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Five Thing Friday

28 Jun

Hola Friday!  It has been crazy humid this week.  My curly hair does not approve.  It’s all good though, I’ve just been throwing my hair up into a bun every day.

1) My cat is weird and has to sleep inside of my purse strap.  Lay on top of it, no, no, no.  Inside.


2) Thom Yorke has a video where it is just him dancing.  I like the song, but Thom creeps me out a little.  I kinda feel like he’s trying to seduce me around the 2 min. mark.

Radiohead always has pretty awesome videos.  This is another one of my favorites.

3) I love finding murals or artwork in unexpected places!

1060006_728090938309_1051085508_nThis one is on the side of a bait shop.  I think that seems about right.

4) Some of the search terms used to find my blog:

“prancercised” – yes I had a link for the video

“snakes in steeplechase” – that sounds terrifying

“great job” – thanks!

“I love Italians tumblr” – I think you are in the wrong place, but good for you!

5) Last, but not least… Mad Men reimagined as The OC.  I may have actually watched that…


I’m so excited!

26 Jun

And I just can’t hide it!

Not Jessie Spano style, no, no.

I’m just excited.  Sarah (who is getting married to my brother)asked me to be a bridesmaid.


In other news, Bond can’t sleep in his little kitty bed unless his feet are hanging outside.

1059083_727390227539_1382907840_nWhat can I say? Like mother, like cat son?  Is that weird?  My feet get hot during the night so I kick the covers off of them.

Bond has also discovered the hallway. Oooo.  He’ll make it a couple of doors and then look back at me and make sure I’m still following him and not just letting the big scary hallway capture him forever.  It’s pretty good times.


All the more reason

24 Jun

To love Jimmy Fallon…and the Roots…and Brad Pitt.

Yodeling is the best form of communication…by far.

Yes I realized I used a lot of ellipses…but I’m okay with that.


The longest day

21 Jun

It’s finally here.  The first day of summer!  Today is the day of the summer solstice and hence the longest day.  When we would go  visit family in Traverse City we would always go to the top of Sleeping Bear Dune, face the lake and watch the sunset.  Last year we were vacationing in the OBX and sat on Jockey’s Ridge to watch the sunset:



P1010062Pretty awesome.

Also on the longest day the Alzheimer’s Association urges you to participate in some activity to honor those loved ones suffering or succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease.

So today, in honor of my grandpa

P1000692I went on a 16 mile bike ride.  I think he would have loved the ride.  I saw a deer and some sea lions…

1056862_726136280459_1649407382_nThe sea lions were not feeling photogenic today… and twice went over this lovely marina


I say lovely because the hill to get over that marina/waterway is killer!  The Longest Day lasts, well all day.  You are supposed to be active in some way all day.  I’m trying my hardest to do so, but the rain has other ideas!

If you’d like to read more go to the Alzheimer’s Association’s website to educate yourself!


A view from the top

20 Jun

…of my building.





Yeah, it’s not too shabby.

So far…

18 Jun

So far on my summer vacation (yes, I realize my summer vacation has technically only been two days…) I have:

Seen two movies, Man of Steel and This is the End.  Both are on opposite ends of the spectrum but equally as good.  If you want to see lots of flying through space and crazy alien fights go see Man of Steel.

If comedy is more your thang and you seeking a hilarious end of the world bromance type deal then head towards This is the End.

I’m still not sure how I feel about Michael Cera after seeing it…

I’ve finished reading one book!  Whoa, such an accomplishment!  Don’t you worry I have about six more to go!

And sat through required training in a library of a middle school with no air conditioning or windows.  If you want to witness about thirty grown women slowly melting to death then I’ll give you directions later.

So…I feel pretty accomplished.  What have you done the past two days??


What’s in my purse v2.0

15 Jun

I love my purse…

It’s a Lesportsac if you wanted to know.
It holds a ton of stuff, which is why I love it. So…what’s inside?
1) Wallet…a duh.

2) Random recipes and committee papers.

3) Kleenex.  I do live in one of the major allergen capitals of the US.

4) iPad.  Learning to love it a little more each day.

5) About three bags…yes inside my already one bag.  The green flower bag contains beauty products, goldish one on top is my change purse, and the Alice in Wonderland is Advil and that sort of thing.

6) Checkbook, notebook, Altoids container containing ear buds, and a reusable hot coffee holder.

7) A USB cable and iPad charger.  Both of which are very important and critical to life.

20130615-175211.jpgSo there ya have it.  You’ve seen inside my soul!  Okay, that might be a little dramatic…but such is me.

Five Thing Friday

14 Jun

It’s the last day of school! Hallefrickinlulah!
1) Last time for this


2) Kids love pieing their teacher’s in the face

The bliss on her face was incalculable.

3) The clouds today were all sorts of funky


4)Marc Ghali’s portraits of celebrity “then and now” mashups are pretty spot on.

5) This grandma made my morning!

She’s just so happy!

Field Day!

12 Jun

Today was Field Day.  For the most part I felt like this:

When I walked outside with my umbrella (yes I used an umbrella)one of the kids exclaimed, “Look Miss G is a vampire!”  Cute, kid, remind me to make sure I make fun of you when your bottle of water runs out.

Field Day was great.  The SCA did a wonderful job putting everything together.  The kids even got to pie teachers in the face at the end of the day.

The next two days are going to be interesting.  I feel like I have a bazillion things to do and only half a bazillion amount of time to do it in.  Ugh.  I even got to work earlier than I normally do and I don’t think I got anything done.

images (3)


Pretty sure it’s the latter.

Tony Stark who?

10 Jun

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Yesterday, it was a little foggy.  Tropical Storm Andrea was/is all sorts of humid around here!





Today was another rainy day.  It was supposed to be our Field Day, but luckily we have a back up plan.

So Tony Stark…

I have a first grader who kept pulling her shirt down to show her chest to her classmates.  I told her not to do that or she’d have to leave.  Low and behold she did it yet again.  We got down to my room where we were talking about why she can’t do that.

First Grader – “No, but look!”

MG – “You can’t pull your shirt down like that.”

FG – “But I’m like Iron Man!”

MG – Finally understanding…”No, you are not Tony Stark, he is the only one with a circle in his chest.”

FG – “How do you know his name? You don’t have one?”

MG – “I know everything and only Iron Man has one”

This is the same student who told me today that she had a bra on.  Nope, try again.  You just have a picture of a skull with hearts for eyes placed …er…bikini like?

I told her she wasn’t going to have a bra for a long time.  Her response…”Oh, when I’m 11?”  I told her not until she was her mommy’s age.  I don’t know her mother’s age, but I know it’s older than 11.


Lord help me.  Four more days…


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