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Five Thing Friday

30 Nov

Thank God Friday is finally here!

It’s been a week of crazy children, crying children, and getting sick. Fun times indeed.

1: Children in first grade are truly innocent (for the most part). They were asked to write a letter to anyone in the classroom. After they wrote it they were going to be sharing the letter with the recipient. One student wrote this:


Of course A wrote the letter to C and C wrote a lovely letter inviting A to come over to her house and eat cereal….

2: Proof that I look like an idiot when I run


Oh and you can’t see from this picture, but I’m pretty much levitating in this picture.

3: When I was giving a spelling test today, I told them the word was “eighth.”  One student’s response was, “Oh God!”  See it’s really tough being a fourth grader.

4: Silver Linings Playbook is a good/funny/awkward movie with Bradley Cooper as an anxiety ridden/awkward/foul-mouthed ex mental patient.  All in all a good time!

And he wears a garbage bag when he runs.

5: My work is having a Christmas party and it’s a tacky sweater Christmas party.  I am sooooo excited!  Like there is no good reason for me to be this excited about wearing a tacky sweater.  Is this too much?


I hope y’all have a great weekend and start to December!!


Charlotte Turkey Trot recap

26 Nov

As you’ve seen, Andrew and I ran an 8K on Turkey Day.

I was very excited that Andrew agreed to run with me.  It’s so much better to run with someone else than alone.  We started towards the back since I knew that I don’t run that fast.  Andrew and I got our pace pretty quick and before we knew it were at mile 1.  High fives! 😉

When I registered on the website it kept touting a new course.  Apparently that new course…included lots of lovely hills. Here in Virginia Beach, we don’t have to many of those raising inclines, unless they are man-made.  I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty proud of us because we ran up all the hills.   By the third hill I was cursing them, but hell, I did it!

Yeah, that’s not how I felt.

Around mile 2, running through a neighborhood, there were some people out in their front yard making cocktails.  They seemed to have the ingredients for mimosas and something with rum.  Andrew and I saw a guy go back and grab two drinks one for him and one for his friend. Good times.

A little ways after that (mile 3?) we overheard the following conversation: “Hey Mike, how are you doing?”  “Hey John, very poorly!”  It was hilarious at the time and Andrew and I referred to it constantly throughout the week. 

I’ve got to give major props to my brother.  He was an amazing cheerleader and coach. High fives after every mile, words of encouragement…awesome job bro!  I told him that I was going to walk for a little bit once we hit the traffic light (the hills killed my thighs) he told me I could, but as soon as mile four came up, I was running again.  See, good coaching right there!

I’m also proud of him because I know he was hurtin’ the last mile and half or so.  He pushed through it and we even sprinted to the finish. 

Now, I’ve definitely caught the racing bug!  If you’re interested in some upcoming Virginia Beach area races, check out these!

Jingle Bell Run/Walk December 1st – Norfolk

Christmas Town Dash 8K December 2nd – Williamsburg

Surf n Santa 10 miler December 8th – Virginia Beach

Santa Claus Shuffle 5K December 15th – Portsmouth



The Game

24 Nov


If you want to listen to the game…here!


Thanksgiving Part 2

23 Nov

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did!

Thanksgiving started with my brother and I running in the Charlotte Turkey Trot 8K. We finished in 57 minutes, not too shabby. Also, Jimmie Johnson was running in the race right in front of us, craziness!

Next on the list is to watch the Lions play football. Now, as a Lions fan, I don’t expect much. This game was just ridiculous. I think my heart stopped like 5 times. If you want to read about it, the freep had a pretty good article summing up the insanity of the game.

After burning off many calories due to stress, it was time to eat!

Starting at the top: stuffing, mac n cheese, sweet potato bread, brussel sprouts with cranberry, and sweet potato casserole. We also had turkey (of course), cranberry relish, and crescent rolls. Definitely not enough food for four people.

Andrew doesn’t have a dishwasher, but who needs one!

Notice how I am not in the picture. Whoops!

Thanksgiving day was ended the only appropriate way I know…by watching Channing Tatum try to convince Rachel McAdams to be his wife.

For some reason this has been a Channing Tatum weekend. On Friday we watched 21 Jump Street…dumbest movie ever, but can help but laugh. I think it was rounded out well by watching the Muppet Movie beforehand.

It was a great Thanksgiving Day and I am so happy to have spent it with my family!

Giving Thanks

22 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am thankful for my family and friends both near and far. I’m thankful my friend is starting a new journey, even though it takes her clear across the country.

This morning I was especially thankful my brother got up and did an 8k with me!


I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving with whoever you spend it with!

I got

20 Nov

Nothin’.  Yep, nothin’ to say.  Makes me feel like a bad blogger….

Yesterday, I dusted off my running shoes and did a four mile run through my neighborhood.  I signed up to do a Turkey Trot 8K on Thanksgiving morning, so I figured it’d be a good idea to be ready. 

Running a race on Thanksgiving is a great way to help not feel like a complete slob on Thanksgiving.  It’s also fun to spend time with your family and burn off some calories so you can have that extra piece of pie!

Some Hampton Roads area races:

Virginia Beach Turkey Trot

Blue Talon Bistro Turkey Trot – Williamsburg

Toys for Tots Thanksgiving 5K – Newport News

Stuffed Strut – Wytheville VA (this race is on the 23rd)

Hope you find one that works out for you!

Five Thing Friday

16 Nov

First of all, this:

2.There were some great conversations going on during Word Study today:

First while giving the word study test (the word they were spelling was said)

MG- “Said, the teacher said it was time to go.”

S – That’s what she said.

Then talking about pets:

S- My mom doesn’t trust me around birds

MG- Oh, did you used to have a bird?

S- No.  But, once there was a fire outside my house and when I looked out the window I saw a bird and it was on fire

Me thinking this still doesn’t explain why her mother doesn’t trust her around birds

S- Yeah, I think my mom thinks I did it.

Note to self never let this child around a flame or sparrows.

And lastly:

S- I love word study! I just want to stay here with you Miss G.

MG – Well, if you do that, you’ll be staying after school.

S-after a long pause, Well, I don’t think I want to do that then.

3. I fell down the stairs to my apartment this morning while leaving for work.  I’m pretty sure that God is telling me just to stay inside.  Either that or to not wear heels down the stairs…or maybe to stop rushing around.  But, I’m pretty sure it’s to just stay inside.

Seriously.  I was pretty sure I had woken up the entire complex.  Luckily no one came outside.  Either they heard the noise and ignored it or they all watched me tumble through the peep hole.

4. If you ever wondered who was the most effective person on Law and Order (I know I did), then this chart should help you out. I always knew Jack McCoy was a badass!

5. I’m going to see the new Bond movie this weekend.  Needless to say, I’m pretty excited!

Next week is Thanksgiving week.  I’m thankful that it’s only 2 1/2 days!

Reasons why

15 Nov

I love Lyle Lovett and you should too!

1. He played for two hours straight and then did a twenty-minute encore.  Who does that?

2. He tells really good stories.  Lyle (because we are that close), likes to tell stories about his journey to where he is today.  Almost all of the stories start off in Texas, meander their way through the United States, and end up in some “folk” theater where he’s a fish out of water.

3. He’s got awesome hair:

4. Lyle played an entirely acoustic set and still sounded amazing!

5. The “Fat Baby” song

The Sandler Center hosted Lyle and his Acoustic Group and they were great!  The Sandler Center is a smaller venue, so there really isn’t a bad seat. 

School News

Today we were going over synonyms for words.  We got to the word beautiful.  One student said:

S- Beautiful like pretty

MG – Yep, that’s right

S- Like she has a gorgeous face.  Like she’s got a good body.

MG – Okay! That’s where we are going to stop!

What the what?  He’s in fourth grade!  Who or what is he listening to? 

Every morning I pick up a first grader from the lobby and walk down with him to the room.  While I’m standing there I say good morning to different students.  I said good morning to another student that is in the first grade class I teach in:

MG – Good morning Mary!

S- It is going to be a good morning!  I can tell!

Oh to have such optimism!

Wes Anderson does Star Wars

14 Nov

I’m sure you’ve all seen this already…but if you haven’t, here it is again.

Wes Anderson’s version of Star Wars

I love Wes Anderson films and maybe I’d actually like Star Wars if he had directed them.


11 Nov

…it’s hard to be a college football fan. 

I watched the UofM vs. Northwestern game yesterday.  All I have to say is, my poor, poor heart.  I think it stopped about 5 times yesterday.

We started off the game, tailgating….


Clearly, we need to have more options for drinks before we go. 

The game itself…I’m just going to say it…best Michigan game I’ve personally been to.  All pretty much because of this:


Awesome, awesome game!  I don’t have much more to say…so enjoy some UofM pictures. 


M GO BLUE!!! Proud to be a Michigan girl.

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