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Back to School…

27 Aug

By the by, why can’t Adam Sandler make funny movies anymore?  Just wondering…

School started for teachers on Monday.  Lots of meetings and organizing things happening.

I also got a different grade level to work with.  This year I’ll be working with 3rd grade instead of 4th.  Not too much of a drastic change, so I think I can manage.

There has been a drastic change in when I wake up in the morning.  I think the only person happy about it is Bond…not that he’s really a person…

1079221_742577566989_1257728979_nHe also likes getting himself stuck in plastic bag handles, but that’s a different story.



Five Thing Friday

23 Aug

Ah! It actually happened! It’s my last Friday of vacation!!!! On Monday school starts again (for teachers) and the following week all the little lovelies come back the following week.

1) Dolly Parton Jolene slowed waaaaay down. It’s actually pretty awesome.

2) Some librarians got together and did a remake of Beastie Boys Sabotage. Again, it’s flippin fantastic!

3) I did a longer walk/run yesterday. About 5.5 miles. I say walk/run but most of the running was due to the stupid biting flies that wanted to suck my blood like a freaking vampire!


4) I also decided to add V ups back into my workout routine.  Why?  I don’t know.  I really hate V ups, but they do workout your abs.

5) My mom has an old map my grandparents used when they would come and visit us in Ohio.  My grandma took the liberty of writing notes all over the map of good places to stop, where not to stop, and which Bob Evans was the best.  All very important information to know.


Goodbye MI

21 Aug

Yesterday was the end of my lovely stay in MI.

It was a close call getting to the airport when there were accidents on either side of the expressway, both of them multi car.  Yikes!  I hope everyone was okay.  I got to the airport at 9:15 and my flight was going to board at 9:35, just made it by the skin of my teeth!

I was really sad to leave the lake, it’s a pretty awesome place.







Goodbye Brown’s Lake until next time!!

Life at the lake

17 Aug

And the livin’ is pretty easy…
They give me cupcakes

An in home security system

Wonderful places to stop and take a nap

And the views ain’t so bad either



Happy Birthday to me!

14 Aug

Hello there! It’s been a busy couple of days. My birthday was on Monday and we spent it at Busch Gardens, literally until it closed. It’s pretty fun riding roller coasters at night. Just sayin’.

I did indeed get some birthday cake and shared it with some pretty cool individuals that also had August bday dates.


I also got beautiful flowers…



And some pretty spiffy kicks.


Oh and a new headband. I think they will be all the rage for the fall season.


In unrelated news, I made my own ice cream bars. I saw a recipe on Pinterest and was pretty sure I could pull it off.
I used:
8oz Chobani key lime yogurt
Leftover lemon verbena whipped cream (about a cup?)
5 sheets of graham crackers
8×8 baking pan

Break graham crackers into two and lay 5 on the bottom of a foil lined baking pan. Mix together yogurt and whipped cream. Pour on top of graham crackers. Place remaining graham crackers on top. Put in freezer for at least 4 hrs or until yogurt mix has hardened. When ready to enjoy, just cut into squares!

Weekend shenanigans

11 Aug

According to my iPhone that is.



This is so true!


Hit Record

7 Aug

Hit Record is Joseph Gordon Levitt’s company that he created and started.  It’s pretty cool actually.  You can go to the site and upload videos or collaborate with someone on a video…pretty nifty stuff.  Anywho, NPH and JGL got together to talk about love.

In other news, I’m getting new glasses!  They look something like this.  Except no blonde and more a cookies and creme kinda vibe.

Got my toes did today.  My normal girl decided she didn’t want to work there anymore and just…left.  Oh well, I got an awesome mani/pedi anyway!



I went on a 4 mile walk today.  Yep after getting a pedicure I decided to go a four mile walk.  Probably not the best idea, but I did it anyway.  Something I like to do while walking or just exercising in general is to sing.  Sure I get some strange looks, but eh, I don’t care.

Do you have any strange habits while working out.  And let’s keep it PC people.

Music and Motivation

5 Aug

Let’s start with motivation.  Because let’s face it, it’s Monday and we could all use a little somethin’.

pizzatuxedos-finalA pizza tux does sound quite delicious, I’ll admit.

Okay onto the music!

I stumbled upon CDZA this morning thanks to Paste Magazine.  CDZA stands for Collective Cadenza and they put together awesome music with, gasp, actual instruments!

My two favorite videos are:

Fresh Prince Google Translated


Epic Key Changes

It’s just so good!  I think they should follow me around all day and be the soundtrack to my life.  Albeit, my life is pretty damn boring right now, but still.


Six Thing Saturday

3 Aug

So yeah, usually I do a five thing Friday, buuuuttt Friday kinda came and went.  So six thing Saturday it is!

1.  Because I need more reasons to love Jimmy Fallon…

I’ll give it to Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines is catchy, but the whole “hey, hey, hey” thing reminds me of Fat Albert…anybody else?

2)  I worked out this morning (what?) and I was pretty proud of myself.  I did three miles on the bike, lifted some weights, ran for 10 minutes and finished out with more weights.  I’m pretty psyched with my progress in lifting weights.  I’m not looking to have huge muscles, just want to be a little stronger.

3)  More music!  I love this song by Sara Bareilles – Brave

4) Living in the lovely state of Virginia I see my fair share of vanity plates.  Yesterday I saw, “UZTHE4C”  get it?  I think VA has the most (vanity plates) out of any state.  Don’t believe me?  Look here!

5) In a very short time I will be here

031That…is my moment of zen.

6) I know all of you, who are cooler than me, have heard of Songza, but I am just now trying it out.  Songza is different from Pandora or Spotify because if classifies music by what you might be doing.  Like saving the world for instance.  I like it, but I’ll probably stick with Pandora so I can have my bad ass Kelly Clarkson station 😉



1 Aug

Yesterday we went out to dinner at Terrapin.  They have an awesome deal on Wednesday’s.  You get fried chicken, mac n cheese, a veggie, aaaaannd a glass of Pinot Noir for $20!  It’s amazing and so much food!!

Bond has not concept of personal space.  All space is his space, as it was pointed out to me…


I am loving Panic at the Disco’s new song Miss Jackson.  Seriously, I’ve been listening to it on repeat.

But I do wonder what the deal is with artists using “Miss Jackson” in their songs.

Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for, wait for it, 30 mins without stopping or walking.  Who’s impressive?  Right, right?  Hey it’s all about the little victories.

Another little victory?  I made these chicken tenders and they were delicious.  Really they were and they even came out crunchy, which is an issue when making baked breaded things.  By the by How Sweet It Is is one of my favorite food recipe blogs.

Happy Thursday!

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