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30 Dec

Because I just saw Les Mis and because NPH is awesome…


Five Thing Friday

28 Dec

Happy Friday! I have been enjoying my final day in Ohio by using up gift cards and making delicious Cheddar Scones. Really, they are da bomb! I put a note on them that they were terrible and that no one else should eat them, lest they want to suffer awful stomach pains. I don’t think it’s going to work…

Okay here we go!

1) My family members are horrible enablers.  Yes it’s true.  Just take a look:


What is in Emily’s Emergency Drawer you ask?  Well take a gander:


Yep, it’s sideways, I can’t figure out how to make it go the other way.  Anyway, in the drawer there is a pair of pajamas, $1.50, a pack of gum, a pair of socks, and yep you see correctly a three pack of underwear.

How am I ever going to learn how to pack correctly if they keep giving me things…;)

2) Which Wes Anderson character are you?  Just in case you were wondering, I am Francis from the Darjeeling Limited.

3) I got the new Ben Folds Five album for Christmas.  I love it.  I’ve listened to it three times already.  The first song on the album is Erase Me, I’m obsessed!

4) We went and saw the movie Hitchcock tonight.  It was good.  Very well played by Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, and Toni Collette.

5) I don’t normally talk football on the blog, but the past two bowl games I’ve watched and been ridiculous.  I’m looking at you Virginia Tech and Cincinnati!


Welp, I hope y’all had a great Friday.  Don’t get snowed in!  I’m going to try to skip town before I do!

Threefer Thrusday

27 Dec

Hey there!

I actually went outside today, shocking, and took a walk.  I pretty much looked like this:


Scary I know.  I’m sure people thought I was nuts going for a walk on the sidewalks covered in snow.  But not to fear since I had my new snow boots!  I seriously love them, they are my favorite.  20121226-141352.jpgThree things I did today:

1) Took a walk.  I got to walk on all the fresh snow.  I love hearing the crunch!  I had to be careful not to get too cocky with my grippy new boots so I didn’t slip and break my butt on the ice.  There were a couple of close calls, but I made it.

2) Drove to Cincy to do some shopping.  I love Cincinnati.  Seriously.  If it wasn’t so far away and didn’t have terrible traffic.  I’d visit every week.  There are so many cool little neighborhoods that make up Cincinnati; I always find something new and interesting to visit.  (Cincinnati infomercial end)

3) Overheard a great awkward conversation at Nordstrom Rack.  I was trying on a dress, that I eventually bought, and heard this little gem:

“Why didn’t I get bosoms like that?  You and Tillie both have lovely breasts.  I mean…they are a nice size.  They aren’t too big, not too small…”  The lady leading this one-sided conversation was some poor girl’s grandmother.  I’m sure that girl was instantly mortified.  Good times.

I hope your Thursday is going well and you are still enjoying your Christmas break!

Inside it is delightful

26 Dec

The weather outside is, in fact, frightful. SW Ohio got about 6 inches of snow early this morning.

The snow did give the chance to wear my new boots.

I love them.
We celebrated Christmas yesterday with too much food, Love Actually, and spending time together.



I’m so happy that we could spend Christmas together. I have even gotten two walks in. Watch out!

Merry Christmas!

25 Dec


Santa came to town


I wish you all have a blessed Christmas!

Santa Claus and his old lady

24 Dec

This is one of my favorite “Christmas” songs to listen to.  Enjoy…

10 hour brain dump

22 Dec

After a 10 hour drive I’m not really into a long post so here’s a dump of the photos I took on the way….
Pretty sunrise in Virginia


Blue sparkles!


Driving music


Snow on the mountain


Ohio farmland



19 Dec

It was a good year.

Such a good year, in fact, that it was the year of Jesus.  Betcha didn’t know that one!  That lovely factiod is brought to you by the first grade. 

My little buddy was passing out his Christmas presents to the teachers.  He gave a bag to one teacher, looked inside the bag, and proclaimed, “Here Miss C., it’s girl stuff.”  Indeed it was little buddy, indeed.  What was in the bag? Well Bath and Body Works of course.  Definitely girl stuff.


Christmas Blog Challenge


Sooo…I’ve kind of fallen off the blogosphere.  What can I say?  Christmastime is busy times.

Day 19: Favorite Stocking Stuffer.

I’m going with chocolate or iTunes gift cards on this one.  I mean it’s pretty much a win win.  Chocolate?  Delicious.  iTunes? Deliciousness for my ears. 


To end this random post, I give you The Oatmeal, How Much do Cats actually Kill?

I know if I let Bond out, he’d go on a spree; starting with the dog next door…


Five Thing Friday

14 Dec

Okay maybe not five and maybe not on a Friday…

1. Christmas blog Challenge: hardest person to buy for.

This one is a toss up between my brother and my best friend. My brother because he is very particular…or just really knows what he likes.

My best friend because I wan to make sure it’s just an awesome gift and is meaningful (not that I don’t do this with all my gifts) but she’s my bestie so I want it to be special!

2. This would be the number of times I was at the doctor’s this week. It’s also the number of strep tests I got to take.
Don’t be too jealous. Two doctor visits to find out I don’t have strep, but a viral sore throat and possibly mono… Fun times around these parts.


3. I absolutely had to write this social story this week


4. Just in case you haven’t seen it yet and because I love Dexter:

No I don’t know why there are girlie pics…Ice Truck Killer perhaps?

Hope everyone is getting their shopping done! One more week!

Now I have proof

13 Dec

A student told the general ed teacher in the classroom that he now had proof that Santa was in fact real and that he believed in him.  Do you want proof too?  Check out this link!

Okay, I have some catching up to do with the Christmas blog challenge!

Day 12:Gift wrap or gift bag?  I am definitely a gift wrap girl.  I love to pick out the different paper, bows, and ribbon.  Even though I know my beautiful artwork will be destroyed within seconds, I still have fun doing it.


Day 13: Favorite Christmas book

This is a toughie.  Plus I think since I’m a school teacher, I’m allowed to have a couple.

First: Polar Express

Second: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Third: Cathedral Mouse

I’m not exactly sure this book is a Christmas book.  IT takes place in the winter and always made me think of Christmas.  I love the little mouse in the book and how he hides in the church.

School News:

Today a first grader very eloquently and loud enough for the entire class to hear that another first grader called him a d@#$head.  Nice right? I’d like to first know what type of language the one student is hearing at home.  Then want to know why the other felt the need to repeat it.  Good times indeed.





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