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Sandy, you little minx!

30 Oct

I’m here!

Sandy definitely blew in on Saturday.  I was, thankfully, pretty unaffected.  My apartment is fine and there were no damages. 

I was a little worried yesterday that I wouldn’t be able to leave for work today

A little closer still.  The flooding never got into my parking lot, but if it would have continued I wouldn’t have been able to get out this morning. 

Also, my neighbors left this in their backyard:

That would be his shed that he deconstructed and left leaned up against a tree.  All I could see was one of those pieces just flying through my window.  Luckily, nothing happened.

Fashion attire you ask?

I went all out!  Yes, that’s a Snuggie.  Don’t judge, it was given to me by my secret Santa and as you can see I was quite comfy.  I was also wearing my noise canceling headphones (thanks Auntie Anne!) pretty much all day Saturday.  They cut so much of the howling wind out!  It really helped with my anxiety and not flipping out over every little noise. 

I think Bond would have like some noise canceling headphones:

He was in full on survival mode and pretty much didn’t leave my side all weekend.  Poor little guy!

And there ya go!  I survived! 

Sandy I really didn’t enjoy your visit and you are not welcome to come back!


Oh Sandy…

28 Oct

I found the above image at Pink Trash Travels and think it’s genius!

Right now, Virginia Beach is feeling the effects from her in the way of high wind gusts and rain.  I think I’ve gotten a total of maybe three hours of sleep.  The wind slamming into the side of my apartment is just a wee bit disconcerting.  It’s also disconcerting that I can feel the apartment wiggle with the really big gusts. 

We are scheduled to really get the brunt of everything aka “bitch”/greaser Sandy tomorrow Morning.  Yay!

My outfit today is pretty tragic: running tights, long-sleeved t-shirt, and UofM knee high socks.  I figure no one is going to see me today, so why not wear what is comfy?  Oh and I did my makeup (I’ve been up since 3, I’ve had a lot of time) in a Cleopatraesque fashion. 

Bond?  Oh yeah, he is not a fan of this at all.

He’s been on high alert the whole time. Also, in a weird move for him, he hasn’t left my side.  If I lay on the couch, he lies on the couch…like directly next to me. 

I’ve been working on my centerpiece for next weekend’s reading conference and watching really bad movies.  Jennifer’s Body?  Horrible, don’t subject yourself to it.

Welp, off to brave Sandy!  Stay safe people, don’t be stupid and try to look at the storm.  Seriously, stay inside!


Wicked 10K recap

27 Oct

Well I did it.  I ran the entire Wicked 10K!

Aside from walking through the water stops and one pit stop in the bathroom (stupid water), I ran the entire shebang!

I’d tell you my time, but the results aren’t up yet.  Boo. 

The Good:

I ran the whole thing!

I ran the whole thing and don’t feel like dying!

The post race party was inside due to the incoming hurricane.  The post race party also included beer!

Costumes!  There were some pretty creative people.  I saw Superman coming out of a phone booth, The Tide, and a hamster running in a wheel (still don’t know how he made it the entire race).  I managed to snap a picture of a couple:

I know it’s blurry, but he was moving quickly!  It’s a shark with a pair of legs sticking out!  Genius!

The Bad

It was hella windy.  Again, thanks Sandy! 

Since it was so windy, crap kept blowing in my eyes making it hard to see.

After my stop in the bathroom I lost my jelly beans that I was going to eat at mile 3.  I was fine, but man was I looking forward to those jelly beans!

So overall, a pretty good race!  I also like to people watch/listen in on others conversations.  What?  Like you don’t do the same thing? 

Things you hear that are only OK at the Wicked 10K

“Hey, I’ve got another bag of blood back here if we run out.”

“Does my butt look better this way?  Or this way?”

“Oh man!  My moustache blew off!”

And now, I’m going to sleep and drink water.  Not at the same time, of course 😉

Wicked 10K

26 Oct

Whoo!  The Wicked 10K is tomorrow!

Come on out tomorrow at 8:00 AM! 

Don’t be one of these…


Get it?  A horse’s….?

The expo is today from 11-8 and again right before the race tomorrow from 6:30-8:30.  Don’t miss out!

Which number is bigger?

23 Oct

Just a little insight into my world.  Because you haven’t had enough already?

We were comparing numbers today (which number is larger…).  The last problem we did was 491 and 502.  These two numbers were too big for the first graders so I told them to look at just the four and five.  Still getting blank stares…  So I said

MG: One person has four crayons and someone else has five.  Who has more crayons?

S: The boy!


On Sunday I went on a trail walk.  On my way in I noticed some runner types setting up a tent.  Whatevs no big deal.  I kept walking in.  When I got into the main part of the trails there was now water stations and arrows on the actual trail.  Okay so obviously a race was going on.  It was still early on a Sunday so I figured I was good.  I went on my way and did think anything of it until I heard LOUD music on my way out of the trails.  I kept walking…now I see people lining the street.  I keep going…now I see a finish shoot.  I continue on, trying to think of a way to not walk through the shoot.  It wasn’t possible, so I finished a race in 18 minutes.  My best time ever!  Although I did feel like the race people felt like this…

Seriously though, I think one of the race people gave me the stink eye.  Hey!  Don’t put your race on my trail path!

Another story to go along with my trails.  A lot of the local high school’s cross-country teams like to run on the trails.  They are long and you can go so many different ways, it’s pretty convenient.  Anywho.  I noticed a group of girls coming up behind me, so I got out of the way.  When I got back on the path I saw one girl getting up and dusting herself off.  Then I saw her limping.  When I got closer I heard her whimpering.

I, of course, didn’t have my phone on me to call anyway.  She sat on a bench for a moment and then was off again, whimpering.  She kept going crying and stopping.  Walking and crying for a good 10 minutes, I was behind her the whole time.  The thing that boggled my mind was that no one from her cross-country team stopped for her.  Not cool guys, not cool.

Maybe I should I have told her this

Probably not…

Have I mentioned I love wine?

21 Oct

If not, I’m telling you now!

I love wine!

Yesterday I headed out to the Town Point Virginia Wine Festival.  It was a bootyful day.  I also had two friends to enjoy the day with!

Courtney, Stephanie and I got to the festival a little bit before it opened.  It was really nice to be there “first” before all the long lines and people showed up. 

Look at all those crazy people!  I guess I would have to be crazy too, since I was part of the masses.  It’s definitely interesting to people watch at events like this.  There are so many different types of people.  You have the people who bought tables and brought their own platters of food.  The people who get all dressed up, those who don’t, and of course…the overserved.  It’s really easy to become inebriated because you think that you’re only getting a little taste.  Well, those tastes add up my friend! 

There was a girl behind us at one point who wanted to join our group because she was by herself…except for her boyfriend who was right next to her.  She also wanted to take a picture of the Indian sommelier at the booth.  She assured us that this was a running gag between she and her friend.  I’m not so sure. 

We left because all the wines were starting to taste the same and we were hot.

I still think it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

Oh!  We took The Tide to get to the Wine Festival.  I love riding The Tide.  It’s so convenient and cheap.  I really wish Virginia Beach would get its act together and extend the light rail track. 

What did you do this weekend?

(F)six Thing Friday…the f is silent

19 Oct

Friday!  Finally!  It seems like years since you’ve been here!

1.  The sunrises this week have been gorgeous!

2. Habanero shredded cheese.  Where have you been all my life?!  I found my fix at Kroger.  I don’t know if there are other options out there, but it’s pretty spectacular.  Pretty sure Adam Richman would approve.  I mean it’s not as hot as a ghost pepper,buuut it’s spicy!

3. The Detroit Tigers are going to the World Series!  Mitch Albom wrote a great article about the last game.

4. Dear Songs/Artists, Please do not put dead air or weird glitchy noises at the beginning of your songs.  It makes me either think that a)something is wrong with my iPod or b) my iPod is dead.  In both cases I spend too much time stopping and trying to figure out what is wrong only to see that it’s your annoying song.  So stop it! Love, Emily

5. The space shuttle Endeavour traveled down the streets of Los Angeles.  I know there was a lot of hullabaloo about how they had to cut down trees and put down steel plates in order for this to happen.  But watching that video, you have to admit, it’d be pretty flippin’ sweet to see a space shuttle outside your window.

 6. I have had three runs where I haven’t felt like dying!  I’ve been slowly building up my distance that I run.  Crazy!  Maybe all that research about growing stamina is right!

 Have a great weekend!

It’s Wednesday

17 Oct

I don’t have much to say today.  I didn’t run or really do anything cool.  I went to a class after school today.  How much do you want to be me?!  I do, however, have a fun video to share.  I love Jenna Marbles.  I think she is hilarious.  The video I’m sharing is of her doing her boyfriend’s makeup.  It’s pretty good times. 

Just so you know…NSFW or to play around grandma.  Unless grandma likes lots of cursing…sorry peeps.

Happy Humpday!


Deep Thoughts with Emily

16 Oct

You know, like Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy?

It was this quote that reminded me of him: “Whenever you read a good book, it’s like the author is right there, in the room talking to you, which is why I don’t like to read good books.” Jack Handy

I often have “deep thoughts” while running or working out.  You know, your mind just kinda wanders…  The usual thought running through my brain is, “What am I going to make for dinner?” or “Why is that guy running like that?”  I even wonder if Bond misses me while I’m gone and if he can somehow keep track of the minutes I’ve been absent.  Maybe in his little kitty brain he has a very sophisticated abacus to keep track of how long I’ve been gone. 

See, what did I tell ya?!  Deep, deep thoughts. 

To somewhat go along with all these deep thoughts, the kids were writing about how they were feeling today.

So of course, like the big nerd I am, I thought of the “How do you feel today/Life Support?” portion in Rent.

To out myself as an even bigger nerd, the Rent cast in the clip is the cast I saw the last time I saw Rent.

Okay, so the first graders weren’t have such deep thoughts as in Rent, or at least I hope not.

One of the first graders did say this, “I’m as happy as an angel that’s up in heaven!”

I mean seriously.

In running news,  I think I’m slowly working up my stamina.  I now don’t feel like I’m going to/want to die every time I go out for a run.  Crazy right?  I did four miles total today, running 2.5 of it.  I signed up for the Wicked 10K again this year and I really want to run most of it.  I think I can!  I love the Wicked 10K, I think it’s my favorite race in Virginia Beach.

Alrighty folks, just remember, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enought, and doggone it, people like me!”


Weekend highs and lows

14 Oct

First off I’d like to give it up to the wonderful weather we’ve had this weekend.  It has been beautiful!

High: Yesterday I went to my school’s Fall Carnival.  One of the high school students I worked with said, “So you’re in high school, right?”  Ha! I’m sure he was just being polite, but that’s a definite confidence booster.

Low: I made two children cry this week.  One was a first grader and one was a fourth grader…either way not great.  Before you think I’m a horrible person, I am not.  I just bring out the best in people!

High: Don’t ever try to rob a store whose employees are marathon runners.

High: Jon Hamm being the wonderful person he is. 

I watched All Good Things yesterday.  What is wrong with that guy?

High/Low: Today I walked in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  It’s a high because we are honoring and remembering those we have lost or are currently fighting the battle of Alzheimer’s.  A low because Alzheimer’s is such a debilitating and savage disease.  Listening to the stories of those who talked was heart breaking and familiar. 

  I walked for my grandpa.  He was a wonderful man and did not deserve what Alzheimer’s did to him.  I will continue to walk and raise money so that someday this disease can be eradicated.

High: I just made some pumpkin whoopie pies for a meeting tomorrow.  I had to, of course, taste test them and they are delicious!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!  Soak it up while you can!

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