about it. 


This is what happens when you combine St. Patrick’s Day and 25 cent stick mustaches.  Especially when 25 cent mustaches starts to fall of your face. 


Six thing Saturday

16 Mar

Yep, I missed Friday…again.  But I know y’all will forgive me because you are kind and generous people.

1) One of the kids words this week for word study was “rare.”  So I used the sentence, “It is rare that the students turn their homework in on time.”  Which is true.  They’ve been having a really hard time doing their homework the past couple of weeks.  Of course they were a little offended and appalled that I said that.  However, one student said, “That’s really mean…but true…”  Ha!  One point for the teacher!

2) JT has been killin’ it on Jimmy Fallon this week.

I love the Mackelmore at the end.

3) I love bacon and Lent really needs to be over so I can go to Michigan and eat this taco.

4) It’s St. Patty’s Day weekend.  Be careful folks!  Don’t be stupid call a cab if you need to!

5) Joseph Gordon Levitt…42 reasons why.  You’re welcome.

6) My cat is weird, but I love him anyway.  That’s true love, right?

Totally normal cat

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If I posted that already, oh well, you’ll get over it.



12 Mar

There are a few things in life that are certain:

Every morning the sun will rise

My cat will always prefer to play with a plastic bag over expensive pet store toys.

Totally normal cat

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If I am running late to school in the morning, I will inevitably spill coffee or some other liquid all over myself.

Cadbury Mini Eggs are the devil.

Damn you mini eggs! You are so delicious!

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The day I choose to straighten my hair, it will rain.  Thus making my hair frizzy and about 10 times bigger.

You can’t make everyone like you.

And subsequently, there will be people in the world who don’t care for the sweet, sweet  hotness you are throwing down on a daily basis. 

katie couric

Listening to “The Mighty Mighty Bosstones” station on Pandora is a good way to let go and thrash around. 

Eating an entire bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs may make you happy, but also will make you feel incredibly sick.

Harlem what?

19 Feb

Can someone explain the Harlem Shake to me?  Because seriously, I don’t understand it.  Does that make me a fuddy duddy?

School News

This happened:

Oh dear…#donthatetheplayer

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How does a real couple talk?  Maybe I need some pointers…

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year.  Okay, not really.  Tomorrow I get to go to the Virginia Beach Convention Center with the rest of all of the fourth graders in the district…yeah.  I said it, the district.  We are going to go listen to a concert by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.  The music is always wonderful but seriously…imagine it…all of the fourth grade classrooms in the same place at the same time…Oy…

Have you heard of Noisetrade?  It’s a pretty rade site (yeah I said rad) where you can download music and albums.  Usually for a minimal fee or even free if you want.  Noisetrade is all about supporting and exposing Indie artists.  Pretty sweet!  You should check it out.


10 hour brain dump

22 Dec

After a 10 hour drive I’m not really into a long post so here’s a dump of the photos I took on the way….
Pretty sunrise in Virginia


Blue sparkles!


Driving music


Snow on the mountain


Ohio farmland


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