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Mama said there’d be days like this…

27 Feb

Mama just didn’t say that they would follow one right after the other.  Thanks mama…!

030 (2)

Who am I kidding?  I can’t stay mad at that!

But seriously mom you didn’t specify that they could be concurrent days.

I uttered these words today, “Thank you for putting both feet on the ground and not sticking your head out the window!”  Yup mark that up to things I never thought I’d say. 

The day started innocently enough taking walks for breaks from the classroom, parking your imaginary car in the hallway….

Then things got…hectic…

I had to remind my little Dora to not draw on her face with Expo marker.  That would be no bueno.  Things got progressively worse from there.  Here are the top hits:

  • sticking her head and arms out of the window
  • screaming right in my face in a very high-pitched octave
  • climbing on the desks
  • banging the keyboard on the computer table
  • and the kicker…while holding my lovely child’s hands to make her stop doing something (I can’t remember what) she licked me.  Yup, licked me like I was her baby cat.  It was the grossest thing…ever.

After all those shenanigans I went to the grocery store and got some chocolate milk…


No, I didn’t drink all the above chocolate milk, but I did have some!

To top off the wonderfulness of today, I was making dinner, salmon if you must know.  I took the salmon out of the oven to put on the topping and then went to put it back in the oven…with my bare hands. 

Who needs oven mitts when you’ve got hands of asbestos?  Me.  Yes, me.  I do. 

It’s a good thing the dish didn’t shatter when I slammed it back on the oven.  Oy.

I call do over!


Don’t quote me on that!

26 Feb

Recently I have been privy to some pretty spectacular quotes…

“You know it’s been a good morning when you’re picking glaze out of your crotch!”

Yep, I said it and get your mind out of the gutter!  I’m only talking about donuts!


“How can he be homeless?  He’s texting!!”

Again another gem from me.  I swear, I’m not usually this crass.  But seriously, the dude had a Blackberry and was texting someone.  How?

Happy rainy Tuesday y’all!

J Law.

25 Feb

I love Jennifer Lawerence!

It’s 3 AM

21 Feb

I must be lonely…or not. Maybe I’m just driving…or have insomnia…

But I have noticed some things.
A) radio stations play whatever they want at this time. Seriously whatever. Boys in the hood on easy listening? Sure why the hell not?!
B) cops are super hard to pick out. I mean really. But the. One you do see one everything and everything reflective looks like a potential police car.
C) no one else is awake at this time. Weird!
D) even if it is 3 AM people still find it hilarious to make you walk through the zig zaggy crowd control lines. Jerks

Harlem what?

19 Feb

Can someone explain the Harlem Shake to me?  Because seriously, I don’t understand it.  Does that make me a fuddy duddy?

School News

This happened:

Oh dear…#donthatetheplayer

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How does a real couple talk?  Maybe I need some pointers…

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year.  Okay, not really.  Tomorrow I get to go to the Virginia Beach Convention Center with the rest of all of the fourth graders in the district…yeah.  I said it, the district.  We are going to go listen to a concert by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.  The music is always wonderful but seriously…imagine it…all of the fourth grade classrooms in the same place at the same time…Oy…

Have you heard of Noisetrade?  It’s a pretty rade site (yeah I said rad) where you can download music and albums.  Usually for a minimal fee or even free if you want.  Noisetrade is all about supporting and exposing Indie artists.  Pretty sweet!  You should check it out.


Five Thing Friday

15 Feb

Three day weekend.  What, what!?

1) Leanne look away…..

Okay I watched this video on repeat the other day.  I just can’t get over it.  I think it’s the accent…

2) Yesterday was Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day depending on your view.  But, I got these yesterday at school:

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Those and a delicious sandwich.  What can I say Schmidtson did well 😉

3) Kids send Valentine’s as well

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Finally, some recognition!!

4) Want to celebrate Valentine’s Wes Anderson style?  Check these bad boys out!

5) Oh yeah, and Leonard?  Leonard just don’t really care…

Check yes or no

13 Feb

So for some reason this year we’ve had a lot of note passing in 4th grade.  All girls.  It’s funny how sneaky they think they’re being.  They use codes and it’s all very sophisticated. 

I figured that I’d only have to worry about it for the older girls.  Well I was wrong.

Today in first grade I saw a little boy walking over to another boy with an obvious note in his hand.  This is what happened when I tried to intercept it:

MG- Isaiah come over here and give me that note!

I- But it’s not for you! (With an incredulous and how stupid are you look on his face)

MG – I know it’s not for me, but you shouldn’t be passing notes either.

I – silence

I then had to explain to him why he shouldn’t be passing notes and how that was not okay.  Oy.

Oh and this kid is amazing!

Master of Randomness

12 Feb

What do you think of this dress?

Miss G why are you wearing a dress!?

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I had two totally different reactions to it.  One student told me that he, “likes my clothes” and another who asked me why I was wearing a dress today.  I thought I put together a pretty cute outfit.  Apparently some people were not on the same page.  Eh.

I almost posted this picture yesterday, but that’d be two posts in one day…I don’t know if y’all could handle that from me!

I love Kelly Clarkson.  She’s hilarious and puts on a pretty damn good show.  I love her even more for photobombing Ellen’s picture not once, not twice, but three separate times. 

I’m pretty sure she and I could be best friends.  That is, of course, if I didn’t already have an amazing best friend…which I do!

What’s a Polish girl to do?

11 Feb

A transplanted Polish girl living at the beach.  Where no one has heard of a paczki and they look at you oddly when you mention it.  Well, you go to Kroger and get two iced jelly doughnuts, that’s what!


Last year I made my own paczki.  The process is quite time-consuming and I wasn’t all that impressed with the results, so Kroger to the rescue!

Of course Fat Tuesday means the beginning of Lent, which also means I have to think of something to give up.  I am at a loss.  I was thinking of giving up meat again, but I don’t know.  Any thoughts?

To all my relatives or friends who actually get to eat paczki tomorrow… I hate you!  Only kidding…a little bit…

Five Thing Friday

8 Feb

Friday I am so glad to see you!

1) The Sun Wheelers came to our school today. They are a group of physically challenged atheletes in the Hampton Roads area. Today they came in and played wheelchair basketball for our students. The kids loved it. They were enthralled the whole time.

2) This had to happen this week…

Yup, what can I lick?#picstitch #schoolteacherproblems

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3) The Walking Dead starts again this Sunday. I’m pretty psyched…

Walking Dead Goodness!

4) I have been listening to my RENT CD on repeat for the past week now. I know every word, every part…I should really try out for the touring company…

Oh Grumpy Cat…

5) Yes!


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