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Five Thing Friday

28 Feb

1) Obviously Halls knows what type of week I’ve had.  Thanks Halls for believing in me!

2) Reading notes that no one else was supposed to read has also brightened up my day…

20140228-165109.jpgIn case you can’t tell what it says… “That was exactly what I didn’t want to happen.  They pushed you into me and  the teacher found out 😦 😦 I just wanted to get to know you better.  I think I have a plan…  We pretend brake up but still be together :)!”

Oh young love…

3) Jimmy Fallon has been killin’ it on The Tonight Show.  This song with Jimmy, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler is all kinds of cute!

4) Tonight we are going see Anchorman with 763 new jokes!  The following clip is not safe for work or your grandmother to listen to! 😉


So I guess it’s just a four thing Friday and I’m okay with that.

Happy Friday!



Life lately

25 Feb

So this whole blog thing and work thing and wedding planning thing…yeah it’s tricky to keep it all afloat.

So what’s been going on?

A little of this

birthday balloonA lot of wedding dress trying on.  Not posting any photos, however.  Y’all just have to wait!  I will let you know, it does not look like this…


A little too much work for the Matron of Honor and bridesmaids.

We have a wedding DJ!  I’m super excited to have them!  Check out Atlantic Digital Entertainment if you need a DJ.  I’m excited already and haven’t even really decided on anything.  One of the things that sold me was how organized they are.  Seriously.  Love it!

We have also booked our photographer, Ross Costanza.  Again, super excited and can’t wait until it all comes together and we take pictures.

All of the other little things are coming together.  But, man are there a lot of little things!

images (3)

Seriously, that’d be so much easier…

All the Videos

10 Feb

Since it’s Monday, and since you probably need some distractions from it being Monday….

Relish in some of my favorite recent videos

New Girl.  I mean come on…

Olympic Readiness?

A little Jimmy…

Hopefully this will make your Monday just slightly better.  Oh and the fact that you know that I have this lovely contraption sitting in my living room.

wineYes, that should totally make you feel 100% better about Monday…I know it helped me!



3 Feb

Yuppers, so while the East Coast was getting slammed with snow, I was spending some time on the other coast in Seattle.  Our trip started out with only being a four-day getaway but quickly turned into an entire week thanks to the crazy snow in Virginia Beach.  

We did some pretty fabulous things, I mean besides spending some quality time with the BFF.



We took an awesome Foodie Tour throughout downtown Seattle.  It was so cool!  We went to about seven different places and walked a mile and a half.  So really we didn’t gain any calories, because we burned them all off with the walking.  Right?  Oh and I have to mention our tour guide, Brett, he was pretty spectacular as well.

Places we chowed down:

The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. – We ate the pancakes with bacon cupcake and the tomato soup cupcake (not as tomatoey as you would think, like at all)

Serious Pie – We ate the Truffle Pizza and Margherita Pizza. 

Chan – Korean Fusion – We ate braised short rib and a spicy pork slider.  We also had a Ginger Makgeoli, which has ginger rice wine, ginger and lime.  I was not all that impressed with it on the tour, but we went back to Chan (as you can see we hated it)and tried the drink again and loved it. 

La Bunoa Tavola –  All things truffles, seriously.

Il Bistro – Seafood risotto, made with fresh seafood from Pikes Place.  It was pretty legit. 

Pike Brewing – We tried the Kilt Lifter and an IPA.  I do not like IPA’s, but heard from a reliable IPA source that it was good.  They also paired the beers with cheese from the Mt. Townsend Creamery, that were delicious. 

Von’s Gusto Bistro – Salmon Cake.  This was probably my least favorite.  Not because it wasn’t good, but I had just been so wowed by everything else.

Gelatiamo – The raspberry sorbet and chocolate chip gelato.  Both were delicious and tasted even better when mixed together.

The Foodie Tour was a very cool way to tour the city and get to eat great food that we probably wouldn’t have gotten to. I highly recommend it!

If you like big orbs of glass and who doesn’t?  You must check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass.  You have to sign up for a timeframe to get into the museum so don’t expect that just because you got there at a certain time you’ll be getting in. 

chihuly garden

chihuly orb

chihuly towerPretty flippin’ sweet!

We also did some exploring of Port Townsend and were told by the lovely lady that, “There is nothing going on today, you came on the wrong day…” Okay then…  

Well we DID find some cool stores to visit aaaaannnd a lighthouse!

lighthouse sepiaAlso some super strong kelp.  I mean…look at it!  It’s attached to a rock!



It was an awesome trip and I’m kinda glad Virginia Beach got a ton of snow so I could spend some time with my best friend.  I mean I wasn’t mad about it…

Oh and we saw the gum wall.  

It’s gross.

gum wallSeriously.




Scenes from a snow day

22 Jan

It’s a good day when it’s a snow day…even though we have to make it up.
See look, we actually got snow.  It wasn’t pretend!

Love to drink coffee out of my Polish Pottery mug.  Fits perfectly in my hand.

Of course I have to include a picture of Bond.  I don’t think he was quite as enthused that I was home, but he dealt with it.  He is also keeping close tabs on that back leg of his…  It’s gotta mind of its own!


1998, it was a good year

21 Jan

It actually wasn’t for me…from what I remember…


Now, you can take a quiz on this momentous year!

1998 was a totally awesome year…

I encountered my three least favorite gym people all at once today

1) Super sweaty guy – I think the name is pretty self-explanatory

2) Guy/girl who doesn’t clean off the machines – Again, self-explanatory.  I don’t want your jank sweat and germs all up in my business!

3) Guy who makes loud grunting/huffing/clearing of throat noises – I know working out is hard, but keep it to yourself.  I’ve got my own issues going on over here.  Or ya know, worry ’bout yourself!


Five Thing Friday

17 Jan

A three day weekend!?  Whaaattt!?

1)This is what third graders do when they are really supposed to be doing work/assessments

2) Did you hear I’m getting married?  Well I am and now one of my students is excited about it too.

20140117-143609.jpgI like that I have such a long elegant neck.

3) We went and saw American Hustle this past weekend.  All I can say is that Jennifer Lawrence does a pretty good crazy…

images (2)She was super nutso and even broke the Science Box by putting metal into it.

Also, I know Jeremy Renner’s character was the most up and up with the standards, but all I wanted to do was pat down his hair, give him a hug, and play it cool on the whole mobster connection…

Oh and Christian Bale was a mess…in the best way.

4) Today I was told that I was, “The meanest teacher.”  “You are so mean to me, you are the meanest teacher.”  Watch out dad I may take your title…

5) Wedding planning is stressful, but at least we have a date now!  Wooohoo!!  The people at the bridal show I went to were really stressing me out by telling me how behind I was…not cool!

By the by, if anyone wants to buy me the above shirt, I’d totally be okay with that.




Five Thing Friday

3 Jan

Welcome back Five Thing Friday, I have missed you!

It’s not so much that it went away, rather, I got busy and ran out of time for it.  Sorry blog 😦

1) Soooo, someone pulled the fire alarm today, during lunch, on the coldest, windiest day of the year.  Thanks random child who had nothing better to do after eating lunch.

That kid in the red overalls just looks all kind of suspicious.  (Please note that these are not children at my school) (Also please note, I’m sure the kid in the red overalls is a lovely person, really)

2) One of my students had a cough this week and I commented on it.  He told me:

“Yeah, I think I got it from sleeping on the couch all night and letting my dog lick my face…”

Alrighty then.

3) I love Cincinnati…



4) David Letterman, a man obsessed with drums

5) Wedding planning is starting folks.  Please stock up on lots of good wine and or champagne…for me of course 😉

Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

From me to you!

Oh yeah and this…


So you want to be a teacher?

12 Dec

Take a gander at this first…

Just replace the addition with multiplication and you have my past week.

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