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Cigarette fire bubbles

25 Sep

School News

The first grade lovelies were doing a rhyming sort when I came in today.  One student was rhyming away,  cat hat, dog frog, tire fire.  Well, when one student got to tire,fire it made him think of a story about his mom.

S – My mom smokes cigarettes…

MG – How does this have to do with rhyming?

S- (Continuing on like he didn’t hear me)My mom smokes cigarettes, then she takes her cigarette and dips in my my bubbles (I’m assuming bubble blowing) then blows out and fire comes out the end of the cigarette.

MG – Well that sounds pretty dangerous…

Theeennn during the same rhyming activity a student pronounced my name as Scooby.  So I’d be Ms. Scooby.  My last name sounds nothing like the word Scooby nor does it start with an s.

Oh Children.


The ways I survived the weekend

23 Sep

I was going to title it “and I didn’t die!” but I thought that was too Debbie Downerish. Soooo….

1) I ran in the Heart of Ghent 10K and survived! I ran/walked it. My final time was 1:22, not tooo bad. I was hoping to be faster, but hey it was my first longer run I’ve done in a long time.


2) I watched Michigan win over Connecticut and I survived. This one was a close call. I pretty much thought I was going to die at multiple points and had to leave the room twice. But, hey, I survived! But seriously what was up with that game!?

3) Some lovely soul in our apartment building decided to pull the fire alarm…at 4:30 in the morning. Guess what I survived! But if I find out how did. WhyIaughta! We (the apartment complex) got to tromp outside in the rain and wait until the fire alarm got turned off. Mind you when we did get back inside the fire alarm went off an additional three/four? times for thirty seconds each. I mean really.

Random occurrences

16 Sep

I see many a weird thing while walking, running, or biking. Sunday I saw quite a few.

That would be a pop tart ,with one bite taken out of it, stuffed into some ivy.

That poor dinosaur had a rough night.  I don’t even want to guess what is caked on the side of him.  But someone was nice enough to stuff his head into the gate.

20130916-111806.jpgThis isn’t so much random as it is a beautiful naturally almost daily occurrence.

And a cute cat for good measure.  What can I say he loves a good sunbeam.

We went to the ODU vs. Howard game on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and ODU ran away with the game scoring 78 to Howard’s 10.



How was your weekend?

Five Thing Friday

13 Sep

1) A moment of zen

2) And another… I would also like to argue to make this the 5 oz pour line.

3) My baby is all growed up



4.  Kid President’s pep talk for the beginning of the school year

I love Kid President

5) It’s Friday.  Holy geez am I happy about that!  I also learned what I corndog is…yep.  And soon you will know.  Aren’t you so excited!?  Thanks elementary students/urban dictionary!

“When you shove your knee up between a person’s butt cheeks, resulting in shrieks of pain, revenge, or surprise.

Also, a hot dog-type sandwich coated in cornbread batter and deep fried in hot oil, although some are baked. They are also served on a wooden stick. “

Gym rant

11 Sep

Okay, here I go…

So I was at the gym today workin on my fitness and I catch another girl working out of the corner of my eye.  She’s on one of those stair step contraptions.  She’s moving…about two steps in a minute, then she steps backwards and goes forward, gets off the machine, gets water, back on the machine aaaannnd repeat.


Basically what she was doing was watching TV and occasionally pretending to climb the stairs.

I understand that we are not all at the same fitness level nor am I saying we have to be, but come on!  My gym is not very big and I’m sure someone else would love to pretend to walk up those stairs to nowhere.


End rant

Monday, Monday

9 Sep

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was fantabulous!

We went to a wine festival.  I guess I got a little out of control with the swirling of my sangria.  It was very delicious even if I did have to suck it out of my shirt.

I got a nice Sunday morning walk in.

20130909-181835.jpgI also signed up to do the Heart of Ghent 1oK again this year.  It was pretty fun last year.  I mean how bad is free beer and pizza at the end of the race?  It also takes you through Ghent and some places in Norfolk that you wouldn’t normally see.   The proceeds also go to some pretty deserving charities like Ronald McDonald House, Access AIDS Care, and For Kids.  You should check it out.

Michigan beat Notre Dame, which was also pretty fantabulous in its own way.

Motivation Monday!

20130909-181902.jpgI wouldn’t normally take advice from Hannibal Lecter…but this quote has its own value.

Bacon? Who said bacon?

5 Sep

I think it’s pretty safe to say…my best friend knows me…

Happy birthday to me indeed! Love you best friend!

Hey There

4 Sep

Holy crap how did it become Wednesday??

I guess with all the beginning of school craziness, Wednesday just kinda snuck up on me.  So what have I been up to?  Well…I got some new glasses.

I think they make me look smarter…right!?

The mermaid at Texas Roadhouse had some serious bitchy resting face going on.


I guess mermaids have bitchy resting face…who knew?

Aaannnnd a picture of my best friend…why not?


This year at school I am going to try my damnedest to be more organized.  What sucks about being more organized is getting organized.  Ugh, such a pain!

And just so you know if you look up, “being a mess” on Google the first image that pops up is Miley Cyrus…hmmmm

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