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2 good things and A is for gorilla

29 Apr

Caught your attention, didn’t I?  As my Auntie Anne would say, “It’s a good day when you learn something!” I concur Auntie Anne!


So what did I learn?  I found out that Goodwill will take your computer that you don’t need anymore.  In my case a 10 year old desktop that was just collecting dust.  They will take your laptop and wipe the hard drive, give it to Dell, have them refurbish it, and then give it to someone who needs it.  Pretty cool, right?

Second good thing!  I was at my apartment, cleaning it out, trying to be a good former tenant…  I got there and was starving. I knew I’d just have to struggle through and deal with my stomach trying to eat itself.  Well, while I was throwing away grocery bags I noticed something in one.  What do you know, it was a Luna Bar that I thought I’d lost.

Luna Bar for the win!

I betcha didn’t know that A was for gorilla?  Did ya?

When we were going over what picture showed the long a sound (either apple or ape).  When we asked one little girl which picture it was she said, “Gorilla?”

Yup that about sums it up.



Search Me!

28 Apr

Moving is not fun. I mean like for anyone. I guess I’ll take solace in the fact that 2 people used the search term, “What not to do at Hogwarts” to find my blog.

Also, Bond seems to he adjusting well…


OMG Becca

25 Apr

This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, not safe for your grandma, probably your mom, small children, or you if you are easily offended.

That being said…this is hilarious.

I just may be a hoarder

23 Apr

Sorry for the lack of posts! It’s been busy business around these parts.
I don’t have much to say. So why not force you to look at pictures from my everyday life?

That’d be 10 pairs of shoes…and I have plenty more in the closet.

Bond has he free pick of many different bags.

Taking off shellac nail polish may be one of the most time consuming and inconvenient activities ever!

Did I mention I might be a hoarder…?

Things I never thought I’d have to say…

18 Apr

School children.  They make you say things you thought you would never utter…

“If you want to give Mrs. Gregory a hug, you have to use your hands.”

“You must park your car before entering the classroom.”

“Blow your nose with your nose not your mouth.”

In other news my GPS on Runkeeper had me walking a 12-13 minute mile.  That is not possible. I am not a speed walker.  


Little Chickens

16 Apr

 was reading the story Chicken Little with a group of first graders today.  At one point in this version a fox is leading Chicken Little, a goose, and a turkey to his lair.  I asked the students what would happen if the animals went into the fox’s lair.  One student replied…

“They’d be screwed.”

Simple as that. 


Five for Friday

12 Apr

What’s up party people?

It’s been crazy hot this week.  I’m talking temps in the 80’s and fun stuff like that.  I actually turned on the AC this week.  Nutso!

1) Happy Hour with colleagues.  That is all. 

2) Fruit Bowels…I don’t think I want to know what that is…

3) Reasons why my son is crying.  No, not my son.  I don’t have  son.  Some random dude’s son…  But I think not being able to drink whiskey is a pretty good reason to cry.

4) Someone came out to observe my licker/spitter/thrower. Of course she was the picture of normalcy.  “Devil Inside”  indeed…  No she’s not really the devil.  However, she does she ghost alligators in her room at night.

5) Robert Downey Jr. in lederhosen.  Interesting.



11 Apr

I haven’t done a kids only post in some time, so why not now?

I love my first graders (and fourth graders), but they say some of the craziest things. 

MG – Andy why do you have dirt on your head?

A- She did it (pointing to another little girl)

MG – Mary why did you put dirt on Andy’s head?

M – Because he was smiling at me!

MG – Andy is just happy, he was smiling because he was happy!

M – Oh…


During small math groups

M- I don’t like boys!

A- Well I can’t have a girlfriend!

M- I don’t want a boyfriend!

Yes, during small math groups…not talking about math.


Whilst doing a quick write…

MG – Okay Andy what do you want to write about…and no basketball!

A- Jumping!

MG – No jumping

A- Basketball!

MG – No basketball

A- Leaves!

MG – Okay, what’s your topic sentence?

A – I like jumping in the leaves! (Yes each sentence ended with an exclamation)

Oh, I have the cutest cat…evah!

Cutest cat ever award!#picstitch

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9 Apr

Is what I’m going through right now. I don’t have cable or Internet. Fun times.

My cable company thought it’d be fun to disconnect my services 3 weeks early…

Writing blog posts on your iPhone is not the best.

I went to the zoo on Sunday. I saw the most exotic animal ever!

A cow! It made a little homesick, gotta say.
A lot of the exhibits were closed which was a little bummer…but I did see a cute Red Panda sleeping in a tree.

Happy almost Humpday!

Five Thing Friday

6 Apr

Awww, the last Friday of Spring Break.  It’s a sad day. 

1) The Great Gatsby.  I want to see this so bad!  I’ll tell ya the book really annoyed me, but I’m really interested to see how Lurhman constructs it. 

2) This year will be the 10th year that my mom and I are doing the Flying Pig. 

I know there are only 8 medals there, but I didn’t get a medal the first year we did it. 

3) Mad Men is starting again.  Here’s a little visual to catch you up.

Oh Don… I love you in all your chauvinistic, chimney smoking, alcohol swilling greatness.

4) I got my nails did the other day.  I love this color called, I Have a Herring Problem.  Get it?  Get it?  It’s a shellac, which I love because then I don’t have to worry about my nails for two weeks.

Love this color…I have a herring problem #seewhatididthere

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5) My cat is weird.

What does he see up there?#picstitch #heseesdeadpeople

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He sat there for a good five minutes just staring at the ceiling…just swiveling his head back and forth…weirdo.

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