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Foodie Pen Pals July

31 Jul

What’s up?  Still watching the Olympics? 

You know I am!

But serioulsy, #foodiepenpals! 

This month I got paired up with Jillian over at Bites of Balance, check her out!

Needless to say Jillian hooked me up!

I saw those cheddar bunnies on top…and I knew I was going to love this box.

So what did Jillian pick out for me?  Take a look.

A tower of chocolate atop some black bean soup.  Seriously, look at that chocolate!  It didn’t quite hold up in the insane heat we’ve been getting, but nothing a little time in the freezer couldn’t fix.

 On top of the tower are peanut Sun Drops, kinda like M&M’s, but without artificial colors or preservatives.  

Nestled, are two Ghiradelli squares, yum already.

Next  is a dark chocolate cocoa nib bar (my favorite brand Endangered Species)and below is a pack of almond butter cups.  I stuck all of it in the freezer and was good to go!  So good to go that I’ve already eaten all the chocolate except for the Ghiradelli…  What can I say, I like chocolate.

Next up!

Annie’s Extra Cheddar Bunnies.  I love Annie’s products and these bunnies were delicious!  They were great snacks during work.

Jelly Belly beans, took these to work with me.  They helped me get through squirrel/owl arguments.  Jillian sad that she would go on factory tours of the Jelly Belly factory and actually doesn’t like them, but put them in anyway!

Panda soft cherry licorice.  I had never had this brand before, but I’m a fan.  It was cherry without being crazy sweet.

Peets Coffee.  I love to try new coffees.  As soon as I’m done with the stash I have now, I’ll be putting this into rotation.

Two different Peanut Butter Co. packs.  I’ve never seen little packs like this before.  It’s the perfect way to try a new flavor without buying an expensive jar that you don’t like.  Not that I’ve met a peanut butter I don’t like. 

Underneath the peanut butter is a packet of Cocoa Cardio.  You just add the packet to hot water like hot cocoa.  I’m interested in trying this out!

Jillian also included a cute little vintagey San Fransisco magnet.  I love little things like that.

Thank you Jillian for all the great goodies, I’ve already made quite the dent!

If you think you are interested in Foodie Penpals, check out Lindsay’s website!  She’s an amazing lady who sets this up every month.  Check her out, she’s pretty rad!

Want some other links to lurk?  I found these two to be particularly funny and Olympic themed.

Fierce Flag Bearers (Go Fug Yourself)

17 Worst Opening Ceremony Outfits (Bleacher Report)

Happy Hunger Games…er Olympics!


I’ve always depended…

29 Jul

On the kindness of strangers.  Okay that’s not really true.  I really try to stay away from strangers.  You know, “stranger danger” and all that.

Today I was pleasantly surprised by strangers. 

On my three-mile walk/run this morning a lady runner (who clearly did more running than walking)slowed down her pace to talk to me.  She asked me where my hat and shirt were from, Flying Pig of course, and we had a brief but fun conversation about marathons.  We talked about how it’s nice to do a marathon where your family lives.  That way you don’t have to worry about transportation, food, where to sleep…  She said she’s always wanted to do the Flying Pig and will look into it again.  

Then…I went to Michael’s.  This truly is blogworthy news, I promise.  Ok not really.  So I went to Michael’s to pick up some things.  While waiting to check out the lady in front of me asked if I had the 20% off coupon.  I said no.  So she gave the checkout girl her 20% off code for me to use.  Sweet!  I know it’s only 20%, but I got five bucks off my purchase.  Thanks lady in front of me!

Have you been watching the Olympics?  I have the DVR on overdrive!  So far my Phelps prediction isn’t going to well…

But, I still have faith…he can do it!


28 Jul

I figure why try to think of a snappy title.  It’s all about the Olympics…

Did you watch the Opening Ceremony?  Did you like it?  I know there were some people out there that weren’t that big a fan.  I didn’t mind them.  Sure they weren’t as flashy as Beijing, but how could they be? 

My favorite parts were Mr. Bean

Daniel Craig and the Queen


And the Olympic Cauldron

I think it’s really neat that it’s made up of torches representing all the different countries. 

In order celebrate the Olympics Leanne, Phil and I got together.  We ate, of course.  Our meal included:


Mad props to Leanne who decorated the cupcakes! 😉

Turkey shot puts with a Marinara open water swimming pool (turkey meatballs and spaghetti)

Not my photo, I forgot to take one.  Oops!  And very patriotic bread.

It was all delicious, celebratory, and…American!

I tried to stay up until midnight, but I fell asleep on the couch.  Thank goodness for DVR.  I loved that the ceremony ended with Paul McCartney.

He gave a great performance and you can tell he was excited about it. 

So who are you rooting for?  Phelps or Lochte?  Douglas or Wieber?  Personally I’m on team Phelps and Douglas, but either way the competition will be awesome!


25 Jul

I’m having a very Alexander type day.


Not this Alexander


Or even this one


Nope, it’s this one


Yep, definitely that one.  Ugh.  It all started with breakfast.  I had ready-made oatmeal in the fridge to nuke and eat.  Easy enough.  I had it all warmed up, milk, banana’s, and peanut butter added.  I took it out of the microwave and proceeded to drop it all over the floor and my leg.  Awesome.  If you know anything about oatmeal you know it’s very slippery and slimy when on any surface.  Well now I had that all over the floor at 7 in the morning.  I had to stop preparing for the day and wash the floor.

Then…  I was finally ready to leave, after cleaning the kitchen floor, and went to pick up my purse.  My purse was damp.  It seems that my water bottle decided to leak all over my lovely, blue Coach purse.  I didn’t have time to switch purses or get towels to blot.  Damp leather purse it is.

Finally, I got to work and looked at myself in the mirror in the bathroom (why I didn’t do this at home I don’t know)where I noticed you could see through my shirt and see my red polka-dotted bra.  Great.

Mind you this all happened within about an hour.

When I came home I decided to try to stop dwelling on it (very hard for me).  Instead I went for a walk, for an hour and a half thankyouverymuch.


Oh and just so you know, if you yell at me, “Hey girl!” from behind a dumpster that is behind some trees….I’m not going to answer.  Sorry.

Nothing agains Alexander’s or Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.  Alexander and the THNGVBD is actually one of my favorite children’s books…you should buy it! 😉

Extra brownie points to anybody who can name the other two Alexanders!

Back to the grind…

23 Jul

Who else has a case of the Mondays? 


I think it’s because A) I didn’t have my iced coffee this morning because I didn’t make it last night.  I also did not want to go and buy an iced coffee or make hot coffee.  I know…I have sooo many problems!

B) Bond decided to play,”Your bed is really my bed so I want to bite you so you get off my bed” last night…

Tough life, I know.  I’m sure there is a ton of you out there saying, “But Emily you are a school teacher, you have no right to complain!”  I’m sure this is true, however, I’m going to do it anyway.

I got my July Birchbox in the mail not to long ago.  Let’s take a look shall we?


This month Birchbox paired up with Glamour to cover all the senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell).  Soooo…

Sight: blinc mascara.  This mascara creates tubes around your actual eyelash making them look glossy and full.  I’ve seen Almay and L’Oreal make this as well.  I’ve been interested in trying it, but didn’t want to buy it just in case I hated it.  Well now I can finally decide for myself!

Also… Manna Kadar sheer glo shimmer lotion: I’m interested to try this.  I’ve been using Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer and love it.  We’ll see how this stands up

Hearing: Earbuds.  Totally neon.  I already have earbuds and am not really a fan of the earbuds that sit inside your ear.  I always feel like I can hear my heartbeat…I don’t really enjoy that.

Taste: Tea Forte minteas: I’ve put these in my purse and love them!  They are tea infused mints that are supposed to give you a pick me up.  I like them because they are a little spicy.  A good change from Altoids that just assault your sinuses.

Touch: Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss:  This lip gloss is super pink almost neon. When put on it gives your lips a nice shine and just a little pink coloring.  Definitely no neon lips from 90’s raves…don’t worry.

Smell: Oscar de la Renta live in love: The description describes it is hyacinth, orchid, with sandalwood and cedar.  I don’t really like sandalwood…it smells like hippie to me…sorry.  I haven’t tried it so again the verdict is still out. 

If you haven’t checked out Birchbox yet, I highly recommend it.  It’s only $10 a month and you get to customize what you want to receive every month.  Everything I’ve gotten so far, I would and actually have used. 

I’m going to veg on the couch and watch Rachel Ray make me a meal in 30 mins…that probably would really take an hour…


Highs and Lows

21 Jul

I know it’s Saturday and this is supposed to be on Friday, but I’m the boss!  I do what I want!

High: I love Jimmy Fallon.  Fact.  He had Mike Tyson on his show a couple of nights ago.  I’m not quite sure that Mike doesn’t have a head trauma…  I mean does he?  This link  (look at Part 2) maybe thinks he does.


I mean, he raises pigeons…

Low: Yes now I do feel old…48 Things to Make You Feel Old


Low: I really am feeling old.  Do I really have to turn 30?  Really?

High: Foo Fighters Pandora station aaaannnd while on my walk the other day my iPod only played Weezer, Jack White and the Chili Peppers.  Pretty good day.

And that’s all I got.  I almost didn’t write this post because I had so little to say.  But I did.  Aren’t you happy?

Thursday motivation

19 Jul

Since it’s 107 here…I feel like a broken record…I thought some motivation was in store!

So true!


I love this quote.  It is also true!  Leanne and I were doing a race (I don’t remember which one)and a whole team had this quote on their t shirts!


So there!  Get up off the couch and do something!

Squirrels have mad ninja skills

17 Jul

Betcha didn’t know that did ya?!  Ooooh yes.

For the next two weeks I’m working.  Crazy right?  Along with some other  fine teachers, I am grading tests.  Yes, for two weeks.  Hey!  It pays well!

Part of the test is to decide between two school mascots.  Either an owl or a squirrel.  I’ve learned a lot. 

I’ve learned that:

Squirrels have mad ninja skills

Owls are part of the eagle family (turns out this is true)

If the mythical school took the squirrel as their mascot the kids would be like infant squirrels but without all the crying, spanking, and nurturing.

Kids get really involved in fictional characters lives.  One student said a letter, “just ripped my heart right out!”

Owls have really big eyes so that way they will be able to see the board (a reason to choose the owl mascot)

By having a specific mascot a student will be able to add fractions


Owls are creepy because they can turn their heads all the way around.

See good facts that you needed to know!

I have really been trying to keep fit this summer.  It would be really easy just to not do anything in the summer.  My legs have been really tired lately so I didn’t take a walk.  Instead I did one of PBfingers at home workouts (the pink one).

It’s very unassuming, but I tell ya, those 30 sec jump ropes kill me!  Seriously.

After the circuit workout, I did some more yoga.  It amazed me how much better I felt after I did it the other day.  So why not again?

Bond does not like it when I workout at home.  He thinks we’re playing some crazy game.  Then when I don’t play with him he gets sulky and confused.

Don’t you wish you had an in home gym as nice as mine??

Also helping me not get fat over the summer is the awesome group I have on Myfitnesspal.  You really do feel accountable when four other people can see what you ate and if you worked out…

How ’bout you?  Are you trying to stay healthy this summer?  Or are you doing your best Jabba the Hutt impression?

Oh and just in case you were wondering…Pandora’s “exercise” stations sucks!  It kept bringing up Journey and other slow songs.  I had to switch it over to my Foo Fighters station.  You can never go wrong with the Foo’s.

Yoga pants are for…

15 Jul

Yoga!?  What?  Who knew!?


Today I did yoga for what  seems like forever.  My legs and hips were super tight from yesterday’s 6.32 walk.  Yep I walked 6.32 miles and even though it was cloudy I got a nice little burn on the tops of my shoulders!   Curse you deceivingly cloudy skies!!

Anyway…I did this yoga routine today and it really seemed to help!

Bond clearly did not know what to do with all this.


He was very concerned as to why I was using his scratching post in such an odd manner.  He stood just off to the side the entire time.   Goofy.

Freaky Highs and Lows

13 Jul

Okay not really, but today is Friday the 13th.  Are you superstitious?  I guess I am.  I do some things that probably amount to nil really.  For instance, whenever I am flying I have to have my bracelet rosary with me. 


Even if I don’t say the rosary, it makes me feel better knowing it’s in my carry on.  What else?  Oh, I have to have my bed so that I can see my door.  Ya know, just in case a bad guy breaks in I’ll be able to see him and not be caught off guard…

Anyway.  Highs and lows!

High: I got five library books about a week and a half ago and I’m already finished reading them!  Score!  That means I can go get more books!


High: Going to a baseball game tonight!  I went to a Tides game at the beginning of the season and it was freezing and rainy…I’m hoping for a better outcome tonight.

High:  There is going to be the world’s largest BLT at the Tides game!  What!?


Another high tied into the BLT is that all the proceeds from eating a portion of it go to the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia.

Low: I went to training this week to get ready for the new school year.  That’s not the low…  The low is that in one of the trainings the group of teachers I was sitting with were soooo clicky.  It was crazy.  They did not want to include me in the group at all.  I kinda got the stink eye for sitting in the same group of desks.  However, I was there first!  Sheesh.  Why so snooty ladies?

High: This…you know you do it…

Oh and also this…

Look!  Only one low!  Pretty spectacular!

Have a great Friday the 13th!  I’ll try to keep my semi black cat away from y’all…


He’s just so gosh darn cute!

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