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Foodie Penpals May!

31 May

Howdy there neighbors!

I was so excited to get my Foodie Penpals package from Aundreia.  She doesn’t have a blog, but I was still super stoked to get something from her!

Feast yo’ eyes!


What was in the haul?  Dried cranberries, Pecan Sticky Bun Granola, a dried berry/fruit mix, banana bread Larabar, 100 calorie pack of almonds, Z Bar, Snackwell bar, and another bar that I can’t remember, plus two oatmeal mixes!

I instantly made the almonds and dried fruit my after school snack.  So yummy!  The next morning I had the apple cinnamon oatmeal mix for breakfast. 

Did I like this pen pal box?  Yes, of course!  Thanks Aundreia!

Head on over to A Daily Dose of Fit to see what I got Tara.  Also, the travesty of when you send things in the mail and well “it” happens.  If you think this whole idea sounds super cool (it is) head over to The Lean Green Bean and check out the rules and everything that goes into it! 

I am still doing the Runner’s World Summer Streak even if I’m not blogging about it.  Well, expect for when it rained all. day. long. yesterday.  Thanks Beryl!

Tomorrow is Friday!


Dishwasher or Satan’s spawn?

30 May

My cat is afraid of the dishwasher…



He chatters at it, yells at it, stares at it, and generally has an agitated attitude toward it.  He’s weird.  You would think that he would get used to it right?  I mean I do the dishes in the dishwasher quite often.  Yet every time it’s like it’s the first time he has encountered it. 

Bond also does not like door bells, the vacuum, the broom, and the loud child across the way (neither do I btw). 

It’s a good thing he’s so gosh darn cute.  Otherwise I may have a problem with all these neurotic tendencies!

I speak six languages!

29 May

Okay, so not really.  I saw this story on the news this morning…

And instantly thought of 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  Those kids are über competitive and I know that good ol’ Lori isn’t so la de da about it all.

Yeah, I bet some of those kids can speak seven, play field hockey, and bake wedding cakes on the weekend.  Oh and are krumping masters.  Just an aside, I find it verrrry interesting that when I searched overworked/chaotic children, Kate Gosselin and her children popped up on multiple occasions. 

Just in case you thought your Memorial Day weekend was jammed packed, Bond begs to differ.

To add to Bond’s excitement, I saw MIB 3 this weekend.  Dare I say it was as funny as the original?  Josh Brolin was perfect ast Tommy Lee Jones younger self.  It’s uncanny how well he can impersonate him!

The movie was seriously funny and almost made me cry at the end…true story. 

So there is your Tuesday update!  Have a great four-day week, well three-day now!

1/38 and other random fractions

28 May

Yes, 1/38th.  I completed one day out of the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak.  Basically you run at least one mile from now until the 4th of July; that’s 38 days of running.  I’m kind of excited about in a weird running way.  I’m hoping this will help me get excited again about training for another race and to keep in shape.  If you want to participate check out the link above.  You can also write about it on Twitter with the hashtag #RWRunStreak.  Done and done!

Today is Memorial Day.  I’d like to thank all the veterans and those currently serving!

Happy Memorial Day, make sure you thank all the men and women in the military!

Photos from the weekend…so far…

26 May

Today we (Leanne, Phil, and I) went to the Strawberry Festival!  For some reason we didn’t go last year…can’t remember why.  It’s waaaay out in Pungo in Virginia Beach.  You feel like you’re in a different place and I guess you pretty much are…  Anyway.  Enjoy the photos!

If that’s not beautiful, I don’t know what is.  A fellow Strawberry Festival goer came up to this particular stand and asked if it was North Carolina style BBQ.  The vender said yes and the patron walked away semi disgusted.  Dude!  You are this close to actually being in North Carolina!  What did you expect?

Shriner cars!

This lady was only singing Patsy Cline songs and she was pretty amazing!  I kinda wish I would have caught her from the beginning…

I’m sure this weekend is bound to bring more wonderous things.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

And you’re all living in a submarine!

23 May

That’ll make sense in a second.  I promise.

For no apparent reason last night, this song just jumped right into my head…

Does this happen to anyone else?  And just so you know you can also get that music played to The Lion King and Futurama…

Then when I got up this morning I had this song going in my head…

I haven’t listened to anything Ben Folds and it wasn’t on the radio.  So random. 

Last night I went to a banquet for our local reading council.  It’s always a nice occasion with good food, emotional speeches, and a gorgeous view of the ocean.  The past two years I’ve gotten the “special” drink, but I have no idea what it is.  Maybe you can help?  I watched the bartender make it and it included: grenadine, pineapple juice, and rum.  He may have added something else in there too.  Is this a Bay Breeze?  Anybody?

Before I went to the banquet I did a circuit workout that I found on PBfingers.  I only did it twice as opposed to the three recommended times, but lemme tell ya, I can still feel it. 

Okay peoples, it’s off to work!  Come on weekend!

Best day ever!

21 May

I like the way Julius thinks…

It’s hard to think of Monday as a great day, but why not try?

Today was just a regular, normal Monday.  No biggie… Since today was not so exciting, why not share exciting photos from the weekend?

On Saturday we went and saw the Norfolk Admirals beat the St. John’s Ice Caps.  It was pretty exciting and now the Admirals are that much closer to winning the Calder Cup!


Earlier on Saturday I went to the East Beach Farmers’ Fare



There were about ten vendors there and it was pretty busy.  I was excited to see that “The Brownie Lady” was there (I don’t know her real name).  I bought a caramel sea salt brownie and it was delicious.  I’m interested to see if more vendors come to this farmers market there was plenty of room for more. 

This weekend includes a different Farmer’s Market, so exciting!

Okay, now I’m off to end my evening with a nice glass o’ wine and a cookie!


Snakes, Steeplechase, Sunday…Starbucks

20 May

Ha! I love alliteration!

This morning I braved the gloomy weather (it was seriously hard to do) and did a 4 mile loop at First Landing State Park.

Which brings me to my first S, Steeplechase. The normally dry trail at First Landing had two huge puddles or rivers today. It reminded me when my brother Andrew did Steeplechase in high school.


On the return loop I was about to step over a green reed that turned out to be a snake! Ah! This is my biggest fear in VA Beach since I know there are snakes a plenty. I’m pretty sure the guy I almost stepped on was non poisonous, but I know they are out there!

Because it was so gloomy, I wanted/needed/craved some coffee. Starbucks had a “new” mocha coconut frappe. I got no frappe and substituted soy milk. It pretty much tasted like liquid Samoa! Sooooo good!


Aaaand I just thought of another S. SNL. Last night was the season finale and it was pretty awesome. It started with my good friend Jon Hamm…

Silly NBC doesn’t like it when people take their videos. You can watch it here.

It was all around good times. Mick Jagger was the host and sang four songs! He did a pretty decent job and of course the musical numbers with the Foo Fighters and Arcade Fire were awesome!

Have a great Sunday! I’m off to watch The Descendants and cry. It’s depressing right??

Friday Freestyle

18 May

As we do every Friday at school, the kids get to say their highs and lows from the week or the upcoming weekend.  So why don’t I get to do it? 

Well now I’m gonna!

High – It was finally a sunny day today!  I was so tired of it being rainy and gloomy!

High – Spent some time at the Best Friend’s house.  It seems like forever since we got to hang out!

High – The Best Friend got her orders…and she gets to go on a sub.  Plus she gets to move to Washington.

Low – 😦  My best friend is moving clear across the country!  It’s a whole ‘nother time zone!

High – Now, I have a reason to travel out to the West Coast!

For reals though, I’m excited for Leanne and Phil to start a new chapter in their life together (cheesy enough?).  However, it’s also sad.  So far away!!!


I feel ya bro’…

I’m not going to be too sad right now because I still get a couple of months with her here!  Lookin’ on the bright side!



17 May

and I know I am one!

I just found this youtube video and just had to share.

Guess what I’m going to be trying out tomorrow!

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