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I’m so angry at you!

27 Sep

No not you, but… Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about?  I think I see 3, maybe four hands.  Good times.

Other awesome things about today:

I multi tasked today by baking blondies and working out.  counterintuitive? Nah, that’s just plan smart.

I paid $2.40 at Jiffy Lube today.  Yep that’s right.  The service was originally $76, but I had a Groupon! Haha!  Take that!

The local wine shop recently started carrying a local champagne (I guess it’s sparkling since it’s not from France…right?) that I love.  This is so excited.  Cheap bubbly wine for all!

I finally got my chalkboard paint craft worked out.  I know have a chalkboard in the kitchen.  Now I can write notes, recipes…what not.  I can’t help but notice it.  Again, very excited!  Oh, it’s the little things in life…


Happy Birthday Lady!

26 Sep

And by lady, I mean this lady…

My mom!

Like every teenager I didn’t really like her for a couple of years there, sorry mom. What I’ve realized now is that, and it pains me to say this, she was right! About pretty much everything I didn’t like her for…

She is my biggest cheerleader, race buddy:

Sweaty camera picture. Sorry!

food taste tester and wine connoisseur(yes I had to Google how to spell that).

I should also give her the title of chair tryer outer.

My mom always has good sayings and we often joke that she and my aunt should start a book of their lives and the things they say. She is always there for a hug and words of encouragement. I always know that if someone does me wrong…my mom will be in my corner no matter if I’m being rational or not.

She passed on her love of good music and the Beatles to me. For that I am a grateful music snob!

Happy Birthday mom! I find myself turning into you more and more each day! Which is okay by me!


25 Sep

As a teacher I’m with children all day.  As you’ve seen on the blog, they say the best things ever!  Yesterday was another good one.  At our school we do the Daily Five.  While asking the students where they wanted to go I noticed one of them was crawling on his knees to the library bucket.  Yeah, that’s something I’m not going to notice…

While I was working with a small group another boy offered this gem of advice:  “If you use all your good luck today you’ll only have bad luck tomorrow.”  He then said he didn’t believe that because there would be a lot of people with bad luck.  I tend to agree with him. 

I went on a quick 3 mile run today.  I thought I’d share two artists that help me get through!

Robert Randolph!  Specifically Uncle Ted’s Last Jam.  I couldn’t find a good video for it, so just take my word for it!

Nikka Costa:

Oh yeah,so the bugs.  I don’t know if it’s just the Hampton Roads area, but there are tons of gnats around.  I swear about two dozen of them either went in my mouth or up my nose during my run.  Yummy.

Just so you know.  Don’t look up “bugs in mouth.”  Really, don’t do it.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Bond is not impressed

24 Sep

Just in case you were under the pre conceived notion that Bond cares about the weekend…

He doesn’t. Like, at all.

Heart of Ghent 10K

23 Sep

Good Sunday to ya!  I hope the weekend treated you well!

On Saturday, as promised, I ran in the Heart of Ghent 10K.  It was a perfect morning for a race.  I got there early because I didn’t know how parking would be.  This was a good idea because where I wanted to park was roped off.  The people of Ghent (at least those parked on Colley) obviously didn’t get the memo and there were tickets a plenty flappin’ in the wind.  Ooops.

My outfit:

See, I even got two of the same shoe this time!  I had originally planned on wearing a long-sleeved pull over, but it was pretty warm so I nixed it and left it in the car.  Nice matching outfit righ?  Oh well.  I had to wear something Michigan since it was a game day and I didn’t  have any other shirts washed…  So pink with blue it is!

My plan for the race was to run a mile, walk a mile.  I did pretty much this and stuck with it.  I ran mile 1, walked 2…  It worked out pretty well and I felt good!  My mantra for the race?

The race course took you through the different little neighborhoods in Ghent.  It was neat to run past the old houses and see things I hadn’t noticed just driving by. 

After the race there was YNot Pizza, Moes, and O’Connor beer.  I went for pepperoni pizza and Green Can Ale.  A very good choice if I do say so myself.  Who says 9:35 is too early for pizza and beer!?

Francena McCorory was also there.  She’s in her “off-season”  She was very nice and was taking pictures with everybody.  I got her autograph and got to touch the gold medal.  Oooo.  It’s super heavy and very pretty.

I would do this race again.  For being its first year it was very well organized, had a great course, and wonderful food.  Drawbacks?  The course was dead.  I mean super quiet.  I don’t need throngs of people cheering me on, but a couple of people here and there wouldn’t have hurt.  Also the shirts were remarkably small.  I had checked for a medium, but when I picked up my packet they said they were running small and bumped up to a large.  I tried the shirt on today….I felt like I was wearing a shirt from Baby Gap.


21 Sep

Oh Friday, it took you so long to get here!

After school I went to pick up my packet for the Heart of Ghent 10K tomorrow.  I love how a 20 min journey in Hampton Roads takes 45…so stupid.  Packet pick up was painless and I’m excited for tomorrow!  Of course they were giving away reusable bags as part of the swag and it didn’t take Bond 10 minutes before he jumped inside.  Oh cats…

School Quotes

I know I’ve been calling this school news, but it’s not really news so there. 

The kids were playing a polygon game during math.  In this game they draw two cards, one which has the properties of a polygon, the other which is a shape.  They have to  have both cards match in order to keep the pair. 

One particular girl drew the WILD card and an octagon.  When you get the WILD card you can name the properties of the polygon you have. She started off with, “It has 8 sides and 8 vertices…”  Then she said it was a hexagon.  I asked her partner to help her out.  This is what happened:

Partner: Your polygon starts with “o”

Octagon Girl: Optogon?

Close, so I asked her partner to go on..

P: Think of an animal that lives in the water

OG: A bunny?

At this moment both her partner and I had a giggling fit.  The partner’s a little louder than my own.  I am somewhat professional after all.  I asked her partner to repeat her question saying I thought OG didn’t hear her.

P: It’s an animal that lives in the water

OG: A polar bear?

Closer but still no…

P: This animal has eight legs

OG: Oh an octopus!  So it’s an octagon!

Yikes!  It took a lot not just to giggle right along with her partner.  Really.

Happy you are finally here Friday!  I’ll report on the race tomorrow!


Two right feet?

20 Sep

Good Thursday to ya!  We are so close to Friday!

This morning started with too many bags.

Yes, I do have a rolly cart thing, but it’s somewhere in my closet and I just didn’t feel like messing with it.    In the red bag?  My über fancy tent cards I made for a local reading event.  Oh yeah. 

On Saturday, I am running in the Heart of Ghent 10K.  So today I did a 4 and some odd mile run/walk.  I was prepared and ready to go.  Except for when I went to go change and saw these shoes in my bag…

Ooops.  I was ready to go for it and where two different colored shoes except for the fact that they were both right shoes.  Luckily I had another pair of shoes in my car.  I guess this morning when I was getting read I just grabbed two shoes from on top without actually looking at them.  Rookie mistake!

Aside from tomorrow being Friday it is also Go Purple to End Alzheimer’s Day.  So tomorrow where purple to show your support and raise awareness for Alzheimer’s!

I’ll leave you with this wonderful video that my friend Courtney showed me today.  It literally had me crying….and yes I watched it on repeat…don’t judge.

Just sayin’…

19 Sep

A teacher’s best friend…

That is all.

Take a look Tuesday

18 Sep

But it should really be called Tornado Tuesday.  Well, you know, because of this…

I didn’t know how windy/rainy it was going to be when I got home, so instead of going for a run I did an inside (duh)circuit.  Still got a workout in, but not exactly what I wanted.

On to the real topic!  I came across a couple of videos that made me laugh so I’m sharing them with you good people. 

First up two of my favorite things.  Ben Folds and Fraggles!

I’ve seen Ben in Concert (he’s awesome by the way, lots of audience participation).  Fraggle Rock was one of my favorite TV shows growing up.  It’s a pretty fantastic combination. 

Next…Twilight.  Now as some of you know, I’m not that big a fan of Twilight, but this is good. 

Bad Lip Reading of Twilight.  My favorite is all the cake talk.

Ah, good times.

School News

One of the first graders was tattling (surprise!) that another first grader said a bad word.  What was the bad word in question? Sabre tooth Tiger….

I hope this “bad word” trend continues.  Those type of bad words, I can handle.

What a cute name!

17 Sep

Why are Monday’s so hard?  Ugh.

So what did you do this weekend?

Well I signed up for another 10K.  It seems like forever since my last race!  I decided to do the Heart of Ghent 10K.  It’s the first year for the race and the proceeds go to three great charities.  I’m excited because I am actually going to try running most if not all of it.  Whooo go me!

No, no I don’t, but I’d really like to see someone try.  I did my 6 mile route on Sunday knowing that I was going to reward myself with the first Pumpkin Latte of the season! 

It was well worth it my friends.  I love all the pumpkiny goodness.  While I was at Starbucks there was an older gentleman there who looked exactly like the Dos XX guy!

Yep, that’s him.  My guy had on aviators, but he was a dead ringer, I couldn’t help staring at him!

Also this weekend I was psyched to try my chalkboard paint for a kitchen craft.  Yeah, well this happened…

Just so you know I was not going for a Pollockesque chalkboard.  Something is definitely wrong with the spray can.  It didn’t really spray, but dribbled everywhere.  I mean ev.ery.where!  I tried actually painting with some of the pooled paint, but that just took the paint already on, off.  Sheesh.  Any suggestions?

Good times.

I went to Office Max today to make some copies for an event later this week.  As the lady was taking my name for the rewards card she said, “Oh, Emily, that’s a cute name.”  Cute?  I have never heard that my name is cute.  I was a little confused by it all. 

I’ll leave you with my zen moment from this weekend.  Enjoy!

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