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A parrot walks into a bar

29 Jul

Yup.  Because nothing says America like a wooden parrot being held on the American flag with a binder clip.

Bond has a new obsession…his carpet square.  Bond’s new thing is to whine to go out into the hallway, walk about 2 feet, then lay down and roll around on the carpet.  So we asked the maintenance guy if he had any extra carpet squares.  Well…

This cool old Chevy has been sitting in our parking garage for the last week.  I think it’s awesome!

20130729-095801.jpgAlso, I’ve discovered Web Therapy.  No, not for myself, although I’m sure some could argue that I need it.  Web Therapy is a show on Showtime with Lisa Kudrow.  She plays a narcissistic therapist who treats people via Skype.  It’s hilarious!

Also, you know I love SNL, this video clip makes me very happy.



How rude!

24 Jul

If Stephanie Tanner was here with me, she’d agree.

So there I was just going outside to workout. I had my bright, bright green shorts on and was listening to my Foo Fighters station on Pandora. I opened the door at the same time a father and son were walking past. You know what they did?

They laughed at me!

For serious.

Just because I have my headphones in, doesn’t mean I can’t hear you.


Anyway, I didn’t really care because I knew after my bike ride I was going to be able to eat this!

20130724-153158.jpgI’ve been wanting a freaking doughnut since like, last week.

Twice this week, I’ve ridden my bike.  Today I think I went 7 miles and yesterday was around 6…or something.  Today, usually, would be my weights day, buuuttt the apartment complex closed the gym in order to take out palm trees in the courtyard.  Makes sense…

My average workout week looks like this:

Monday- no workout or yoga

Tuesday- bike or run + planks

Wednesday – treadmill + arms

Thursday – bike + run + planks

Friday – treadmill + arms,legs, abs

Saturday/Sunday – I try and get up and do something in the AM usually outside, but nuthin crazy.

What’s your workout week look like?

Better late than never!

22 Jul

Guess what y’all!? I got my foodie pen pal box! I don’t know if the post office wanted to chow down on my goodies or if my apt complex just felt like holding it hostage…but I got it!

20130722-115748.jpgMy penpal was Jessi who writes some nutrition articles over at aroundtheplate.    Jessi is from the wonderful state of Michigan.  No bias there…

006Okay, maybe a lot of bias.  I was so happy to look in the box and see that the items she included were all from Michigan.  She even gave me a Michigan cookie cutter, so exciting!

Also in the box was: blueberry salsa, a rootbeer cookie mix(which I had to hide so some people didn’t decide to eat it raw), honey, Leelanau coffee, and some tea that was from an upstate spot.  I’m so excited to try all of my goodies!  Did I mention I was excited?

You guys should totally check out Aroundtheplate as well.  It’s got some pretty cool info on healthy living, recipes, and nutrition.

If you are interested in participating in the Foodie Penpal experience check out The Lean Green Bean for more information.

And just to end things on a rockin’ note:




Color Vibe

21 Jul

On Saturday, I did the Color Vibe. Fun was had.

Color was thrown

It was unbelievably hot and there weren’t any water stops on course…didn’t make any sense. But I was so proud of my friend Stephanie who finished her first 5k!

Awesome job Steph!


…Thing Friday

19 Jul

I’m not quite sure I’ve got enough for a five thing Friday, so we’ll just see where this takes us.

1) Went to the Toad the Wet Sprocket concert last night. It was a pretty good concert made even better by VIP beverage tickets.  Free drinks, I love thee.

2) It seems that Instagram will only post photos to my feed when I log out, log in to the fake account I created and then log back into my real account.

Does that make sense to anyone?

3) I’m doing a Color Run tomorrow. I think it’ll be fun, especially when I drive home in my multi colored robe…er…clothes.

4) Ummm…yep see not enough for five.

Have a great weekend!

An unpleasant surprise

15 Jul

So there I was, minding my own business, taking a walking down my favorite trail.  I looked to the opening of the other trailhead I was about to go on and so this:

You can barely see it but it looks like  pine needles caught in a web underneath that board.
Take a closer look.

20130715-120622.jpgYeah, that’s what was hiding underneath that board.  I nest of daddy long leg spiders.  Fun.  I know daddy-long-legs can’t hurt me, but man was that creepy to look at!

So what else have I been up to besides disturbing large arachnid nests?  Reading.

Recently I finished Detroit An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff.

It’s pretty much just what the title implies.  Detroit is a dying, if not dead in some places, city.  Charlie walks through Detroit, literally,exposing some of its flaws, and also what makes Detroit Detroit.

I have also started Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

Unbroken follows Louie Zamperini from mischievous boy, to track star, to WWII bombardier.  Not to spoil the book, but his plane goes down in the Pacific and many many tribulations follow.

What can I say I like a little heart wrenching survival story to go along with my brooding sarcasm.

I have layers people!

What have you been reading this summer?





Five Thing Friday

12 Jul





It’s the last day of vacation…
So just enjoy some pictures while I drown in my melodrama…

Five Thing Friday…errr Tuesday

9 Jul

Hello to another Friday. Having the 4th on Thursday has totally screwed up my days of the week. I feel like today should be Saturday or something.

1) The Lumineers have a new version of “Ho Hey”…

2) I love Dexter…that is all…

The lack of posts comes from the fact that I’m on vacation!
Yay vacation!




Everybody enjoy your week. It’s a hot and humid one down here!

4th of July photo dump

4 Jul





Happy 4th everybody!

Rain I hate you and other randomness…

1 Jul

Bond is not impressed by my singing voice.  Fact.

20130701-184327.jpgBut what’s a girl to do when there is no one to sing the entire soundtrack of Rent with? What, I ask you!?

So it pretty much rained the entire day today.  Totally ruining my plans of doing nothing outside by the pool.  Instead I had to do nothing inside my apartment, watching The Real Housewives.  Oh Tamara and all your craziness…

Have you seen Convos with my Two Year Old?  If the answer is no then make sure ye click the link.  It’s pretty hilarious.

I also think it’s pretty hilarious that the “pool people” sit out in the rain and don’t just go inside to the fitness center.  C’mon people!

Happy Monday!

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