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You used Ghostbusters for evil?!

30 Oct

Yesterday Leanne, Phil, and I participated in the Wicked 10K.  If you saw my Rainy? Wicked 10K post you saw the weather forecast…

Again, thanks Don!

Because of that fear, this was my pile of clothes:

Long sleeved thermal shirt, thermal pants, belt, bib belt, poncho, race bib, pants, sports bras, Ghostbusters shirt

Of course, there were also socks, shoes, and a camera included in that pile.  I did not wear, thank goodness, the thermal tights or poncho.  However, it might have been a good idea for the last half mile…

We got to the start with about a half hour to spare.  There were good times to be had looking at all the different costumes (lots of Mario Bros this year) and the different things people do before races (running in place, stretching, jumping up and down).

We started in corral 7, not the last corral!  What’s up with that?

Ah well, we were in the second to last corral.  There were around 9,000 people in yesterday’s race so we still had our fair share of waiting to do.

Finally our corral got up to the start line and we were off!  I mean off as fast as you can go with 9,000 of your closest friends in front of you.

Leanne and I really love this race.  There are so many interesting people to look at and costumes to try to figure out.  Like this for example:

Slinky Dog

?? Centaur

Remember how Don Slater said it was going to be, “Windy, nasty, rain, Saturday?”  It most definitely was windy.  For a good majority of the race we were walking directly into the wind (talk about resistance training).  People’s hats and parts of costumes littered the roads.  A man in front of us was picking up hats.  In about a minute he had three hats.  Crazy!

The course we followed, is pretty much the same for all races held in Virginia Beach.  It starts at the Convention Center, goes down Atlantic, turn when you get to Rudee’s Inlet, walk on the Boardwalk, back onto Atlantic, and finally finish out on the Boardwalk again.

Once we turned onto the Boardwalk, we got a good view of the churning ocean.

The tide was most definitely in and very foamy. 

Leanne and I decided that we would run the last mile.  I’m pretty glad we did.  Around mile 5.5? it started to spit, then the “spit” turned into bigger rain drops, and bigger, and bigger.  While we were crossing the finish line, the sky pretty much opened up and downpoured for about 2 minutes.  This would be why there are no pictures of the end of the race and also why we didn’t stick around for the delicious Bakers Crust food.   We were soaked and very soon would be freezing!

Even though the end of the race wasn’t the greatest, I still love the Wicked 10K!


Our ride! Who knew?!

Next year, Wicked 10K, no rain!  Okay!?


Rainy? Wicked10K

28 Oct

Tomorrow Leanne and I are going to be walking in the Wicked 10K.  If you remember the original plan (I don’t;), we were supposed to be running it. 

Weellll, this kinda happened…

Not Bond, but moving.  Moving really threw off our training plan.  Like big time.  So we came to the conclusion just to walk it and have fun.  This is pretty much our favorite race.  We are excited except for one tiny little thing…

Thanks a lot Don Slater, thanks a lot!

We will persevere! 

Off to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow!  There will definitely be poncho’s and long sleeves involved.

I am…Monday

24 Oct

Good day, eh and welcome to Monday.  Anybody, anybody?  Rick Moranis?  Bob and Doug McKenzie?

I know, it’s not time for Christmas, but I was reminded of them by the, “Good day, eh?”  But, I digress…

Today was Monday…don’t get too excited.

School News

In Being a Writer today, the kids had to write from the point of view of an animal.  So they were writing sentences like, “I am a shark.  I have sharp teeth and scare fish away.”  Fine, right?  The story that was read, totally reminded me of Fight Club (I am Jack’s inflamed sense of rejection…).  The animals in the desert were talking and saying things that were like, ” I am the running hops below your feet.”  Total Fight Club, right?  No?  Well, I think so.  So, if you are looking for a children’s book that reminds you of Fight Club, the dialogue in the book totally did it for me. 

This weekend was spent running, walking, and looking for chairs. 

First, I checked out Value City to see their selection:

The last chair is in contention for the one I want.  I just wish I could get it in a different color other than brown.  I also looked at chairs at Room Store.  I found a great green one that I like…  We shall see.

In other news, on Thursday I finally used my Groupon to Spa on the Boulevard.  I was able to get an organic pedicure and shellac manicure.  I have really been wanting to try a shellac manicure so it was the perfect time. 

I actually got a gelish manicure, so the nail polish stays on for 21 days instead of 14.  I have to admit 21 days is a long day with one nail color, but mine is pretty neutral.

The process for shellac/gellish is about the same as a regular manicure.  They work on your nails, cuticles, and massage your hand.  Then you have to scrub your nails and underneath.  When they are putting on the color (it’s different from regular nail polish of course), they put on a coat and then your hand goes underneath UV lights.  This, I’m guessing helps it dry and solidify.  So they put a coat on, nails under UV, put a coat on the other hand, nails under UV.  It goes back and forth until you reach the desired look.

The cool thing, I think, is that once your hands come out from underneath the UV the last time…they are totally dry!  It’s amazing.  You can stick your hands in your purse, do whatever you want.  I’m on day 4 and my nails still look like day 1.  The manicurist did mention that nails tend to grow faster with shellac/gellish because your nails are being protected. 

Also and this is really important!


The nail polish bonds to your nails, so if you start to pick, you are going to be picking off part of your nail as well.  The way I was told to do it is to soak my nails in acetone nail polish remover for 15 minutes and then take it off like normal.  I’m pretty impressed so far and I’ll definitely go back to get it done again.

Hope you are all off to a great week!

Babies come from where?

21 Oct

Just in case you thought you knew about babies and how they are made.  Listen in on this important nugget of knowledge. 

Today in 4th grade the students were researching renewable and non renewable resources in Virginia.  One group decided that they were not going to use the book and go rogue and just their brains.  Because, ya know, they are in fact more insightful than the publishing company. 

So just spitballing one student says…

S1 You know what is a renewable resource?

S2 – No what?

S1  – babies

S2 – (perplexed, but still going with it)

S1 – Yeah, because the babies come out.  Then the mom and dad make another one and that baby comes out…

It was about at this moment when I asked them if that information was in the book.  No, of course it was not!  What do you think we teach her in the Old Dominion?  I then told them to write down some information they did, in fact, find in their textbook…

In other school news.  I wore my hair straight.  This is not a common occurrence, mind you.  My hair is naturally curly and it takes a little bit for it to become straight.  Like 15/20 mins standing with a straightening iron + heating protecting serum + weather defender serum… 

It doesn’t happen often

I went down to first grade and as soon as I stepped in the door a student comes up to me and says:

S – I like your hair!

Miss G – Thank you!

S – Did you get a haircut?

MG – No I just made it straight

S – Oh.  I like it!

Then, I went to 4th grade and as soon as I step in the classroom a 4th grader asks me if I got a haircut.  Basically the same conversation follows.  What I found interesting was that on both occasions, it was a boy who said something about my hair.  See!  Some boys do pay attention to what you do differently.  Maybe there is hope for them in the future;)


Wordless Wednesday

19 Oct

Hey Oh! 

I figured I haven’t done any alteration posts in a while so why not a Wordless Wednesday?  Yer welcome 😉

First off, let me share our classy “last meal” at the old place.

Yes, that is in fact Chick Fil A with champagne.  Because Leanne and I have high standards ya know.

Bond is not and never will be a fan of moving…ever.

His new favorite game at the apartment is to get a running start from my bedroom, run and jump over where I am sitting in the hallway on the laptop, and then sprint to the end of the apartment.  He does this about 5 times.  It’s super fun for all involved.

Running, that is soooo beneath me...

Just in case you were worried…I am all unpacked except for the craft room.  I hope to have that all unpacked by the end of the month.  For serious. 

K, short and sweet.  Have a great rest of the week.  I almost wrote weekend…if only…

Imagine a world…

17 Oct

…without Alzheimer’s.

This past Sunday, I participated in a very important walk, The Walk to End Alzheimer’s. 

I did this walk for a very important reason, my grandpa. 

That is the way I will always remember my Grandpa Steve.  Alzheimer’s stripped him of everything that he once was.   Alzheimer’s is a brutal and relentless disease.  Once it has you in its grasp, there is no turning back.  There are some medications out there that will help or slow it down, but nothing has been found to turn back the clock. 

My grandpa built that deck in the picture, as well as the living room in his house.  The entire basement of my grandparents house was full of tools, wood pieces, nails, screws, and anything else you could possible need or want to build something.  My grandpa was in WWII and fixed airplanes, raised three rambunctious boys, and was the man of his family starting at age 13. 

He was a shadow of that wonderful, vivacious man after Alzheimer’s.

I walked on Sunday in order raise money for research and to get the word out. 

It was a perfect day and I know my grandpa would approve.  Although, I’m sure he’d have some helpful tips on how to run things more smoothly and efficiently 😉

The purple flowers represent loss from Alzheimer’s and the yellow are for supporting someone who currently has Alzheimer’s.

The Alzheimer’s Association is a great non for profit organization.  If you are looking for support,answers, or just want to volunteer; I highly recommend looking into the chapter in your area.

Donations are welcome!

Alzheimer’s Association Southeastern Virginia

YAAA!(Young Adults for Alzheimer’s Awareness)

A phone that gives you all the answers?

14 Oct

It’s finally the weekend!  Arent’ you excited?  I sure am.  There are football games to watch and walk to…walk in. 

Thursday I finally got to actually step int one of these:

Oh yeah!  Complete with hot water!  It was the best thing ever!  And by the by, my shower totally looks just like that, totally!

School News

Today in guided reading the kids were particularly on point with their comments. 

I have a “phone” available if the kids want to use it while reading.  I know you’ve seen ’em before…

You hold it up while reading so that you can hear yourself, thusly hear any mistakes you make and hopefully correct them.

One of the students had never used one before so I encouraged him to do so.  He seemed to really like it, but after a moment or so he told me, “I don’t think I want to use this anymore, it’s giving me all the answers!”  I about died.  I told him that’s what it was supposed to do.  The seemed to calm his fears and he used it the rest of guided reading.

In my other guided reading group, we were talking about blizzards and the question came up about frostbite.  They wanted to know what it was and what happened once you got it.  Once I explained it, a student asked, “So, is that what happened to Michael Jackson’s nose?” 

Ah exsqueeze me? 

I told him I didn’t know what happened to MJ’s nose and that he chose to have it that way. 

Oh children…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

13 Oct

When I saw the topic for this weeks photo challenge.  I knew instantly what photo I was going to choose.


This view comforts me like none other.  Why?  Because I know that if I am here, I am with family.  What is more comforting than that?


12 Oct

I forgot to mention…that I passed my Praxis test that I needed to get graduate/get my Masters!

Initiate unnecessary water fountain explosions!

Wooo hoo.  So there, booyah Praxis test makers!  I scored 22 points higher than the needed passing score.  I win!

Celebratory wine and ice cream for all!

Maybe just one glass for me…;)

Sluethy, stealthy, suave

12 Oct

This adjectives can only be used to describe one thing…

Pretty suave, eh?

Yep, Bond.  Now, I know I already did a Bond heavy post, but I promise I’m not turning into a crazy cat lady.

This morning I got up, made breakfast, and went to go sit on the couch to eat.  I Bond was staring into the fireplace.  Odd, but not too odd, he is a cat after all.  I’ve learned to ignore such things.  All through eating breakfast, there he sat, seemingly looking into the fireplace.  Next thing I know he is behind the table leaf I am currently storing on the hearth and pulling something out.  What you may ask?  I will call it Water bugs part deux.

  Yep, he pulled out a big ol’ cockroach!

He chased it across the living room, right under my feet of course, picked up and body slammed it back into the carpet!  Still alive.  He picked it up again and carried it into my room!  Great thanks!  I decided to leave him be and not watch a cockroach being pulled leg by leg. 

A few minutes later he came out to tell me he was finished.  Sure enough he had smartly squashed the cockroach…right in the middle of my bedroom floor. 

Ah well, at least it was dead.  

School News

I know I’ve said it before, but kids just say crazy things sometimes. 

Two first graders were having a religious discussion during the time when they were supposed to be reading.

S1- …well at least God died once

S2 – You shouldn’t say things like that about God!

S1 – Well at least he died

S2- (Now getting very upset)  You really should say things like that about God!  It’s not nice!

The first student was very happy he was getting such a rise out of the other…  I told them to pick a different topic to talk about. 


Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I will have taken a shower warm shower!  Think good thoughts!


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