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Highs and Lows/Foodie Penpals

31 Aug

Now, I don’t want you to think that my Foodie Penpal was a low…that was not the case!

It’s Friday and my last weekend before school starts up again.  I’m excited for the new school year.  There are a lot of changes, most of them good!

High: For lunch today we were treated to Bravo’s!  It was so delicious!  Very thankful to have such a yummy meal!

Low: I started the week with this

Yup, real classy looking.  That’s how I walked into school on the first day of teacher work week.  So what did I do?  Well, it was either Fight Club (oh wait, you do no talk about Fight Club), my new (not really new)gen ed teacher is really mean, or I was trying to get into my car and duck out of the way of a tree branch and the car door won.  If you guessed the last choice, you’d be right. 

High: Food Penpals!  My penpal was Sam over at SexyFlexi.  She gave me an awesome Foodie box! 

Start at the left: chocolate roasted almonds S’mores, apple chips, Seaweed snacks, Madras Sambar, Vegan sprinkles, Cracked Pepper Jerky Stick, and last but definitely not least a twisted cheese croissant from Homeboy Industries.  Let me tell you, that croissant did not last long.  Pretty much as soon as I opened the box…I inhaled that croissant, sooooo good!

High: Continuing on from the Foodie High…  Sam made the ingenious move and included Wes Anderson movie quotes to go along with all the foods.  I seriously gasped and did a little happy dance when I saw that.

Croissant – “How do you say “grilled cheese” from Hotel Chevalier.  Jerky – Anthony “cracked” and when to the nuthouse from Bottle Rocket.

Madras Samba – Indian Food from Darjeeling Limited.  Vegan Sprinkles – “I’d like to order some ice cream for my daughter please” from The Royal Tenenbaums.  Sea Snacks – “I’ve been out to sea for a long time” from Rushmore. 

Dolphin Endangered Species Chocolate – “Son of a bitch, I’m sick of these dolphins” from The Life Aquatic.  Somehow I don’t have pictures of the apple chips (which I ate as a snack at the airport) and the almonds…  The quotes were: “The boy is being held in an apple crate on top of a gun cabinet in the attic of the Bean Annex” from Fantastic Mr. Fox and “Because what’s camping without S’mores?” from Moonrise Kingdom (which I still need to see).

I loved that Sam did that!  It was totally cool and I loved it.  Did I mention I loved it?

High: Sunsets, they are just perfection

Welp, I just got back from a walk.  The first one since I slammed my face into the car door.  I’m gonna chill have some din din and declare tonight movie night!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


Get into the groove

29 Aug

Hey there!  It’s been a spell!  Did you enjoy reading Roxanne’s post about her #Foodie Penpal box?  Don’t you want to join now?  It’s a lot of fun and see you don’t have to be a blogger!

Anywho, it’s been super tough for me to get back in the working groove.  I know, I know, such a difficult problem to have.  There are some other things that are making it difficult, but I’m not going to go spreadin’ it around the Internets.

Why not share some pictures of my trip to Michigan that didn’t get posted?  I think it’s a grand idea.

They don’t enjoy wine tasting at all…

Mom trying out all the chairs

Twas a good trip, which always makes going back to reality all that more rough. 

Tomorrow I’ll post my Foodie Penpal goodies that I got from Sam over at Sexy Flexi.

See y’all later!

Foodie PenPal Guest Post

28 Aug

Hey everyone!  I’m Roxanne and I was lucky enough to be Emily’s recipient for this month’s foodie penpal!

A little about me:

  •  I currently live in New Haven, CT land of really good pizza, Yale University and the birthplace of the hamburger
  • I am training to be an oncologist- just 2 more years to go!
  • I am the owner of a 20lb orange cat (or miniature tiger) named Benny who is a living, breathing advertisement to adopt a shelter pet.
  • This was my first time taking part in foodie pen pal and I was lucky enough to be matched up with Emily!

So let’s cut to the chase on the amazing package I received in the mail and proceeded to devour almost immediately!

oh yeah! that’s a collection of delights!

In no particular order:

Luna Bar(s) there is only 1 pictured, or to be more accurate, 1/2 of one because i already ate the other one (white chocolate macadamia) and was half-way through scarfing this one down when i was like- oh crap! i need to take a picture of you! (forgive me folks i am not a food blogger and frequently eat before i photograph 😉

anyway, in case you didn’t figure out by my inhalation of them, the luna bars were yum! i’m so glad they came in my package, because to be honest with you, after luna discontinued my favorite flavor, chai tea, i felt my love for them wane.  But white chocolate macadamia and caramel nut brownie have definitely brought it back!

popchips- sour cream and onion

OMG THESE ARE SO GOOD! i love them! there are like 2 chips in the bottom of the bag.  i especially love them dipped into greek yogurt. mmmm.

annie’s snickerdoodle bunnies

Both adorable and delicious- great with chai!

kiwi-pineapple fruit leather

#1 look at the color of these fruit leathers:

a lovely shade of green

And the smell! The tangy smell of kiwi and pineapple- it does that little pricking thing to my salivary glands (you know that feeling, when you eat something sour) as a lover of sour things, these were right up my alley.  And the best thing is it tastes like real fruit, not overly sweetened fake fruit.  Thumbs way up!

Cherry-Pomegranate drink mix

I have definitely been drinking a lot of water as it is still pretty warm up here and i don’t have central air.  This helped switch up the plain water to something sweeter, fruitier and pinker.

Cajun Snack Mix

salty with just a kick of spice… and it has those sesame sticks in it- you know what i’m talking about! those things are the bomb!

Chia Seeds/Water Bottle

cutest water bottle ever… ignore my craziness.

Seriously- this water bottle is adorable, i actually said “awww” when i saw it.  I think it’s the roundness.  Inside the water bottle, although it’s hard to tell are chia seeds in water.  I AM SO GLAD EMILY SENT ME THESE! That statement totally deserved all caps and here’s why: I always saw these in the store and heard about them, but i was always too intimidated to buy them (they come in pretty big packages… what if i didn’t like them?)

Well, fair to say I like chia seeds- I’ve been putting them in all my drinks- iced tea, agua fresca, water, smoothies… they are so good and i actually really enjoy the gel texture.  So glad that Emily sent me these- now I know I’m ready to buy the big bag at the store!

So to wrap up- I’m so glad that I took part in foodie pen pal this month and got matched up with Emily- it was so great to try some new things, as well as some favorites and stuff I hadn’t eaten in a while.  Hope you guys enjoyed my (first!) blog post!

And because I’m a (bit of a) crazy cat lady- here’s some furriness to brighten your days!


How ’bout a sauna?

26 Aug

With about 100 of your now closest friends? Oh and you’re on an airplane? No, not interested? Huh!? That’s crazy talk!

Well lucky for you I’ll just complain about it, not make you do it. The airplane I took home yesterday didn’t have A/C while we were on the runway. This wouldn’t have been a problem had we left on time, but of course we didn’t. The crew went out of their way to make us comfortable. The flight attendant even gave us extra water and snacks.

The grounds crew, for some reason, wanted us to sweat out that extra glass of wine we had with dinner. Sheesh. We didn’t leave the airport until an hour after our departure time…thanks guys.

While I was sweating away. I realized that Leanne and Phil would not be there when I got there. I know they’ve moved, but they are really gone! I don’t know. It just hit me at that moment.

I kinda felt like this…

And I know I’m not alone. I know I have friends here. It was just such an awesome week on the lake with my family and now reality hits…it’s time for work again…


Today will be spent doing laundry and getting myself back in the school mindset. I can do this!

I love wine

24 Aug

Wine, wine, wine…

Michigan has a great selection/area for wineries.  Today we set to the wine trails and visited three nearby.

We started off at Sleeping Bear Winery in Albion MI. 

Sleeping Bear is a cute little winery/brewery/restaurant.  Before we had our wine tasting we sat down and had some food.  They have a menu of sandwiches, apps and pizzas.  I had the Pesto Chicken Panini, but with spinach instead of chicken, delicious!  After lunch we had a wine tasting of seven wines.  The Sleeping Bear wines all have cute pictures on the front (a deal breaker for me;)  The verdict, Sleeping Bear Wines is a keeper.

Next, we went across the street to Cherry Creek Winery.  Cherry Creek and Sleeping Bear are owned by the same people.  A great selling point of Sleeping Bear tasting is that you get to go across the street and have a free wine tasting at Cherry Creek.  This is a good bit of advice if you want two for one wine tastings.

I’ve been to both Cherry Creek Winery locations (both the schoolhouse and Albion).  The schoolhouse location is a little funkier (in a good way) than the Albion location.  I was a big fan of Cherry Creek’s cherry wine.  We can’t really get cherry wine in Virginia. 

After Cherry Creek we decided on one more winery.

 We got back in the car and headed north to Chateau Aeronautique.   We went to the Chateau last year when I had my Groupon for a private wine tasting.  Lorenzo wasn’t there this year, but it was just as good.  They had four brand new wines that weren’t there last year.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Chateau is situated on a small air strip that the owner, Lorenzo, holds small festivities throughout the year. 

I loved all three wineries.  At no point did I feel out of place or that the vinters were talking down to me; which can unfortunately happen from time to time. 

I also need to give a big shout out to Michigan by the bottle.  They have a great website and app if are interested in traveling Michigan’s many wine trails.

I’d have to say, all in all, today was a good day…

Things I know for sure

23 Aug

1) 50 degree temperatures are much nicer to walk/run in than 90 degree temperatures with 98% humidity.  Fact.

2) Baseball games are awesome! 


4) Donuts are a perfectly viable and acceptable “snack” after taking a hike on a nature trail.

5) The smell of bug spray kills your sense of smell for a good hour after you wash it all off. 

6) The Duck Tales theme song is still pretty awesome…



Hello from The Lake!

21 Aug

It’s lake time!  Oh yeah! 

This could possibly be my favorite place on Earth!  Well here and the Outer Banks, but here is good too 😉

I have eaten entirely too much food, kayaked, walked every morning (with temperatures in the 50’s!), and swam in the lake.

In short it’s been great!


Oh and there’s a new man in my life…

Sorry Bond…

Alright, I’m off, it’s time to eat more food!

Wordless Saturday

18 Aug

It’s Saturday! Just in case you didn’t know…
Leanne has officially moved out of VA Beach. I am sad😥
So why not look at some pictures??

I do in fact have monster under my bed.

Manicures do make you feel better…at least for a little bit.

This guy was hanging out at my apartment. He was still there when I got back like four hours later!

This is how I feel about my best friend moving away. Mature right?

Well that’s all I got for now.
Oh and this
Snape, Snape…
Later taters!

Just call me Joey

17 Aug

I don’t really feel like doing highs and lows…

What I have noticed about this week is that the Friend’s episodes from this week have eerily been following my own life.  All the episodes are from Season 10 which is when Monica and Chandler move out of NYC, leaving Joey feeling unsure.  Well it turns out that Joey and I have some things in common.

I sure hope that I’m smarter than Joey.  I’m pretty sure my job is more stable that Joey’s.  Aaand I’ve never tried to go out with my best friend’s true love.  So that’s good.

But like Joey, I am upset that my bestie is moving away.  It’s going to take some getting used to, but I know it’s all for the best.  This is a great opportunity for her and I know she will be awesome!


Something that was exciting today was the awesome Shellac manicure I got.  Seriously. 

The color is pink flamingo, I love it.  The best part of it all?  The manicure cost $20!  I can’t remember the last time I got a manicure for that cheap.  It’s not like the manicure looks bad or was poorly done, not at all.  Quite an exciting find.

And that is an end to the excitement of my day.  Well that and watching bloopers from season 10 of Friends…yeeup it’s a real party over here…

The world according to Dakota Fanning

15 Aug

Or I guess Dakota Fanning as McKenzie on Friends. 

This video pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about Leanne moving.  Except I don’t hate Leanne and Phil, but other than that…

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