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Fanfreaking Friday

30 Dec

And I mean that in only the best way possible.

I had every intention of getting up this morning, taking a walk, and blogging, but this young gentleman had other ideas…

Yes, that’s Bond…under the covers aaand on top of my feet…Ah well

Last night I saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I was a little apprehensive because I was afraid they would totally screw it up.  Turn out David Fincher does know what he’s doing. 

Oh and the opening credits…pretty sick… (I think this goes without saying, but NSFW)

Getting on to the point!  Christmas!

I spent Christmas at home in Ohio with just myself, mom and dad and Andrew.  We didn’t make it up to Michigan this year, but it was nice to be a small family unit. 

Most of the day was spent like this:

I am sooo not joking.  Okay, so I changed and put on workout pants and a shirt, but aside from that I looked pretty much like the picture above.

On Christmas we opened presents…



Just imagine the table filled with food and wine, of course.

And just basically chilled around the house.  It was just what the doctor ordered seriously!


I am now the proud owner of way to many Christmas cookies,  great gifts, and new wiper blades (thanks Dad!).

How was your Christmas??


Twas the Night Before Christmas…

27 Dec

I know, I know, it’s so not the night before Christmas, but I wanted to share this little gem with you…if you haven’t seen it already.

It’s Drunk History of Christmas

I’m still in Ohio, we may even see some snow today!  I had an awesome Christmas and will update on that later. Tonight the ‘rents and I are going to see “A Christmas Carol” down at Playhouse in the Park in Cincinnati.  I’m excited, I’ve never see an actual production of a Christmas Carol so it should be good.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break!


25 Dec

For the rest of us…;)


You probably need no telling that Festivus, celebrated on Dec. 23, was immortalized in the classic 1997 Seinfeld episode “The Strike.” If you needed telling, the above video should put you on the path to enlightenment.

However, it actually dates back decades and owes its current fame to the imaginative family of sitcom writer Dan O’Keefe. He penned the hilarious episode after his own father Daniel O’Keefe discovered the Festivus holiday in a book of obscure holidays, according to a 2004 New York Times interview.

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As legend has it, the elder O’Keefe – the old romantic he was – decided to inaugurate Festivus with his wife Deborah in 1966 as a celebration of the anniversary of their first date. The holiday, and the O’Keefe family, evolved from there, inspiring O’Keefe junior to base the Seinfeld episode around their annual…

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Merry Christmas from Ohio!

24 Dec

It took about 10 hours, two tanks of gas, and an unwanted passenger, but I made it! Right outside of Richmond I noticed a spider dropping down from my car ceiling… He landed somewhere in my passenger seat. I still haven’t found him.

This trip will be full of food, family, and relaxation. Just what the doctor ordered!



Let it snow, let it snow…

22 Dec

Just the type of snow we need here at the beach!

Happy Hump Day

20 Dec

Yes, that’s right, I said it!  We have a shortened week so today is really my hump day!

I had a spectacular weekend!

1- I got my Masters degree in Reading Education

2- My mom, dad, and brother got to come down and celebrate with me

3- I got to go out to eat at my favorite restaurant in VA Beach Terrapin, with some really cool people!

Weekend recap…in photos…

When my parents got off the plane, I hurried them over to the Cape Henry Lighthouse to walk 191 steps.  Okay, not right away, I gave them lunch first 😉  The Cape Henry Lighthouse is the first landing spot.  Not Plymouth Rock oooooh no, Cape Henry.


That night we went to a Pops concert, which was awesome. 

 Bond always gets kinda weird when company comes over.  He especially likes to know where everyone is and what they are doing at all times…

Clingy much?

The next day the fam and I went to Williamsburg Winery to try out some wines


It was only $10 for a tour of the winery and wine tasting, pretty good deal I’d say.

The highlight of the day was eating dinner at Terrapin with Mom, Dad, Andrew, Leanne and Phil.  Look Terrapin was even excited for me!


So they gave me a MBA instead of a MS Ed, no biggie.  I still thought it was super cool!

Tonight  I am mainly wrapping Christmas presents…

Wrapping Christmas presents while drinking mimosa’s that is.  What!?  I can’t let the champagne loose allll it’s bubbles!

Survey says….

15 Dec

I’m free! 

 Well from my research paper  anyway!

  I hope to never see it again!  Seriously. <——I wrote that yesterday.  I got an email from my professor saying he wanted to see if he could coerce me into publishing it.  AAAGGGHH!

So here is what my Masters degree journey looks like in numbers…

6 – the number of years it took me to finish my Masters degree. 

2 – I started out at Miami University (the cold one)

and finished at ODU!

13 – The number of drafts I turned in, 12 of those were from the month of June until now….

26 – That is how many pages my final research paper turned out to be.  I never knew I could write such a long paper.

Infinite – The number of curse words that were running through my head when my professor told me he didn’t understand what I was saying in my research paper, a week before it was due.

12 – That’s how many classes it took to get my Masters

1 – Number of lockdowns I was involved with while at a site for my last class.  Technically it was a practice lockdown, but still!

Whew, it’s over.  I feel much smarter! 😉  With this new-found knowledge and degree, I want to get back into the Reading Specialist or Reading Diagnostician realm of education.  I hope that I can!

I thank all of my family and friends you all you blog friends for putting up with my complaints!  On to bigger and better things!

Frick you Friday!

9 Dec

Remember when I was stressed about my paper and wanted to bang my head against a wall?

Well,  I still kinda wanna really do that…and maybe take my professor with me.  Now, I am not usually one for such violence, but he’s seriously confusing me!

I know he’s got a bazillion other papers and things to grade, yes a bazillion, and that he’s stressed too, but no need to take it out on me! 

I got a lovely email (insert sarcasm) from him today complete with multiple exclamation and question marks in the comments of my paper.  Classy.

I promptly sent the paper back with my new corrections, with the hope that I don’t get another interjection ridden paper back tonight.  One can only hope…

With that I leave you with…Steve Martin…

8 Dec

Of course Santa needs yoga!

Daily Cup of Yoga

Fun little Christmas e-book for kids and those still young at heart…

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Christmas in July

7 Dec

Merry Christmas…it was 75 today!  It actually felt like July, you know minus the suffocating humidity!

Look!  I was crafty.  I know I can’t believe it either!  It’s a little hard to see in that picture above,but there is actually two different kinds of paper (well three if you count the background).  I used sticky backed scrapbooking paper with a print on it and then had the green and red as a shadow effect on top. 

Then…I took a brown paper grocery bag and painted it a shimmery silver color and put the letters on top.

To attach the letters to my twine (which you can’t see) I used paper clips.  Hey!  I’m being resourceful!

After I did that I took some red ribbon and interwove it between the letters.

And hey!  Now I have a festive Christmas banner!

Oh, and just to brag, I found my Christmas tree at Target for $20!  Go. Me!

I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for my Masters, either that or it’s a train coming to run me over.  I’m hoping it’s a good thing.  😉   I only have one more day of class and my research paper is due on the 15th….soooooo close!

What have you been doing to get yourself into the Christmas spirit?

Me?  I’ve got Pandora’s Christmas station on full blast right now…it works!

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