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70 with a chance of snow

31 Jan

Yep, Virginia Beach has some pretty screwy weather.

Yesterday it was 73.  Today it started off in the 60’s.  Tomorrow there is a chance for flurries in the morning…makes sense right?


I love to look at what people put into their search engines to find my blog.  Here are some of my favorites…

Today – Dulles airport chapel sleep.  Yes, it’s true, I slept in the Dulles airport chapel once…it was actually nice and warm and the chairs weren’t too uncomfortable. 2 of you wanted to know about that

Also 2 people were apparently “afraid of the dishwasher” as that was their term.

1 person also agrees with me and thinks Leonardo DiCaprio is a jerk in real life.

And a fabulous four of you also love wine as much as I do and used, “I love wine.”  I think I could become good friends with the four of you… 😉




Yep, I’m old

28 Jan

I knew this day would come eventually…but last Friday it was confirmed.  I’m old.

While the students were reading their guided reading books, one girl raised her hand to ask what a word meant/was.  What was that word pray tell?

Video Cassette


I included a visual just in case there were other young whippersnappers out there who had no clue as to what I was referring to. 

Another trend that leads me to believe my students  think I’m ancient is the “phones” they make during play dough time.  When they told me they were making phones, I thought of a phone that you hold in your hand without a screen up to your face…you know…a phone! 

Nope, when they make phones they are all cell phones of some variety.  It’s crazy.  I have to remind myself that they have probably never really seen a “real” phone.  All of my students were born in the 2000’s.  How crazy is that?!


Five for Friday

26 Jan

1) It’s snowing in Virginia Beach

Surely a sign of the apocalypse

A post shared by @ erag82 on

This can only mean one thing… Everyone must FREAK OUT!

2) Having my own private karaoke during school.

3) It took me 40 minutes to travel what should have taken 15. Again see #1.

4) If you don’t get excited about the Coen brothers…we probably can’t be friends…
Inside Llewelyn Davis

5) I made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish at school today. Surprisingly enough, I got through the whole list! It’s amazing what getting to scribble something out will do.

My cat has fleas

23 Jan

And other reasons I haven’t posted.

But mainly because this guy has fleas


It was a super fun thing to find out about and then pay money to help eradicate.  So if anyone has helpful hints for how to make sure they stay away, send them this way!

School Stories

I walked over to a pair of girls during their play dough time today.  I saw what I thought was a pink nest with one of the girl’s braclets inside.  I asked them about it.  This is what they said:

MG – Did you make a nest for your bracelet?

G1- No, it’s a cord

MG – What do you mean a cord?

G1 – You know like with a baby?

She had made a pink belly button and an umbilical cord laying on top.  I had to walk away for a moment and then go back.  When I went back over I asked where they had heard something like that.  Of course the answer was:

“From the Cake Boss one hour special where she has a baby…”

Of course!  Thanks Buddy!

Right before I left, I walked back over to where they were.  What did my innocent little eyes see?  G1 pulling the “cord” from G2…yep she was having a baby.

Three day weekend photo dump

20 Jan

Hope y’all are enjoying your three day vacation. I know I am!







18 Jan

I never thought you’d get here…

Just because I know some people who need this:

Happy three day weekend!!!!


16 Jan

So just pretend and say that “WeeeEE” like Taylor Swift does in her Never Getting Back Together song.  If you want to hear it the way good ol’ Samuel L. Jackson would, just take a listen.

I think I like his version better.

I let the kids rename their groups for word study since there were some changes.  So now the group names are as follows:

Peppermint Unicorns (pretty sure they wanted unicorn in their name somehow).  This group could have also been named the Teenage Mutant Ninja Readers buuuuuut they kept it classy. 

Ancient Readers

The other group has not picked a name yet, but I’m sure it will be equally awesome.

This is apparently happening now…


This is a really odd occurrence.  Bond is NOT a lap cat.  I don’t know what’s going on.  Maybe the apocalypse is actually on January 16th.

Tomorrow is Thursday and I cannot wait for Friday to get here. 

We have a three day weekend followed by a three day week.  C’mon!  I can do it!

How many…

15 Jan

Foam trapezoids can fit into a first graders mouth?  If you guessed three, you’d be incorrect.  The actual answer is two.  Why do I know this?  Because I just so happened to have one of my lovely first graders stuff two in her mouth and then chomp down on them like they were marshmallows.  Good, germy, fun times. 

Oh and while she was chomping away on foam trapezoids, she stuffed herself into a cubby.  Oh and she started a new thing where she repeats anything anyone says. 


Needless to say after all that, I went on a four mile run after school today. 

In cuter school news, I was taking my buddy out to the buses.  I told him to put his hood on because it looked like it was raining.  I went to go take his hand to lead him out to the bus and he put his arm across my stomach all safety patrol style and said,

“No Miss G. you stay here, you don’t have a jacket on, you’ll get wet!”

Well excuse me!  It was über cute and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.  It’s those moments that make me love my job….  Not the child eating trapezoid moments…

I Am 10K recap

12 Jan

I ran a foggy 10K this morning in Newport News.  The I Am 10K was at Newport News Park.  Even though it was foggy, it really was the perfect weather for a race, nice and cool.

This was the first year for the race, but I was impressed with how smoothly it went.  They had water stops (sometimes forgotten the first go around), and even some race encouragement on the course.  I had to little things that could have been better. The directions to the parking lot to park were a little confusing (if you were coming from the East the directions did not work) and the start times for the race seemed to keep changing.  Little things that I’m sure will be fixed next year. 

The I Am 10K is a trail race.  Trail races are my favorite for two reasons…a) the scenery is always changing thus I don’t get bored and b) I just like to play in the mud!


I Am Fitness put on the race and had a very positive vibe for the race throughout.  All the swag had a positive message and they even had positive notes on the mile markers.  My favorite…


Mainly because…I was tired.  I didn’t even read the Mile 6 sign because I knew that I only had .2 to go and I didn’t care anymore. 

This was a really fun race and I would definitely do it again.  I finished in 1:11, which is not to shabby for me!

The rest of the day calls for cupcake eating (which I already did and was delicious) and napping. 

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Five Thing Friday

11 Jan

Friday, I am so glad to see you. I felt as though I was a real bitch today at work. Sorry for the cursing. Some of the things the kids were doing today were just driving me batty!

1) I still have not taken down my Christmas decorations. My house still pretty much looks like I should be celebrating the birth of Christ tomorrow…

2) Bond wished me a happy Friday this morning by coughing up hairballs in my bedroom. I live such a glamorous life.


Jerkface, party of one.

3)In order to assure my Friday would end amazingly, I used my Living Social deal for a local bakery Flour Child. I got four cupcakes for $12.   Ah.Mah.Zing.


4) Going back to being a witch that starts with a b.  Tavi Gevinson, gives a good explanation on how my face must have looked through the whole ordeal.  The witchiness starts around 1:24

5) I have a difficult last name to try to pronounce.  This year the students are actually saying my whole name.  The years before it was just Miss G.  So far this week, I’ve had my name yelled at me in a very loud voice and pronounced with an e at the end (which never has happened before).  Mind you this is all by the same child…

Happy Friday people! 

Tomorrow I’m off to run in the I am 10K

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